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  1. Wheel Horse B111

    Good news! Got new belts for the b111! I am having a hard time with the drive belt that goes from the engine to transmission. What's the best way to remove it?
  2. Wheel Horse B111

    Thanks! i found mine is the 42 inch rear discharge deck! taks the 1/2 by 41 belt! The next question i have is how is the belt tensioned?
  3. Wheel Horse B111

    Thanks Everyone for the Manuals! and Info! looks like what i have is the 4 speed peerless 669 transmission! with the engine idling in neutral it seemed like there was some thumping under the tractor, i am thinking it is a bend spot in the belt from sitting?? I am trying to find the eng to deck belt size, after searching the manuals and forum i came up with 1/2 inch by 40 inch for the three blade rear discharge deck, does this sound right? The electric pto enguage when i moved the lever, i wanna see if it will turn the deck after i inspect and grease it! As for a fuel tank any suggestions on where to get one that will be original or close? How strong is the peerless 669 transmission? what can i do to make it last, this mower will be for mowing only most likely!
  4. Wheel Horse B111

    I made a jumper wire for the ignition switch plug and after checking spark it had a it running on start fluid, no smoke, no knocking or odd sounds ! The carb bowl was clean!
  5. Wheel Horse B111

    Thanks Everyone! I will uploads some pics asap!
  6. Wheel Horse B111

    today i bought a wheel horse b111 at th scrap yard! 75$ I thought it was kinda neat, it was almost all complete minus the ignition switch and fuel tank! it has the 4 speed trans i believe, original stickers, i think it has an 11 hp briggs, which wasnt locked up. So is this tractor at all valuable, was it any good? reliable? How hard is it to get a key switch? thanks!