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    2 1967 867s ,1962 502, 1999 312-8, 1966 856.
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  1. Dealer List

    Steven Willand CO. in Fairfield, NJ now in Newton, NJ, is where my 1962 502 came from.
  2. I'm into Corvettes and Trucks (preferably diesels).
  3. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    my 1967 867 with the plow and weights on
  4. Wanted K181 Crankshaft

    are you still looking for one?
  5. 867 or 1067 or 1267 seat

    my 867 seat was in bad shape worse than yours, I bought one at tractor supply. it isnt factory correct though
  6. What is the rarest Wheel Horse Implement?

    ill say a sickle bar for my 867 and the 502 steering wheel
  7. 1962 552 part ?

    Looks a lot like the lift flag for the snow blowers
  8. Jacktown Show Saturday?

    Going Saturday.
  9. Suburban 400 fender seat question

    Do you have the U shaped seat post?
  10. I blow them into big piles and plow them into the woods with the WheelHorse
  11. '99 314-8 Fixer Upper

    i have a 312-8 same year as your 314, I replaced the gas strut for the clutch pedal with a conventional spring. That cleaned up very nice good luck with it.
  12. Let's go to the BIG Show!

    I'm on my way!
  13. Randy's 310-8

    I have the same problem i had to move the seat back on my 1967. I also have a 312-8.
  14. Wheel Weight Color

    I know, but I drive the WheelHorse to my mowing jobs and I noticed and clunk from the wheel weights moving around. In hi 3rd gear. I now use them on my 67 867.