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  1. Picked up another this past weekend. Believe it's an 1987 or higher due to the m10s motor. Had an ignition switch problem. Got it up and running. Just have to put it all back together now. My wife now thinks I have a problem...whoops. 😂
  2. PM sent.
  3. Cleaned up the 312-H this weekend. Really shocked with how it came out.
  4. Here she is. Even came with all the original Paperwork! It was purchased in 1985 for $2400.. Had the motor replaced in 1992. It's not running but hopefully I'll get it cleaned up and get everything looked over.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Went today and checked out the 310-8. Got it,the plow, and tiller for $350. Going to have the carb gone through as it won't start but is getting fuel and spark. I'll post some pictures tomorrow after I pick the tractor up.
  6. That's my Father IN Law's JD. He recently had the motor rebuilt in it. Thing is a beast for what it is.
  7. Hello everyone! I've been checking out the forum or a year or so now and finally decided to join up. I got my 1991 312-Hydro from my Grandmother In Law a few years back when we purchased our first home and this little tractor has shocked me. It has never failed to start and do it's job. Now that I'm hooked I started looking for the attachments for this little guy. How rare is the tiller attachment for this? I've seen a few but it seems they are pretty scarce. I would love to pick one up to do some gardening and some landscaping around my house. Maybe a restoration will come this this guy in the near future. Any tips and tricks would be much appreciated . On a side note I may have found it too late but I'm second in line to go check out a 87ish 310-8 with a tiller and snow blade for $400. Hopefully I can pick that up! Thank!