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  1. Throttle Linkage Adjustment K181

    I put the k181 on the back burner for now, I went and got a 8hp predator engine and threw on the horse, so far so good
  2. k181 rebuild vid. links

    Here is the vids of my k181 engine rebuild k181 engine rebuild part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGb47j3nFt4&t=35s k181 engine rebuild part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooUwtDyFjAQ k181 engine rebuild part 3 https://youtu.be/BadTpbNIHkU
  3. Throttle Linkage Adjustment K181

    lol yea setting gov shaft is easy
  4. Throttle Linkage Adjustment K181

    Steve so putting the link in the hole closest to the carb will open gov more. I put everything back like the PO had it. going to check to see if everything works right under a load because she wants to shut down and die on me when shes under load
  5. K181 Kohler Shuts Down Under Load

    I amhaveing trouble with setting thethrottle linkage sheis almost there but still trying to dial her in cant seem to get everything set up right i posted a new thread named throttle linkage adjustment k181
  6. Throttle Linkage Adjustment K181

    Hi peeps, I just got the k181 engine rebuilt and put back together, and when it came to setting the throttle linkage back up, I was looking in the manual and I noticed that the guy who I got the horse from had the throtle linkage way off, hence why the gov tab broke off inside the engine. He had the little arm that is suppose to stick at 9 o'cock pointing up at 12 o'clock and the throttle conected to the little arm that is on the disc with the holes. The manual shows that the throttle cable is suppose to be in the holes on the disc. like I have here My problem is that you see the "bumps" of the spiral shielded cable,( I have 8 bumps sticking past the little tab on cable) that has the tab screwed to it, and that is connected to the arm sticking out at 9 o'clock. How many bumps are to be past the tab so that everything will work right. I have tried everything, and I either get 1/2 throttle, no throttle, or a 3/4 throttle. Do I need to place the cable in another hole lower down on the disc down is increased speed, up is descreased speed. Also the disc with the holes that has the gov spring slips into the little slot it is pointing about 4 o'clock as you can see. Does it need to be alitle higher closer to 3 o'clock or what? I have alreaady adjusted the governor by loosening the bolt and turning the shaft counter clockwise until is stopped, then retighten the bolt. But anyways I need pics. of how your alls is set up. she is almost there but she still dies when under a pretty good load. Thanks Joe
  7. K181 Kohler Shuts Down Under Load

    Well she's back together and on the horse I am having a hard time adjusting the throttle linkage. For some reason the individual that I got it from the arm that sticks out from the desk at 9 o'clock was standing up at 12 o'clock so here I am trying to fix everything that I live in and I can't for the life of me get it dialed in could NAB I'll post pictures of y'all's governor throttle linkage and everything. You know the throttle linkage cable you have the corrugated tube and then a solid wire coming out of it from the arm that's sticking out to the left how many bumps of the linkage cable is sticking out if that makes any sense. Yes the governor tab was broken and was laying in the bottom of the oil pan
  8. K181 Kohler Shuts Down Under Load

    I'm in the process of rebuilding it got all the parts I bought them from isavetractors.com
  9. K181 Kohler Shuts Down Under Load

    Im in the process of making youtube vids of the rebuild here is the first vid https://youtu.be/YGb47j3nFt4 I will post more vids when I get the parts
  10. K181 Kohler Shuts Down Under Load

    I just got the horse in Dec. 2016, she has been like that since I have had her.
  11. K181 Kohler Shuts Down Under Load

    right, I am going to have afriend help me rebuild it. I am going to buy a ultimate rebuild kit $224.00 the exhaust is alittle harder to spin then the intake when they both are open
  12. K181 Kohler Shuts Down Under Load

    will it be an easy fix
  13. K181 Kohler Shuts Down Under Load

    I will have to pick me up some of those tools you wouldnt have a link for them would you
  14. K181 Kohler Shuts Down Under Load

    here is what it looked like