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    1988 520H 42 in rd deck 48 in snow/dirt plow, 1976 C-120 36 in rd deck, 1971 800 Special 36 in sd deck, 1968 Raider 12 48 in sd deck, 1965 1055 puller
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  1. 341 kohler acr

  2. 800 Special Wiring Diagram

    Thank You
  3. Hi guys All I need right now is a wiring diagram for my wheel horse 800 Special (1971) Thanks
  4. Wheel Horse 800 Special Wiring Harness

    I am in need of a 1971 Wheel Horse 800 Special Wiring Harness The person who owned this tractor before went though the wiring. He completely made an awful wiring system. I am restoring this tractor and would like it original again. Thanks Will
  5. Front hitch 8-5551

    On all 5 of my s I don’t see any sort of trimming, and installing one on my 520 didn’t require anything it just went right on Hope it helps Nice cat 🐈
  6. Happy Birthday Scott!!

    Happy Birthday!!
  7. Like classicdmax said it would be hard to adapt it in there but I would definitely do that if I was you, if you try let us know how it comes out
  8. 520

    Working headlight bulbs that I could use on my 520?
  9. Onan Performer Help

    I was gonna say to completely REBUILD the carb, beacause I had the same exact problem with my 520h with the Onan p220g and this fixed it 🔝 Hope it helps
  10. Snowblower or Plow?

    And wallfish I have 100lbs worth of weights and front and rear tire chains
  11. Snowblower or Plow?

    Thanks guys I really appreciate it
  12. I have a plow on my 520 but I find that it makes a bigger and bigger pile til my tractor spins out, if I got a snowblower front attachment it would just throw the snow somewhere else where it won’t get me stuck Any input would be great, Thanks
  13. Change in tire size?

    I put front tire chains on my 520 h and they work great 👍🏻
  14. What can the older generations take on?

    I nailed a frozen brick with my plow on the 520 h at full speed and I just need to reweld something in the front part my the angler pin C1F514BA-78B6-40BC-8C05-9043E620C21E.MOV