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  1. I know .. I know ...

    JD is great and everything but too expensive just because they’re green, and they aren’t red like Farmalls! Here are some pics of my ‘55 Famall 300
  2. 2 Stage Snowblower Oil

    Ok thanks, still need to figure out how to change the oil nearest to the front of the tractor in that box I already drained it.
  3. new to forum

  4. Hi guys, I wanted to know how to change the oil in my 2 stage snowblower model# 06-44SC01. Also what oil do I put in it. Thanks in advance!
  5. K181 will crank but not fire

    The float on your carb may be stuck or the needle is. First tap the bowl of the carb GENTLY. If that does not work take your carb off. I’ve found that when a new carb kit is bought the fuel needle (in pic one) is a little too big and gets caught in the seat. So if this is the problem then use your original needle to fix it. I’ve had to do this trick over 5 times!
  6. Horrid starter noise

    You can most likely find a gas cap on eBay. If not then TSC may have it.
  7. What's missing mower deck

    Here picture of how the rod for lifting and the t bar come into place. The rod is basically the same as the chain but solid, it still has the adjustable nut for height. This is on a 1976 C-120.
  8. Show transport

    Looks good Gotta love the Honda’s!
  9. I had an 800 Special and just used the holes my drain pan was big enough to catch all oil and have room to spare.
  10. Have a great birthday!! Love the decals I bought from you very good quality
  11. 1976 Wheel Horse C-120

    Hi I am selling my 1976 Wheel Horse C-120. Little use. New points, and condenser. Oil was just done in the engine and the tranny fluid is like new. The lights work on this tractor. It has the original seat with no rips which is worth $250 alone. Paint is decent for the year. Mows great. Will come with 36 inch rear discharge deck. Has a Kohler K241 engine which runs nice. Carb recently rebuilt. No trades, $600 cash only.
  12. 44 in 2 stage snowblower to 520h

    Missing I will contact the seller he may have it
  13. 44 in 2 stage snowblower to 520h

    Thanks Garry. I found I need the part number 117546 which is discontinued and I cannot find on eBay or anywhere I’ve looked. Anyone have one I can buy off of you, or do you know where I can find one. I will check my local toro dealer tomorrow but I doubt they have one.