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  1. If you call him out by name then you are going down a slippery slope.
  2. I would re-post this rant of your on that Face Book page without using his name. If he is still following the page maybe he will see it and feel guilty. Cant hurt
  3. HF paint guns

    neither are investment quality priced
  4. Looking For a 2-Stage Snow Blower For My 416-8 Near N.H.

    pm sent to WHMan2012
  5. 520

    your Decals look correct !! Here is my 1991 520H with a replacement set of stickers. Only, Mine are Wrong. Used the Old Style Stickers so that it would say Wheel Horse.
  6. removing headlight bulbs

    push down and turn a 1/4 turn. If the glass breaks use a pair of needle nose pliers and grab the edge-twisting it out.
  7. 1989 Wheel Horse 310-8 Tractor with Deck.

    Wish I lived closer. Would have paid $600 easy for this!!! I'll give you $600 If you deliver
  8. Looking For a 2-Stage Snow Blower For My 416-8 Near N.H.

    out of curiosity, did you pick this 416-8 up in Massachusetts a couple weeks ago?
  9. Beware of C/L people

    Be ccareful with PayPal too. Some sore looser could always buy your stuff and then make a claim that the item was Significantly Not As Described resulting in a chargeback. If they agree to a Friends and Family Transaction then there is no recourse unless PayPal has changed that Policy.
  10. Tool box full of tools

    I got that same box back in about 1979
  11. Snow Cabs

    Cab Enclosure for Toro Wheel horse 5XI Series 520XI and 522XI Part Number:10789 0 Review(s) will this fit my 520H - looking at a good used one thanks
  12.  Hello from Worcester, Mass

  13. Snow Cabs

    Hey guys will an original tractor cab made for an Xi Series Tractor fit my 1991 520H ? thanks
  14. help needed!

    you could always try am LED light bar
  15. 1990 44" Snowblower shear bolts?

    I bought the last 6 shear pins my local toro dealer had in stock last year. told me that it was a good number and he would get more