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  1. Vac/Bagger system

    Thanks pacer. I have checked out the cyclone rake it it looks like a nice piece but not applicable for my property as my front yard is pretty steep with a crest at the top. I’m looking more for a system that attaches to the back of the tractor without any trailing wheels or apparatuses.
  2. Vac/Bagger system

    Does anyone know of or have a vac/bagger system in good to excellent shape? I have a 520h with a 48” deck. Also, are they worth having and do they work well?
  3. Just stuck

    Ok, so I tried it again and it seems I finally got the rear locked in. Not sure why I had so much trouble to begin with. I thank you all very much for your help. I absolutely love this site!
  4. Just stuck

    I'll try it again. That's how I had it...lol
  5. Just stuck

    Yes it does, and mine is exactly the same way. The problem I'm having, is when I install the axle bracket, the crossbar on the bracket seems to be in the way of the plow frame extension and won't let it lock in.
  6. Just stuck

    Would it be possible for the frame extension on the plow to be upside down?
  7. Just stuck

    It has two plates that go on top of the axle correct? 4 lag bolts go up and around the axle, through the plates?
  8. Just stuck

    Ill try to figure out how to post pics
  9. Just stuck

    Hi everyone. I'm having some trouble mounting my dozed blade to my 520h. 48 inch blade with the extension but I can't get it to mount up right with the axle bracket. Could it be that I have the wrong bracket? I thought most of the axle brackets were the same. My old 312-8 was simple. Any pics of how your mounts up in the rear would definitely help. Thanks so much in advance.
  10. Which plow works best?

    Thanks Jeff. I wasn't sure if a 48" would cover the front tires or not when it's angled. Now I just need to find one available....lol
  11. Hello everyone. I have a 1993 520H and I'm looking for a snow plow for it. I'm torn because I don't know which plow would work best. I know a 42" would be too narrow so I'm looking for a 48" or a 54". I didn't even know they made a 54" until recently. I measured the width of the front tires and it was 46" outside to outside. Would a 48" plow cover it when it's angled? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. A little advice for a newbie

    Here is a picture of the one I'm going to look at
  13. A little advice for a newbie

    I haven't seen that one as I'm not readily available for much travel at the time
  14. A little advice for a newbie

    Thanks guys. The current owner stated that he doesn't actually use the tractor, as he owns other ones also. I guess he's more of a collector so to speak. As far as the plow not measuring up, I'm not real sure about it as he didn't have any pics posted of the plow. Guess I'll have to see for myself when I got to look at it. Also, thank you "sparky" for the breakdown in estimates on the pieces of the deal. I may use that as a reference when I go to meet this guy. I'm always open to any and all input from anyone with knowledge To Maynard: I take it you've found the post I was looking at? Lol
  15. A little advice for a newbie

    Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely look into that