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  1. New Wheel Horse!

    Hi guys, picked up new wheel horse 1055 yesterday as you can see it’s a pulling machine! All origanal except for starter wiring and some fuel hoses. Bought new plug, and new fuel filter cause the gas tank was full of crap. Little 10 Horse will have you in a wheelie in no time with that straight pipe adding lots of power. Had three of my wheel Horses at waters farm days in Sutton Mass (anyone in the area should come) left them for the night took this one home cause it wasn’t running right but got it to run like a top in no time. Very excited to pull with it tomorrow, will update you guys. And one more thing, the throttle only goes out about one cm. and I can’t figure out why I will look into it more though. Will get some better pics too
  2. Thank you guys for the awesome feedback!
  3. 6 SPEED #5060 10 pinion L/S Trans rebuild

    Thanks for the vids they are very informational me and my dad might split it open to check it out soon taking it out might be a pain though, thanks for the feedback
  4. 46th Texas Early Days Tractor and Engine Show

    that looks like an Allis Chalmers WC
  5. The hydros are solid, I plow with mine every year and no problems
  6. Charging system

    My 1968 Raider 12 has a battery switch that you can turn off while running and it stays running I don’t know if it should or not though
  7. Project GT14

    Nice looking tractor GT 14’s are awesome, good luck with the rest of your restoration.
  8. My 1968 Raider 12 won’t shift into low gearing it seems to be stuck in high. I don’t know what the problem is it has done it sience we bought it. I believe I am doing it right, I press the clutch pedal in and push the high/low lever to the low position and it just bends then go back to the high position. Thanks in advance, Will
  9. 5' deck for sale

    I am interested, Ship to central mass.?
  10. 11 years old and when typing a comment in a thread there is a bunch of edit options at the top and he must have clicked the 5th one with the S with the line through it by accident.
  11. New to me 520-8

    Nice tractor, have fun mowing
  12. Just Installed Deck, Won't Lift?

    Ok so see how your chain is diagonal and going backwards, well it’s not supposed to do that so the arm you have the chain connected to is the wrong one, if you reach up in there you will find another lift arm, bolt the chain to that one and if the chain Is still slack unbolt it from the arm on the mower deck and bolt it back on with another link.
  13. Just Installed Deck, Won't Lift?

    Here’s are some pics of what it should look like, is off other tractor with rod lift but all in all the same, last pic is of chain with it going to the lift bar under battery