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  1. My first Wheel Horse

    Thank you all for the warm welcome and for pointing out some things to fix. I am going to replace that pin asap and will need to look at that plug at the rear cylinder to keep it cool. I am glad I took some close ups since it's my first Horse I was hoping if anything was amiss someone would notice. I know I will have questions in the near future but I know I am in good hands on this site. Rod
  2. My first Wheel Horse

    I finally got one. 😀It looks to be a 1997 520H with 630 hrs on it. Back fins were clean and free of any gunk no leaking from underneath, haydro oil was full and clean. Also came with a 44 in two stage blower. just two spots with surface rust on the tractor. Pictures below I am excited to get my kwik way on it but first I want to do a full comprehensive maintenance on it and mow a few times just to make sure all is well. I am excited to join the group now what to get next 🤔 It also came with most of the manuals, front plastics not chrome hub caps as well below are a few more pictures
  3. 522xi deal?

    Thank you both for the info I am going to contact owner and go over a take a look at it. Its only 1.5 hrs. away. I will keep you all posted on the outcome.
  4. 522xi deal?

    Have some of my fellow cheese heads seen the 520H listed in Wausau. I see it is down to $1475 from $1600 it includes a snowblower what do you think is a fair price. I may call on it and see what owner may be willing to let it go for. The 5 series are hard to find
  5. 522xi deal?

    Yep. Its is gone was hoping to have a chance to buy it for my kwik way loader well the search continues. It had 1040 hrs on it
  6. New kwik way loader

    thank you for the warm welcome I know it was at least for me a deal of a lifetime 😄So I showed my Gal the post and she is holding me to some dinners out and now I have to accompany her when she goes thrift sailing no Grambling on my part about it . Hey I could find some more good deals!. I will be on the hunt for a nice 520H with the swept front axle. I did quite a bit of reading on here on the 520s and see that the Onan engines can have some expensive issues with the valves. At this time not to many available local but spring is here and more should pop up. agree with finding one tractor to dedicate to the loader. Would not want to be taking it on and off all the time. Glad to to hear the recycler is a good deck. I did clean it up and pulled the blades off. Thanks for the tip on removing the metal insert that will make it much easier to clean scrap and paint. Ok I am now on the hunt for a nice 520H
  7. New kwik way loader

    I have read up on the issues that can arise on the Onan engines and how costly it can be I will look for the swept axle set up.
  8. I have been a member for about four months. I do not own or have ever owned a wheel horse, but that should be changing soon. This weekend I was at a thrift sale girlfriend made me go and I saw this wheel horse tiller for sale it was $150 bucks.On the tiller was a sign that said loaded and deck for 520H $200 or best offer. Long story short I grab my Gal and we headed to the location we're the Loader was and I took one look and said I will take it. Ended up buy it all, loader 40 inch bucket,all brackets,weight box , 42 inch recycler deck and ,tiller, and he gave me 2 never used ag tires on new or never used rims and some brackets for duel tires.Are you all sitting down ?I paid $300 for all of it. Best is that the tiller may have been used once and the loader a kwik way only for 2 to 3 hrs bucket has a few scratches in it. This was mounted on a 1990's 520H owner was keeping it and blower as his dedicated snowmachine I tried to buy it but no luck. So here are a few questions, 1. What is the best Tractor for the loader an 520H or are there others that my current brackets would allow me to attach it to another with out modifications like the 416H,I see one for sale with a 16hp engine. I would like the best possible tractor to take advantage of the loader. I have some project around the house like paver patio, maybe part of a paver drive way and others. 2. How good is the 42 inch recycler at mowing. And this deck when flipped over only has a few scratches on it. It also feels like the deck weights as much as my current tractor and deck combined a John Deere LA125. I am looking forward to finding a new to tractor and joining the Wheel Horse Community