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  1. Hello from Czech

    Plough is working as it should..... just mounted the best rubber scraper ever!!! 20mm thick industrial conveyor belting.... Will paint come springtime.
  2. Hello from Czech

    Of course it very much depends on the distance between the pivot and where the springs are fixed. This influences the overall travel from eye to eye.....
  3. Hello from Czech

    I have put on a second pair of springs and it is much much better...... Just started snowing too!!😀
  4. Hello from Czech

    OK, so I also have a question regarding trip springs. I am guessing that the original ones are pretty heavy duty and I presume that they also stop the blade tipping backwards. I guess when moving gravel or heavy soil they have a tendency to trip?? Can anyone with some experience with the original blade give me some details?
  5. Hello from Czech

    Having had a look at pictures of the original wheelhorse plough mounted to tractors, I realize that the frame is really too long. I guess this will tend to push the front of the tractor sideways when I have the blade angled. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.
  6. Hello from Czech

    Thanks, the majority of the materials are reclaimed and is built function over form!! 😀 I'm sure it will get the job done.
  7. Hello from Czech

    More progress, just the trip springs and I'm done for this season!! I may add an angle lever at some point.... I have added a basic assist spring as the plough blade is made from 7mm plate and weighs plenty!! The frame is maybe a little long, so may shorten it if I feel the need!
  8. Hello from Czech

    A little more progress....
  9. Hello from Czech

    Long time since I last updated this thread...... Wrong time of the year to be doing this, hope to have it done by the end of the week.....😀
  10. Hello from Czech

    Wheel weights done. 24cm round stock, cut to 115mm - 41kgs a piece!
  11. Hello from Czech

    Potato hilling....... Sorry but no time for videos.
  12. Hello from Czech

    Will do my best! 😀
  13. Hello from Czech

    A few photos from todays work in the garage.
  14. Hello from Czech

    Did some ploughing today with my newly acquired Czech-made plough....photos to follow!
  15. Hello from Czech

    Next step complete. I'm thinking that I can make a cultivator for the frame. May as well get the most use out of one item. 😀