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  1. Suburban 400 fender seat question

    Do you have the U shaped seat post?
  2. I blow them into big piles and plow them into the woods with the WheelHorse
  3. '99 314-8 Fixer Upper

    i have a 312-8 same year as your 314, I replaced the gas strut for the clutch pedal with a conventional spring. That cleaned up very nice good luck with it.
  4. Let's go to the BIG Show!

    I'm on my way!
  5. Randy's 310-8

    I have the same problem i had to move the seat back on my 1967. I also have a 312-8.

  7. Wheel Weight Color

    I know, but I drive the WheelHorse to my mowing jobs and I noticed and clunk from the wheel weights moving around. In hi 3rd gear. I now use them on my 67 867.
  8. My 1967 867 Restoration

  9. Wheel Weight Color

    I painted mine black but I only use them in the winter, because my 1962 502 the rear bearings are bad because they were left on all year.
  10. 1967 867

    The plow is from a 1974 C-120
  11. Skid Shoes

    Always Check Ebay and if no luck you probably could make those. I just wish my 1967 plow had the mounts for it. Hope this helps.