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  1. 1986 414-8 clevis lift question

    If the gas tank on both tractor is located under the seat It will work. The tractors from 1977 back used a longer rocker it will not fit the later models because it's too long.
  2. Frame capability

    It all depends on what your going to use the tractor for. If just mowing welding the crack would be fine. If using ground engaging equipment a solid 1/4" plate welded in place with longer transmission bolts to allow for the thickness difference. My frame was not cracked but I added some reinforce to keep from cracking it.
  3. Snow blade fitting

    From the old pinned snow blade post, the standard long frame blade was 64 1/2" from the center of the rear hitch bar to the center pin where the blade attaches. That information is from my memory. The thread was loss some years back during the forum moving.
  4. I had to scrape the built up grass out of my deck. We were dry for almost two months then the end of July I rained a couple of storms for two weeks. This last week It only rained three time. I had the tractor jacked up to get the grass out and one front wheel sounded dry. So I took it apart to add some grease and took a couple of pictures. Here is the modified front spindle. The big section is 1 3/8" and the small one is 1 1/16". Greased and back together good for another 30 years until the next greasing. host image
  5. You say you have a 416-8 and the wiring diagram says it's for a 520. That could be part of your problem.
  6. Both of my Wheel Horses are highly modified. The C-120/180 with an 18 Briggs Vanguard 5 lug front hubs and wheels with 6 ply tires. 1/2" heims joints on the tie rods new fan gear steering rod with nut adjustment ( not sure what model WH it was for I ordered it some time in the early 90"s ). Turned a new front axle pivot pin out of a Mercury tie rod. Built a front bumper and 2" receiver hitch to the rear. Added a oil pressure gauge and I'm sure I forgot something. The 312-8 has reinforced front spindles the, frame has been reinforced with 1/4" x 1 1/2" steel down the the bottom of the transmission mount. The rear fender, brackets and gas tank has been raised 1 3/4" for 25x900x12 rear tires also 2" receive was added braced off the top of the transmission. free image hosting sites I can't say what modification I like best, maybe the next one. The foot rest has been reinforced If you look close on the last picture I spot welded 3/8" rod under the out side edge. They were bent when I got the tractor I beat them back straight.
  7. Best model for garden plowing, tilling?

    I think the SK has 1" axle, but the only down side to that is the 4 spider differential. With wheel weights or loaded tires it will do just as good as the 1 1/8" with 8 spider differential. It's all about traction. Weight, tires with a good tread, tractor type or 4 wheeler type. Once you loose traction they are all going to spin. There are a lot of other brands of garden tractors that never had a larger then 1" axle. I have a 312-8 with a 1" axle that is my dirt tractor I have 80# weight in each rear wheel.
  8. 20180803_181206[1].jpg

    I like it. As they say, " It don't get any better than this."
  9. Spindle disasembly

    I use a piece of 3/4" shaft to knock out the bearings a blunt punch will work. Yes you can reuse the spindle with a lock washer and nut. You may have to weld up that area as it looks worn. Then have it machine back round or carefully grind and file it back round. You will not be able to keep it tight if the pulley is too loose on the spindle.

    We will take them all day at that price.
  11. New to me, 312 8

    Check out "Wheelhorse Parts and More" in the Vendors section below. He makes one better than the original from Wheel horse.
  12. Good deal on the reinforcing bar, I did that to my 48" deck about 10 years ago. I also put Dogwood rollers with brass bushings on it. I kept busting about one plastic roller a year. I have only had to replace one Dogwood roller, and that because it came off the rear and I backed over it. Here is a picture showing one Dogwood roller. pc screen shot
  13. What is it?

    I agree with diesel cowboy. It's a Simplicity.
  14. Now if you can find all the parts you start putting it back together.
  15. The deck housing shown above is home made with parts from the original deck. It's not curved on the front side to allow for tire clearance.