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  1. Hello from Czech

    Wheel weights done. 24cm round stock, cut to 115mm - 41kgs a piece!
  2. Hello from Czech

    Potato hilling....... Sorry but no time for videos.
  3. Hello from Czech

    Will do my best! 😀
  4. Hello from Czech

    A few photos from todays work in the garage.
  5. Hello from Czech

    Did some ploughing today with my newly acquired Czech-made plough....photos to follow!
  6. Hello from Czech

    Next step complete. I'm thinking that I can make a cultivator for the frame. May as well get the most use out of one item. 😀
  7. Rear wheel referb

    Great looking tractor... Quick question, what was the plough from originally?
  8. Hello from Czech

    Potato hiller ready. All hitched up and ready to go. Looking forward to the planting season. And yes those blades are stainless steel. 😁
  9. Hello from Czech

    Working out dimensions for the potato harvesting plough....see pic. Got the pulley setup for the tiller finished and have a belt on order....measured it at 3400mm, sound about right?? Some things, like the pulleys I have had made at the steelworks where my Father-in-law works. But where at all possible I try to use reclaimed material. The grader blade is from an old 1000L boiler....5mm thick (also have a deeper blade cut from it for a snow plough). The local football grounds are being refurbished and the boiler had to come out. My Father-in-law and I wrestled it out, cut out what I needed and got nearly £100 for the scrap copper piping that was in the boiler.....so, so far I'm quids in!
  10. Hello from Czech

    Some pics of what I have been up to.....😀
  11. Hello from Czech

    Just brought home a rototiller/rotavator. Wheel horse here is CZ are virtually none existent, so when I found the rotavator for sale I was shocked! Better still it was in the town where my neighbour works....I lent him my trailer and he picked it up yesterday It is in amazing condition, tines are sharp and still half covered in paint!! Turned out when my neighbour picked it up that the guy selling was clearing out his grandfather's barn. He also has a mint 416-8 with cutting deck and maybe some other stuff....hoping he has a plough... He had been thinking about taking the implement to the scrapyard!!????? So I may end up with another tractor!! He said he will phone me once he knows what else is hiding!
  12. Hello from Czech

    Just repainted the rear rims and mounted BKT ags.....not original silver, but matt black....need to do the fronts to match!
  13. Some Drawings

    I don't suppose there are any drawings for the full snow plow.blade and the mid mount grader blade, would sure be welcome!
  14. Hello from Czech

    Sorry to disappoint, but I just hired a big panel van here in CZ....
  15. Hello from Czech

    I drove across to bring back some more of my belongings and picked it up while I was there....it was a long drive, but something that I was doing anyway...Maybe not a long drive by US standards but plenty long enough for me! About a 4000 km round trip. I will add some photos soon....Just dropped off the rear rim and footsteps to be sandblasted....will be mounting some new AGs....