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  1. What size tires

    I put 25 x 900 x 12 Carlisle All Trail II on my 312-8. I raised the fender bracket, gas tank and fender1 3/4".
  2. Cultivator WH or homemade

    I think it was modified from a walk behind cultivator. The piece cut off was moved to the left and the angled left side was added. The left side may be made from what was cut off the original hitch
  3. Be sure to install the boards with the outside of the tree up as you would a deck. The other way will rot out a lot quicker as the cup will hold water.
  4. Honey's horse is looking good. Now finish it up and keep Honey happy.
  5. Running higher octane gas?

    It's my understanding that there isn't enough ethanol produced for all the gas sold. The distributor has to pay the groverment if it's not available so that cost get pasted along to the consumer. That's why most gas pumps say "may contain 10% ethanol". I see ever so often people post ethanol never cause a problem with my small engine. It may be they never got enough ethanol to cause a problem. I forgot to run my vacuum engine dry and let it sit a year with ethanol in it. It would not start so I fill the carb. with a stabilizer mixed with a small amount of gas and let it sit about 30 minuets. It started up and smoked like an old steam train for a few minuets. I can now get no ethanol 87 at QT for $2.999 and 93 at Citgo for $3.199. I just cleaned the gas tank on my 80 Toyota 4 Wheel Drive that hasn't been on the road in 20 years. It will only get no ethanol gas.
  6. Buying New Garden Tractor

    You will have to get in the $10,000 range to equal my old C-120. I payed $2,200 for it new with a 48" deck in 1977 that $9,381.78 in todays money. I may have spent that much on it in the last 41 years but that's only $228.83 per year.
  7. New to WH and i need help with my 312-8

    If a new correct size belt does not fix your tractor the transmission pulley could be worn out from all the slipping. The stamped steel pulleys will ware out. I have complete worn out a set of them on my 48 inch deck to the point it would not cut heavy grass with out slipping. A different set of pulley fix my deck.
  8. With the way you used your tractors in the woods there is only one way to go "new 4 ply tires", .
  9. What Horse, and how old

    I was first introduced to Wheel Horse in 1959. Was washing and polishing cars at my cousins car lot. He pick up this Wheel Horse that we used to keep the property mowed. I built my house in 1974 and finished the yard a couple years later. Needed something to mow with as I had a acre and 3/4. Went straight to the local Wheel Horse Dealer and bought a C-120 with a 48" deck that was in 1977. Still using it 41 years later, It's been highly modified with an 18 HP Briggs Vanguard, five lug trailer hubs and wheels with 6 ply rated tires, 2" receiver hitch, the clutch shaft and the PTO shaft have oilite bushing installed. The front axle pivot and pin has been up graded, the tie rods have heims joints and the lower steering shaft was replace with one that has a castellated nut to adjust the fan gear.
  10. Tach o matic issues with C-85 mower deck

    A weak spring in the frame hitch will cause the deck to unlatch. My C-120 lost the deck twice one day. Put a 1/4" pin in the hole on the tack-a-matic and it will not cime loose. I had to grind a flat side on the pin to get it through the hole and past the deck hitch.
  11. C 120 drive belt noise

    I had a lot of noise when the clutch was depressed on my C-120. What I found was the hole for the clutch rod was worn. I drilled it out and installed brass bushings . Mine would make a hammering noise with the clutch depressed.
  12. Free up the rusted parts and put in an engine then put it back to work.
  13. discharge shute

    I would used galvanize stove pipe it's usually a little heaver and won't rust as quick.
  14. The 48" is a better deck, it has a 1/8" reinforcing across the top of the deck where all the spindles mount. The 42" deck sometimes has cracking at the spindle mounts.
  15. NOS Kohler M8 cushman??

    I don't know anything about Cushman. I used a BorgWarner clutch and Torkconverter on a Mini Bike. It would gear from 3 x 1 to 1 x 1. I had 91 Kohler on it and it would run 45 MPH with lots of power going slow. We payed $65 for the pair back in the mid 60's.