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  1. Snow Plow Scrapper Blade

    I went with the poly blade this year as well and probably have about 5 hours on it so far. Plow a few of the neighbors which is a mix of new and old (uneven and sometimes broken up) blacktop. Very minimal wear ... would project I can get about 5 years or so out of it ... and then I'll flip to the other edge for another 5.
  2. Noisy 5xi Two Stage Blower

    More straw grasping here .... Were the eccentric collars on the jackshaft bearings themselves properly locked to the shaft during installation? I know my jackshaft spun a bearing and wound up digging into the shaft pretty good. So I replaced the shaft and bearings and locked the new bearings in place by turning the collars "in the direction of shaft rotation" Attached is a Toro Technical Tip document I found online that helped with the above. Seems some folks were turning the collars in the wrong direction (opposite shaft rotation). If its a loud wine I would say it has to be on the "high rev" side of the blower and not the auger side which turns much slower. Not totally scientific ...but how about using a infrared heat gun to see if something may be heating up at a disproportionate rate? Given all you've done I'll bet you could take this thing apart in your sleep. Ed Toro Technician Tips Eccentric Collar quality_tips_june.pdf
  3. Echo CS590 opinions

    I've had one for about 4 years now. Cut down 5 pretty big pines / maples during that time without a problem. Nicest saw I've ever owned.
  4. Noisy 5xi Two Stage Blower

    A few thoughts .... but being you've gotten this far and have received such great advice from the experts above .. probably moot points. -ensure you have the right chain (46 links of # 40) and that its routed properly -ensure the large sprocket (attaches to the long shaft that goes to the auger gearbox) bearing is greased. It has a zerk on it that is somewhat hidden and some of the earlier manuals i've seen do not reference it. -check chain tension .... deflection should should be between 1/8" - 1/2". Too tights might make it wine. If noticed some very slight "clicking sounds" too on my Xi driven two stage .... but they seem more prevalent when hand turning the jackshaft clockwise (looking at it if sitting in the tractor seat) ... which is the opposite direction of normal CCW rotation when in operation. When turning CCW it seems fine. My two stage is a bit noisy too but I just think its the nature of the beast. On the plus side if you do decide to do a full rebuild you've almost half there already. Best of luck. Ed
  5. What should I pay ?

    A few additional items to check for upon inspection: Look for leaks or puddles under the front end loader cylinders / connections / hoses. One good indication is to look where the machine is regularly parked to get a good visual on places to check. Also check the rear for leaks and / or axle wear. Although the rears on the 5xi's are quite durable and reliable under normal to even extreme circumstances like anything mechanical if pushed real hard hard or abused (which can happen with a FEL attached) seals and bearings can wear prematurely. Not to say this is the case with your target tractor but something to look for .... Ed
  6. Xi series 60" deck

    pm sent if still available
  7. N.O.S. 522xi found...

    Thanks WVHillbilly520H and others for their replies. Will stick with a 51 Interstate given the price / warranty. The 45 is starting to ooze after 9 years of service. Thanks again.
  8. N.O.S. 522xi found...

    So I too am in the market for a new battery for a 523Dxi. I also see that the books call for a group 26 but I can't see how that would fit given its width (6 3/4"). I actually have a group 45 Interstate in there now (which according to Interstate's specs is their basic battery) and at 5 1/2" wide it just barely fits. I'm thinking the group 51 would be the best choice as it is a tad more powerful and its 5 1/8" wide and just 1/8" taller than the 45. Attached are the Specs for the Interstate Battery Line showing the dimensions across all groups. Those two battery groups (45 and 51) appear to be the only options given the width restriction. Was hoping to go with a top of the line Mega Tron Plus (think that's the only type Costco sells) as they are usually priced pretty well and you get a 3 year free replacement plus 6 year pro rated .. but those group sizes do not appear to be available in the Mega Tron Plus line. Did you stick with a group 51? Specification_Sheet_-_Batteries.sflb.pdf
  9. 523Dxi DM950D or DM850D Diesel Engine

    Thanks to all for their thoughts and perspectives as there is not a whole lot of info out there on the 523 diesel engines. I was really confused about the DM950D engine at first and almost didn't go through with the purchase from the PO since I thought the engine had been replaced. I guess in the end those with an already rare 523Dxi tractor may have an even "rarer" 27hp variety if they have the DM950D (with another 12% more HP and 10% more torque over a DM850D). Perhaps the reason we got the DM950D initially over the DM850D was just due to availability of the engine thru Briggs / Daihatsu. I'm thinking we may never know for sure. Anyway ... a couple more questions: 1) does anyone have estimates or insight into the number of units produced by model number? Would be interested to see the number of Dxi's (and other models in the Xi series) produced. 2) what would you say is the average life expectancy of a Briggs / Daihatsu Diesel? Would have to assume the unit was properly maintained, no overheat conditions, "modified" oil fill process followed, etc 3) any other pain points or things to watch out for with the Diesels? Thanks Again.
  10. 523Dxi DM950D or DM850D Diesel Engine

    Was wondering if any of the 523Dxi owners or experts have insight into the differences (pros and cons) of the Briggs Vanguard (Daihatsu) 3/LC DM950D and DM850D. I recently acquired a low serial number (around 125) 1998 523Dxi with 350 hrs on the meter and was surprised to see it had the larger 26.5hp DM950D (model # 582447) vs the "standard" 23.6hp DM850D (model # 522447). According to the Toro parts site the DM950D was the only engine used in 1998, while both the DM950D and DM850D were used in 1999, and only the DM850D thereafter. Interestingly enough none of the "glossy" literature or marketing material I have found mentions a 27hp diesel powerplant (either standard or optional) ... even though the Toro parts site confirms its existence). I would be interested if anyone can expand on the differences or knows why the switch in engines by Toro / Wheelhorse. Thanks!