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  1. my 312 A

    ok, will try that, thank you very much
  2. my 312 A

    First, Thank you for your service, I bought this 312 A for my older brother who a couple years ago came down with ms, was hard for him to mow with his old rider so I thought this mower would be better for him and it was till we found out on an incline it lost all power
  3. my 312 A

    I have a 312 a moves great on flat ground any type of incline and its game over, anyone know if a trans. from a 518-h will work on my 312 a?? thank you for any help prett new to all of this
  4. 312-a

    I have a 312 a can anyone tell me if a trans from a 518 h will work in my 312a thank you my 312 a moves great on flat ground any incline at all and its game over, any help ???
  5. my 312 A

    Ed, Thank you I will check these items in the morning
  6. my 312 A

    Thank you for your kind welcome, it is a recent purchase, person who I bought it from said it sat about a year in garage, I think it was her grandfathers moves great front and back till it hits a incline
  7. my 312 A

    First time on here, need some help I have a 312A on flat ground moves great, any type of incline won't move very well,it is a 1986 any ideas? thanks