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  1. 520 with lower RPM’s

    Got it fixed just needed to adjust the throttle cable slightly and now I have 3500 to 3600 RPMs on the tach. I can tell the difference it is throwing snow 20 to 25 feet now that is good considering it is of the lighter variety. And my chute is rusty as well. Thanks to everyone for helping out.
  2. 520 with lower RPM’s

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I will I’ll get out in the garage and check the linkage. I was able to speed up the engine by working the govener I will see if I can set the throttle linkage to increase RPMs. Or bend the tab to allow for more RPMs. I wish I had a handheld tachometer how close are the rpm gauges in the 520 in your experiences? I may see about picking one up a meter at my local HF,I see they sell them. I will let everyone know what happens.
  3. So who plowed today?

    Yes it’s a 1979 Bronco
  4. I have owned my 520 since this summer and I seems to run very well this is my first wheel horse as well. My no load RPM is 3100 on the tachometer and when mowing or using my snowblower it stays around 3100. I know it should run closer to 3600 RPM’s. I did a tune up, plugs, gas filter, cleaned the carb, compression test got 125 on both cylinders. My question is how do you get a few more RPM’s out of it. I believe it should throw the snow further right on with lighter snow it’s like 20 feet I thought the two stage was more in the 35 to 50 foot range. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Even an under load is stays at just below 3000 to 3100.
  5. So who plowed today?

    The 520 and 2 stage really work great can’t believe I did not get stuck since I do not have chains yet. I do have 50 lb wheel weights and a set of weights 60lbs hanging off the rear hitch will show some pictures tomorrow of my set up I did take a few pics of the snow. I got the Taurus stuck twice backing it out of the way and it’s all wheel drive. we got 10 inches of snow wish it was lighter out but best I could do for pics
  6. So who plowed today?

    I am getting ready for the Maiden voyage of my 520H and 2 stage snowblower. At least for me it’s my first time with the 520 and blower. I bet we have a good 8 to 10 inches it’s still coming down holding off for another hr or so then I go out and play. I will save some for tomorrow so I can take a few pic and maybe a video to post wish me luck and I will check back in later tonight. 🌨
  7. thank you Jeff I will order the parts through Parts Tree on closer inspection it appears the leak is from the rear rubber seal. I am going to refill and run it one more time before I pull it apart to be sure.
  8. Hi to all and Happy Thanksgiving. Well i was able to get the 2 Stage Blower hooked up to the 520, put on a new chain and lubed all the critical areas. Ran the blower and it sounded great as compared to the Video that WVHillbilly sent me of his 520. Well i did have to add some lube to the gear case in the front of the blower i used a Mobile 75W-90 synthetic hope that was ok as the manual called for a 90 weight. Well it is leaking out of the gasket so my questions are as follows. 1. Can I take the gear case apart with it attached to the Tractor? and how hard it it to pull apart. 2. Were is the best place to buy the gasket and bushings. 3. WVHillbillly I saw in one of your post a while back that you found some of the rubber side seals that you said worked better than the original ones if this is the case where did you get them as I can not find the post that I believe I saw them in. Thank you Rod
  9. Gear chain for 44inch snowblower

    Thanks to both of you I have a chain break so set there I am going to make up three would rather be set for the next 10 to 15 years. WVH thank you for the tip on buying full links and half links and thanks to every one for helping the blower is now correctly attached to the tractor just going to keep going through all the maintenance and lubing procedures before I put power to it.
  10. I was inspecting and lubing the chain on my 2 stage 44 in blower and noticed some of the links were frozen. Can you get replacement chain at a local farm and fleet or tractor supply house rather then buying one of the toro ones? If yes is there something to look at as far as chain size or just go and match it up Thank you
  11. WVH thank you for the pictures and measurement on the springs. It looks like I am set as Cleat said the spring I was missing or so thought is not used on the Hydro machines it was spring number 40. I love over the extension on the chute handle I am going to make one as the stock one seems a little short. WVH what did you use for the wheel part on the anti Sway bar and dose it touch the side of the blower. Thanks to everyone for you’re help.
  12. Yes Lynnmor it is the one that is underneath and hooks up to the lifting rod. I do have the spring for the front of the blower as well as the small spring that puts tension on the pulley assembly. Is the spring in the front the same as the one that goes underneath. Thank you Rod WVH thank you for the pictures I did see an old post regarding the anti sway bar and It showed the one you made. How big of a wheel did you mount on the bar. I like your modifications for the chute rod what did you use to off set it I can not tell by the picture and did you make yours longer it looks like you have an extension on it.
  13. I will look in the Vendor selection area I do have a tiller which I have never put on the tractor I will have to check and see what Springs I have with it thank you
  14. I used the Terra Chains made from rubber on my concrete/ brick paver stone and on the gravel driveway and they work great. I am going to but a pair for my 520. I currently have them on a Green Machine it’s a little 100 serirs LA 125 in my humble opinion it should not be used to snowblowing its to lite weight looking forward to using the 520 with the 2 stage for the first time heck the 2 stage blower weighs about as much as the LA125
  15. My new to me snowblower is missing a few things 1. Anti Sway Bar 2. Belt guard 3. Spring that goes from the lift rod to the attachment bar This is on a 520H. Can someone tell me how long this spring is and if it’s really heavy duty maybe even a picture of it. I will try to get one from my local hardware store or Fleet Farm. As for the sway bar I see that a few people on here have made their own, could somebody tell me about what size the bar is and what the steel thicknesses they used. I think I can get a piece of steel, heat it and bend it and then just attach a wheel to it. I found a wheels 2 inches round made out of a hard rubber I could purchase from Menards and just take it apart and then mounted it to bar so it touches the side of the blower to keep it straight. The rod that holds the bar that turns the blower shoot is very loose it’s hooked up to the lift bar with a cotter pin should be using a steel pin instead. And is there an insert for were the Chut handle slides through the bar? looks like there could be some kind of a bushing their at one time One last thing is there any place online where some of the stuff can be purchased. My local Toro dealer doesn’t have anything available sorry for the long post thanks in advance for all your help.