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    Try using "photobucket" never heard of photobook.
  2. snow plow lift arm

    Ed, I got one that was on that plow you have, let me know if you want it. I sent you a PM explaining. Give me a call tomorrow if you still have my number.
  3. 212-5 ?

    Title of the post asked garden or lawn, I would assume you are asking if it is a garden or lawn tractor, it is a lawn tractor, 12hp briggs vertical with a light rearend 5-speed, I have it's brother, a 212-H (hydro)...now with a 14.5 briggs...lol. and works good for bagging the leaves. and trim mowing.
  4. Still looking

    Ed, if your looking for a project tractor, PM me....I have a few that are runners. as far as the price on the 1276 or similar, if not running and needs alot of work, not over a benjamin, now if running but needs repair couple maybe, depends on condition.
  5. Snowblower Question?

    Dang!...I have got to slow down and start paying attention....now I see what the prob is, I thought for sure I had it right, because "I thought" I had pulled it off the GT the same way!....Duhhh...gee george, which way does it go.....lol Thanks guys,,,I was really sweating it!
  6. Snowblower Question?

    Here is the pic of my blower on the 161a, the pulley on the left wants to almost hit the front axle, and there is not enough room for the belt to clear the axle. any ideas? anyone?
  7. I have a C-161a (Blackhood), I have a snowblower that fit perfectly on my GT-1642, but when I attach it to my C-161a, the tension pully wants to hit the front axle, I know the belt is too short that I used for my GT-1642, and I know they used a sweeper on the front years back, and on the axle I have 2 groove places on it, so it looks like it has rubbed before, but with the blower attached it is hitting waay too much, and I don't have the number for the blower either, all it has is the warning decals, any ideas?
  8. Hydraulic Valve

    Shoot Indywh a PM, he is the resident Hyd lift guru, and I am positive he can help you out with the seals.
  9. Onan vs. Kolher

    Got to post my 2 cents worth, do not like Onans, simple reason, they are owned by cummins, which they have them engines locked, meaning you have to buy MOST parts from them, not third party, waaay expensive!...I will stick to my one lunger Kohlers. jmo
  10. K301 Oil Seals

    Do not have the NAPA numbers but here are the OEM numbers: Magneto Side #47-032-06s PTO Side #47-032-07s
  11. Wet cooling Fins

    I have a c-81 parts tractor with a k181s, IF you need a block PM me...and IF you decide to rebuild it PM on a rebuild kit, I can put you one together cheaper than anyone.
  12. K181 kohler problem/question

    Jordan, I answered your PM, I can hook you up.
  13. Help with possible B-165 acquisition

    My B-165 is a 5-speed manual, and guys it is not near a b-111, if I remeber right those are single cylinders, and the B-165 are opposed twins, a B-111 is an even lighter tractor than a B-165. At least in my opinion.
  14. K181 not starting....yet

    Next time you can PM me, I can get those kits, personally I don't buy ANY parts such as those off flea-bay, for just such reason. but you got her going and that is the main thing! Good job!
  15. 1963 653 wheel horse

    Don't scrap it, But if you do, I will give ya scrap price for it.