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  1. Tiller Rockshaft interchange

    I have heard that running the cable without the tube will wear into the rear end.
  2. York Rake

    Nice tractor. I used to drive through unadilla all the time going back and forth to school in morrisville. Are they still doing the races there?
  3. 655

    a lot of good points raised. I like to think That I have the skills, tools and passion, just not always the time. I pulled my Westfalia out of a field for $300 and Hagerty thinks it's worth a lot more now. I know I can do the work and make it nice again just not sure if its worth putting 2 or 300 into it between tubes and a motor and all the other little things. I am hoping to call him and he says just take it.
  4. 655

    Thanks for all of your replys. I figured it was worth about $50 for what it is. Is there anything wrong with these old models. I have an 85 314-a so this would really be more just a project for messing around with it. I figure for that price I could put a $120 motor in it, some tubes and a new belt and be able to putz around the yard. I'm a vw guy and like having s project around just don't have space or money for another full size vehicle right now.
  5. 655

    Hi Guys, I have been watching for another project and found a 655 near me. Ad says the motor has a stripped head bolt and the trans is "locked in gear". He claims all the sheet metal is intact but in the picture it is missing the belt guard and gas tank. I guess my questions are is this worth grabbing and if so, what would you pay all things considered? My wife is not pleased about the idea of another tractor but I am looking forward to having a tractor to do light yard work and play around on. if the motor is shot and not savable I was planning to grab a 6.5 hp predator from HF.
  6. 314-A Eaton 700 hydro stalls

    Awesome, thanks for the reply. Fluids look clean and full. I'm going to replace them hoping it's just a gummed up valve.
  7. Hey guys. I have a 1985 314-A (yes A not H) with the Eaton 700. Overall she runs fine but when mowing at a slow speed periodically I will stop moving even though the motion control lever is still in forward position. At this point I will have to push almost all the way forward to start moving again, of course this launches me forward rapidly. It is intermittent right now and I am hoping that a simple fluid change will solve the problem but wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue before?
  8. Mule drive E-clips

    Great thanks just found the part I needed for .30 ea. Thanks for the help!
  9. Hey guys, I rebuilt the mule drive for my '85 314-A . I'm just about ready to complete it but I have forgotten to bring the e-clips with me all week . I know it's random but does anyone know what size I need to get so I can complete this task and mow the lawn before this tropical storm moves in? thanks in advance.
  10. This is pretty cool. That's a late model fuel injected beetle engine from an auto trans. At least the heads are with the fuel injectors still there. It looks like it has a Webber progressive carb on it now. You can see the flexplate facing the front of the tractor, I'd be interested to take a closer look at how they have the transfer case attached to the fan Pulley on the front (back) of the motor. I would also agree that even though there is not much load on this engine it will not have much luck staying cool without the fan.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I am going to pick up the right sized wrench and sockets tonight to break it free, I have been soaking it with penetrating oil and tapping on the nut with a hammer. I am concerned, however, that the nut itself on the center blade is tight and doesn't want to tighten or loosen, however, the blade is spinning free of the others. I was hoping to hold off on replacing the blades until the end of the season as I am mowing a new yard and still discovering a lot of obstacles like roots. Could this have been what loosened the blade to begin with?
  12. I was out mowing the lawn this evening and notice an odd sound coming out of the mower deck. I stopped and shut off the tractor and upon inspection found that the center blade of my 42 inch deck is spring freely of the other blades. I noticed in this thread it was mentioned that the blade itself can wear out. The nut that holds the blade in place is frozen solid so I doubt it has backed up at all, am I looking at a blade replacement to fix this or do you think there's something else behind the issue.
  13. 1985 314-A

    Thanks for the link. I have it set up now where it is functional and does not touch the screen. You are right, 63 is pretty steep, after all, the whole tractor cost $250. I replaced the drive belt with a wheel horse belt from the toro dealer. The only other thing I'm planning to do is rebuild the carb and put a bushing on the oh so sloppy throttle shaft.
  14. 1985 314-A

    Today I went to install the choke cable I ordered, #112214 and it was about 2" shorter than the original. It is too short to route under the fan housing. What would you recommend I do?
  15. 1985 314-A

    I've got a questions about manuals. I have been searching because I like to have to original manual and all I can find is this: http://www.mywheelhorse.com/graphics/file/tractors/tractor_1986_200-300-400_om_810399r1.pdf It states it is for the 3 series tractor but discludes the 314-A. Is this because it was a one year only tractor? Is there a better manual for it, maybe one from this site? I already found the wiring diagram and lube charts. Thanks again ya'll