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  1. Kohler K241 or K301

    The stroke on a 10 HP is shorter then a 12 HP. The 10 HP has a 2 7/8" stroke and the 12 HP 14 HP and 16 HP has a 3 1/4" stroke. Take a small wood dowel and measure a 12 HP the 10 HP will be 3/8" shorter.
  2. McMaster Carr order

    3/4" c-clips for the PTO.
  3. Cleat it works great with my vacuum. I had to remove the deck to clean out under the belt cover. It was getting late so my vacuuming was over for the day. Had to take my bracket back to the drill press and run the 3/4" bit though it a couple of times to get it started on the rod. Drove it in to place with a short piece of one inch pipe using your dimensions. Welded it and put the deck back together. The deck now sets level with the vacuum attached.
  4. Junk yard save!

    The shroud should be the same. You'll have to mount up the starter to see if it works. I recall a post that the K-series had two different starters the difference was the number of teeth on the starter. If both flywheel gears are the same it should work.
  5. 522 xi mower deck front wheel mod?

    If you could secure the deck where it couldn't move and provide a ramp you could drive over the deck to mount it.
  6. Lee is my middle name. I first got into Wheel Horses when I bought my C-120 new in 1977. I've been on Redsquare from 2009 was Don1977 until one of the crashes and couldn't get back in with that name. I retired back in 2000 was a draftsman using a computer for the last 20 years. Didn't even used a computer with the exception of drawing a few small jobs for friends and neighbors for quite a few years.
  7. There was some one who a clicking in there transmission a few years ago. It was the dip stick been hit by something. The picture above with that dip stick leaning forward it could be the same.
  8. C 195 drive belt change

    You will have to remover the seat and rear fender off to get to the belt guard. Remove the belt guard, disconnect the loop from the PTO.
  9. Check out "Interco Interforce" they have a 27x7.5x12 and a 30x10x12 both in 6 ply.
  10. I use what I have, and I had some 2" wide 3M safety tape left over from replacing it on an aluminum running board on an Old Ford van I had. I used two strips that left a Red painted strip down the center.
  11. I think it's a good upgrade. I'm going to try it with my vacuum, that side drops down when lifted. I don't see the need for the long slot in the middle on a C-Series or the 300, 400, 500 Series Tractors. It may be that Xi or D's need it. It may just be they duplicated the center bar to have fewer parts. I got one made doesn't look as good as your Cleat. I had to drill the holes and cut the slot out with the side grinder. Made a few cuts that shouldn't be there and finished up the bastard file. I think it will work great. The only problem is I have all ready installed the vacuum and hate to have to take it back off.
  12. I have a short piece of 4" channel with a flat plate welded to the open side on top of the transmission. There three 1 1/2" x 1/8" one each side under the shiftier plate and one across under the front fender and gas tank support with short pieces of 2" channel standing up right at each gas tank bolt. I also used the plate on the 4" channel to help support the 2" receiver hitch.
  13. I have Carlisle All Trail II 25x9x12 on my 312-8. I raised the seat bracket, gas tank and all up 1 3/4". I now have 2 1/16" clear between the tire and fender. I have 1/2" clear at the foot rests after bending the outside up-right forward. The inside of the up-right can't be bent forward with out trimming the belt guard and side panel. They have had good traction on everything I have tried, but they have only been in 4" of snow. We don't get a lot of it around here.
  14. Which horse is your favorite

    My favorite is my C-120/180. I bought it new in 1977. It's been modified, every bearing has been placed at least once. It's was painted about 10 years ago, tapped up and save the original decals. The 12 horse Kohler could not take all the banks and hills that I mow.
  15. What have you done on your WH today?

    Nothing is what It used to be. Our government started looking out for our safety.