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  1. I hope this will upload
  2. Spring aeration!

    The lawn gurus say it should be done in months that end in ber, September, October, November then overseed and fertilizer
  3. Blade on a blower???

    I used to have a 520H tractor and one of the attachments was the mid mount grader blade. I sold the tractor and upgraded to a 522xi and a blower on the front. Then I thought that I have this grader blade laying around so I thought I would modify it to work on the XI so I installed it on the back with a Tach a matic on the rear axle and mounted the winch above the blade. Granted I don't have the ability to lift the wheeels off the ground like I did with the 520 with downward pressure but i can scape the drive clean of residual snow or very lite snows and then blow it away. This project was just finished so the jury's still out if it was worth it but my investment is not very big at this point. Sorry the video won't play but you get the idea
  4. I would like to hear from owners who have had the easy steer gears slipping to the point the gears are shot and the parts are no longer available and what you did to repair / fix the issue. This tractor is junk if you can't steer it
  5. 522xi engine temp

    The sensor is on the left side in the bottom of the engine.. the sensor itself is no longer available from toro.
  6. Fuel tank vent 522XI

    Wvhillbilly520H, may I ask the reason for pulling your tranny out