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  1. FEL Build for 520

    Very nice hope to get my 520h loader in the shape you have some day.
  2. Brinly SS-500 Drag Harrow

    Thanks for all the pictures I am excited to try and attend a few shows this year.
  3. Brinly SS-500 Drag Harrow

    Thank all for posting I got side tracked and missed this. I am going to get out my calendar and jot these down. Hopefully get to meet some fello enthusiast.
  4. Brinly SS-500 Drag Harrow

    Hi I live in Green Bay Area are there any shows coming up this summer that wheel horse aficionados would be at. I see one in Plainfield Wisconsin in June but that one I won’t be able to attend . Thank you. Rod
  5. 36 inch tiller belt size

    I found out it is the 141 x 1/2 and have one on order now I found out I need the Rock shaft , cable , tube and chain. So no deer food plot tilling for awhile
  6. Kwik-way loader fluid

    What weight/ viscosity of hydraulic fluid should I use there seems to be a couple different weights keep in mind I live in Wisconsin so typically doesn’t get real hot here but dose get very cold. I checked the manual and only said hydro fluid or brake fluid
  7. 36 inch tiller belt size

    It seems to depend on the bracket. My tiler is a later one 95-96 so it takes the 141 inch. If you google wheel horse tiller belts you will find some good information on it. Anyone try try to use the Oregon 75-A139 belt it is a replacement for the Toro 110265 if so how did it work. It is a lot cheaper but there could be a reason why.
  8. 36 inch tiller belt size

    Thank you
  9. What size belt do I need for the 36 inch tiller that will be mounted on a 520H
  10. Kwik-way loader fluid

    Thank you if I did not have the loader on I would have been in trouble my JD 44in Snowblower on my LA125 could not move that heavy snow even with chains on. The tractor was just to light.
  11. Kwik-way loader fluid

    Another video
  12. Kwik-way loader fluid

    Some pic from snowstorm Evelyn We got 29 inches I live just north of Green Bay. I’m very happy that I put the loader on since the snow was so heavy I had a very difficult time trying to use my snowblower eight horse power Ariens to dig through it. The Video was shot on Saturday morning which was round one of two so I probably had about a foot on the ground at this time after Sunday we had 29 inches of the wettest heaviest snow I’ve ever experienced. I posted a YouTube link to me using the loader. Since this is my first time posting a link to YouTube let me know if it worked? The hydro fluid looks like oil it is very clean and brown in color. I know ATF is red but not sure on hydraulic fluid just doesn’t have that smell to it I’m wondering if maybe it’s actually motor oil. Hopefully the video works can people please chime in my loader makes a whining noise when I run in the hydraulics is that normal or is there something I need to look at also give me some feedback on the speed of the loader if it looks like it’s running work should be since it’s my first loader I’m looking forward to hearing all your comments thank you.
  13. Kwik-way loader fluid

    I hope this is it I found mine in the manual section under other page 3
  14. Kwik-way loader fluid

    Thank you all for your responses. I am am going to check to see if it is ATF or Hydro fluid and will replace it. Should be able to tell by the smell? And color I hope. Thanks for for the tip on the weight box I will have to look into raising that to an angle now that bring it up I am sure I will hang it up on something. I I definitely need some new tires all the way around and will most likely go with some ag tires. Oh and by the way I also got the duel set up for the strange thing is that the tires are more narrow in the rim is not as wide as what’s on the current tractor but it looks like it would still add some extra stability to it. Will also be installing some sort of a filter kit probably do that later this spring for ever warms up here. I hope to post some pictures of me moving some snow this weekend I think that’ll be a good way for me to get the feel of how this works and I definitely need to get one of Those foot control kits from I Believe it’s Matt Who makes them.
  15. Hi everyone I just installed my loader on my 520 H and it seems to work very well. I have a few questions even though I have a manual that I downloaded, 1. What fluid do you use? Manual says ATF or good quality hydraulic fluid. I live in Wisconsin so some cold weather use can be expected. 2. How do you change it. I does not say in the manual only talks about adding in the fluid for the first time. 3. How often should you change the fluid. So far I can’t see any leaks. I was told the loader was only used for about two or three hours I believe it to be true since the bucket looks brand new and still has the original paint on it. Loader is most likely purchased in 1997 or 1998. Thank you in advance Rod