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  1. discharge shute

    I would used galvanize stove pipe it's usually a little heaver and won't rust as quick.
  2. The 48" is a better deck, it has a 1/8" reinforcing across the top of the deck where all the spindles mount. The 42" deck sometimes has cracking at the spindle mounts.
  3. NOS Kohler M8 cushman??

    I don't know anything about Cushman. I used a BorgWarner clutch and Torkconverter on a Mini Bike. It would gear from 3 x 1 to 1 x 1. I had 91 Kohler on it and it would run 45 MPH with lots of power going slow. We payed $65 for the pair back in the mid 60's.
  4. 25x900x12 but you have to raise the fender.
  5. What can the older generations take on?

    They are welded now. That picture was taken when I was build the brace. I spotted it then took it off and welded it. I also braced the front spindles.
  6. What can the older generations take on?

    My mount was not cracked, but I use this 312-8 for ground work. I saw some one brace there transmission mount and though it was a good idea.
  7. Things to check after inquiring a used WH tractor. First is the tab holding the front axle pivot pin, it's usually broken. The next is the transmission mounting plate for cracks, they are a lot easier to fix if they haven't cracked all the way across. Next would be the steering fan gear they can be shimmed to fix loose movement in the steering. On all models with the gas tank under the seat check for cracks or broken tabs under the front of the fender where the fender mounts. These are a few things that show up in used WH tractors from use. The cracked transmission mounting plate comes for hard used with the snow plow.
  8. With out seeing the drive way, I wouldn't make any recommendations on how to load a tractor. As for where to tie it down a 600# Wheel Horse isn't going to make much difference. On my 5'x10' double axle trailer weighting 1350 #. I pull all the way to the front this puts the the tractor in front of the front axle. There is still 4' of tongue in front of the tractor. It we are talking about a full size tractor with wheel weights and loaded tires. I would load froward and place the rear tires between the axles.

    The demo decals might have been made for when they first came out with Hydro's.
  10. large black mule drive knob?

    Check out Glen Pettit Restoration Parts in vendors below.
  11. I have a broken spring on my 312. I just bent the last coil out and made a short loop of heavy wire attached to the rear mounting point to make the length. It's been on their for a couple of years and I haven't noticed any difference in operation. They usually brake off on the attachment loop.
  12. I got mine from "PartsTree". I call down there first to see if they were open, this was a week or so after they got hit with hurricane in Texas. I then ordered the parts on the computer. There part number Is TLB 105763-03 Hubwheel $96.62 the shipping to NC was $7.95 I think the price is going to be about the same, maybe a couple of dollars difference. I checked a couple of places and found some a little cheaper but farther away so I guessed the shipping would be more.
  13. The 1977 8 speeds had 1 1/8" axles. New 1 1/8" hubs with the key and set screws is a little over $100 each. I bought one back a couple of months ago. I was for my 1977 C-120/180 it's been modified, and repaired over the years to the point of it being rebuilt with out a complete tear down. Any lose fit of a hub is going to cause future problems be it a worn key, key way, or bore. They will cause the hub to shift and ware off the point of the set screw from their every thing gets worse. The C-120/180 has been my main working tractor for the last 40 years and I plan on keeping it until I don't need one any more.
  14. Decals

    That decal goes on a hydro. I bought a C-120 8 new, nothing even similar on it, and it has all the original decals with the exception the Gold National Mowers Association on the left side plate next to gear shift plate .
  15. New Shop

    I saw an old electric range with two screw in fuses. One had blown and it was causing the ceiling kitchen light to turn on, with the light switch off.