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  1. Varying AC voltage burning out headlights

    faulty voltage regulator?
  2. My Company Name is BaySide Technical Services. I am the Owner. Thus, BaySide1 I also answer to Autoclave.Guru
  3. well this sucks

    If a dead/depleted battery freezes you will end up replacing it most of the time. In your case, put a load tester on it and see if you have a dead cell
  4. Wheel Horse Servicing

    There is a guy up here in Boylston , Ma that works on all the older stuff. PM me and Ill get you his number. *** I thought Trumbell was closer. Your by Bridgeport. That's 4 hours round trip.
  5. Halloween Accident!

    That mower on NCIS was a Toro
  6. I refuse to go to a Verizon Company Store !! Mainly because they are Rude and Pushy. Why you ask? Because the People working at the Company/Corporate locations work on commission. They always want you to get the newest plan even if it is not in your best interest because they get a commission only on New Plans. My solution which has worked very well is Best Buy. Best Buy employees are friendly and want to help and they do not work on commission. Whenever changing your plan always make sure you take the time to go over everything carefully with the person you are dealing with. Then, make sure you revist the changes again before 14 days pass. After that, I still check my next bill with a fine toothed comb. I have the older More Anything Plan with unlimited cals and text with 10GB of data a month and upgrade my phones every two years. I get a $25.00 a month Statement credit for each of my three lines. So basically, when I upgrade my phones it costs me nothing extra per month. Currently, we have 2 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus's and a New iphone 8 Plus.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with vBulletin® Version 5.3.3 ?? It would be great to hear from you if you do. Thanks, kevin
  8. Guess what I was working on this morning?

    Got this Old Cab fitting nice on the 520H finally
  9. Guess what I was working on this morning?

    getting all the pieces back together. Have to fab a new support for the left rear from the seat up.
  10. One of those days

    Did you contact the local pawn Shops and give them a description of what was missing?
  11. Guess what I was working on this morning?

    cleaning up the supports on a wire wheel. Have to re fabricate the pieces in the rear that connect under the seat. The previous owner had the whole cab stored under his deck on the ground Will take some pictures as i go
  12. sterted a long over due project this morning. Anyone guess what I'm doing?
  13. Showing the boy some culture today

    about 2 miles from my house. Did not get over there today. Too much to get done before the Pats game at 1pm.
  14. are there any rebuild kit available for these gear boxes? I know a guy that can mill a new saft but he would probably charge about $100 and a new pulley is $54 from Toro. Did I mention that I am cheap?
  15. Hey Guys, Doing some Maintenance on my 2 Stage snowblower ID # 0644SC01 60442 Ser# 9317 Problem # 1 Last winter Noticed that the Drive Pully on the Blower was wabbling This spring when I took the belt off I noticed that the Keyway on the spindle and pulley was worn. The Key ways actually rounded The set screw in the pully to spindle was missing. So, what is the easy/cheap fix that will solve this issue Thinking of mig welding the pulley to the spindle. How Stupid is that idea? Problem #2 The scraper Blade is well worn. Should I try to find a new piece or weld something to it? What would you guys do? Thanks In Advance for taking the time to Respond, Best Regards, Kevin B