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  1. Wheelhorse 18 automatic

    As indicated in prior posts, I have been considering the purchase of a Wheelhorse 18 automatic. I finally saw this machine yesterday: has a lot of patina, decent decals (pic attached below) has a good running K482 Kohler engine, no smoke at low, mid and high throttle (engine was cold when I arrived) when seated on the tractor there is an oil leak on the left side near and above the oil filler pipe (probably leaking from higher above) leaking rear oil seal on the left side, gas tank had pin holes but repaired a brazing fix on the tranny one muffler was chewed in half while using a rototiller and reattached to the exhaust pipe the other muffler has a fracture on the body of the muffler about the size of a quarter some slop in the steering has 3 point hitch has front and rear PTOs has wheel weights good looking headlights, but not operational rear fender lights had lenses missing mower deck not attached but blades turned with a minimal amount of effort, no evidence of patches or holes Owner has had it for ten years and only used it to roto-till and plow. I wanted to operate to see how the hydro responded, but could not, the battery was too large for the holder, and had it sitting on the ground with cables running to the terminals. Offered at $1,000.00 but was quoted $600.00 after I passed on it. Should I reconsider?? 18 auto.docx
  2. Kohler K482 engine muffler

    Are there any credible North American suppliers of mufflers for the K482 engine (perhaps Walker)? I need a replacement. Thx.
  3. Wheelhorse D180

    Thanks to Pacer and Sarge for their insights, I have found this tractor to be an '18 automatic' and not a D180, still negotiating!!!
  4. Wheelhorse D180

    Pacer: Thanks for the guidance. I also think these are good looking tractors and are on a level with the Simplicity Sunstar.
  5. Wheelhorse D180

    Hi: I am a new member and have owned a 1075 Wheel-a-Matic, a great hydo tractor. I have my eye on a D180 and need to know what to look for when I inspect it. I own some Simplicities and know what to look for with those machines, but would like some guidance on the D180. Thanks.