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  1. Electrical problems 1988 520h

    Thank you will do I removed the top wire to clean up and take a picture
  2. Hey guys, I need some help. I was out snowblowing with my tractor and it cut off suddenly. No power to ignition or anywhere. I looked under hood and saw burnt white or grey wire at regulator. Jiggled and at least got it back in garage before it died again. This is a picture of what I have. Top wire cooked. Any suggestions as to cause. Thanks
  3. Onan p220 performer crankshaft differences

    It's all I could get
  4. Onan p220 performer crankshaft differences

    Ok thanks I am working based on cooperation of seller. I will get back if it has not been sold. Thanks.
  5. Onan p220 performer crankshaft differences

    Spec for the 520h is I/10540b Model and spec. 739. 108968. for craftsman Thank you
  6. Hey all, With many experts on this site, I have an early model first year production 520h runs great. I have an opportunity to buy another p220 out of a craftsman gt tractor with 300 hours for 700 complete with starter carb and muffler. Any difference in crankshaft or pto clearance on craftsman onan? Is it worth price or should I look around more to have a spare. Thanks
  7. 38" ber vac two stage snowblower

    Thank you that is awesome
  8. 38" ber vac two stage snowblower

    Working on a deal to get ber vac now. I hope I am going to be able to get fixed what I need on this tractor I just bought. Taking a little gamble with all this. I am glad to have found this forum to help me.
  9. 38" ber vac two stage snowblower

    Thank you for the advice. I think I am going to make him an offer on it
  10. Hi I am new to forum. I just purchased a 89 520h. Looking for a snowblower attachment. I came across a mint ber vac two stage snowblower. Are these any good. Kind of expensive. Are they worth it. Guy wants 485 or best offer.
  11. Single stage snowblower for sale

    I live in Thompson ct. I am new to the forum. I just picked up a 89 520h before toro put their name on it. Do these snowblowers work good? I am interested in coming down to look at it. Thanks Eric
  12. Single stage snowblower for sale

    Is it still for sale?