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  1. 1978 c120 front wheel issue

    It's a 77 in the paper work i was left it was. handwritten 78 but it's defiantly a 77. so back to the eclip i assume
  2. 1978 c120 front wheel issue

    so the owners manual listed in hand 78 so. i assumed that but here are pictures if this helps for clarification
  3. 1978 c120 front wheel issue

    Good afternoon i am trying to get this model functionally working and the front wheel came off. Does anyone know the size of the eclip for the front wheel and where to get a dust cover? i thought the manual said it was a half inch but apparently i was wrong. i assumed tractor supply would know and that was the second assumption i made.
  4. c 120 front dozer help

    thank you so much. i will drop the mower tomorrow morning and try to attach the dozer. the previous owner left all the booklets but i do much better with actual pictures so this really helps. if i run into help i will yell.
  5. c 120 front dozer help

    Hey everyone i just bought our house and got a c 120 with the purchase. needless to say i am trying to figure it all out and boom we are suppose to have a good snow fall tomorrow. Can anyone share any diagrams on how to attach this? Do you need to take the mower off? i have a tendency to over think the small stuff but i am a little stuck. thanks for any help