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  1. bob i need a set of brake linings for the turning brakes for a d200 if you can help me please call me at 609 577 2532 thank you
  2. i think some one told me that you have the gasket for d200 hydrostat case when you split it apart if so let me know please thank you
  3. do you have the linins for the d 200 turning brakes if so call me at 609 577 2532 thank you
  4. Lift Cylinder clevis issue

    could you call me at 6095772532 i would like to ask you a few questions thank you
  5. 1984 wheel Horse c195

    is it still for sale call me at 609 577 2532
  6. Wheel Horse D-250

    post pictures please
  7. do you have a picture of how the lift cable hooks up from under the 953 i can not figure it out thank you

    1. hard worker

      hard worker

      i live in bordentown n.j.

  8. do you have a picture of how the lift cable hooks up from under the 953 i can not figure it out thank you

    1. 953 nut

      953 nut

      Sorry, I don't have one. The front clevis hooks to the rocker shaft down under the tractor and of course the rear attaches to the sleeve hitch. There is a clamping bat that bolts to the transmission to secure the conduit (jacket) in place. The exploded view in the manual may be helpful.


      In the future it would be best to post your questions in the open forum so you can get information from several sources.

  9. Happy Labor Day!

    i know this is not the topic bot does anyone know where i can buy a 953 1963 manual so i can figure out how the lawn mower deck and other parts go on the tractor
  10. where can i get a manual for my 1963 1054 wheel horse you can e mail at mizerak561@yahoo.com

    1. TravelinJavelin


      have you looked on the manual section ? I believe there should be one to down load adobe

  11. are the weights for 15 inch wheels

  12. 1054 gas tank

    where can i buy cast iron rear wheel weights for my 963 horse
  13. hydroulic

    can someone tell me how to get hydraulic cinlinder off a 1963 wheelhorse 953
  14. 1964 1054 tractor hydraulics

    how do i order the kits for pump and piston
  15. 1964 1054 tractor hydraulics

    is it any chance i could send it to you to get rebuilt and i will pay you for the job i had a small stroke 5 years ago and my hands dont work as they use to