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  1. Different spindle diameters Why

    They used the 3/4" spindles in the 80's before the went to the metric spindles. I'm not sure what years they made the changes, but I've had all three types on my deck over the last 40 years. After wearing out a couple sets of stamped steel pulleys I sleeved and faced off the old Double "D" cast iron pulleys to fit the metric spindles. I also got tired of replacing those plastic rollers, Made some out of Dog Wood with brass bushings they have been on since the 90s. I did replace the brass bushings and roller shafts a couple of years ago.
  2. PTO clutch 312 - 8

    They did away with the spring on the newer models. I'm not sure why it won't disengage. It may be dry, they do need a little grease, too much will get on the clutch disk.
  3. What have you done on your WH today?

    Some one ran off the road and knocked my mail box off. I loaded up the trailer with my generator and tools went out and replaced it.
  4. What have you done on your WH today?

    Cars today are Cookie Cutters with a little different grill, head lights, and tail lights. Getting back on topic: I sharpen, balanced and installed my Gator blades on my C-120/180. Most of the leafs here are still green the walnut trees are about the only ones down.
  5. Dump Cart Restoration

    You can find some new wheels that will work, but you may need to make some pipe spacers to go behind the wheel to take up the extra space.
  6. Looks like it needs grease!

    The center spindle zerk may be worn off. The tractor deck lift will hit it and wear it off. I remove my center zerk sand replace it with a fine tread set screw. The only time you can grease it is when the deck is removed.
  7. Is the gas draining back to the tank?

    I just close the tank petcock on my 312-8. Sometimes it isn't fired up for two or three months.
  8. new to wheel horse

    Is the gas spring cylinder still installed. They were there to keep the clutch from engaging too fast. It may be your problem, by not letting the clutch engage fully. You can remove it. Just be easy letting out the clutch Wheel Horses have been known to rear up.
  9. I can't tell from your picture, but the fork on the hitch of the deck should go on the upper rod in the tractor hitch.
  10. Battery exploded

    You can use the same type regulator rectifier that is on a Magnum, the mounting will be different. You can find them on Ebay at a reasonable price. Before you buy one check your grounds. A bad ground can cause the voltage to be up. Partstree list the same type as yours but at $193 I don't think you will want one.
  11. lift cable

    What are we talking about rocker shafts or bellcranks? The picture above shows a bellcrank. The rocker shaft is mounted in the rear fender support. The bellcrank looks the same but the lift lever is completely different in 1978 and up models.
  12. Bigger carb ?

    What will help those old flat head Brigg engines is to take a rotor steel grinding tool and clean out all the casting crap in the intake and exaust ports. You will have to remove the valves to do a good cleaning. If there are tapped holes for an exaust flange removing the pipe treads will help also.

    I have seen that angle piece in the drawings. I believe it is to fill the space between the bolt on the front of the axle and it would also provide a larger area against the front of the axle housing.
  14. HALF a HORSE.

    Miller Falls made a two speed hand drill. I have my father's, the lower rose wood handle got busted off some time. I still used it for small holes when I don't need many.
  15. lift cable

    The rocker shafts were changed then they went to the under the rear fender gas tank. The later model rocker shaft will not work on an older model tractor because it is too short. 1977 and back is what you need.