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  1. Moving some dirt

    Has hydraulic lift, saves that left shoulder and arm. The front hitch was on horse when i got it. PO was pilot and had small plane he moved around with tractor. Sarge would probably not like weld job and I thought about fixing it myself but it has held and not high on my priorities, maybe when I retire.
  2. Moving some dirt

    Adding workshop to back of garage. Moving dirt from digging footers for stem walls. Also putting carport(corral) for horse parking. Retiring from Fire dept. in about 6 months and need some space to "create". Working around daily thunderstorms and It's only 1000 degrees with 400% humidity here so going slow!
  3. MICE!!!!!!

    So i guess that blows the theory about dryer sheets repelling mice?
  4. Best on-line is Mcmaster Carr. Have variety and fast shipping. I would not recommend grinding as outside of screw is hardened and inside is not as hard. you would grind away the hard area and expose the softer interior.
  5. It’s Wheels and Tires Wednesday!!

    Mine are ugly but functional. She's a worker!
  6. Easy way Rule of Thumb, Number represents 1" divided by gauge. ie. 16 gauge = 1/16". Those cabinet doors look like prime material to me, heavy gauge, galvanized or painted, great source. and probably priced right too.
  7. Gas stabilizer.

    Been using the Marine Sta-Bil and sea foam in all my small engines for years as well as non-alcohol fuel with no issues. Who knows what is really coming out of that nozzle! thanks for the info on PRI/G. On West coast south of Tampa Bay and just a little tired of the rain.
  8. Free is good... todays side of road haul

    Blade, wheel weights, chains, and free tractor, quite a haul for free!
  9. Hey old guys what is this

    Actually my Grandpa showed me this when I was a little "nipper" myself.
  10. Hey old guys what is this

    It is for cutting fiber needles for "old" victrola machines. Yes, i am that old!
  11. Plow trouble

    I have had this issue before, It seems to me the "threads" on the casting get worn and allow the coils of spring to pull off. I took round file to casting to deepen the thread and improved the problem but i'm thinking casting will probably need to be replaced to solve problem.
  12. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Pulled the regulator off of the Charger or should i say "Non-Charger" 12 in hopes of finding one at Flywheelers show this weekend. Also still looking for Plow Blade. Maybe find one of those also. It just may get cold enough to snow here this winter!
  13. Mid winter maintenance

    how much goes the Hellow Kitty take?
  14. 1994 520H dashboard let the smoke out?

    Sounds like you have an issue with that wiring. If it has continuity with ground it would illuminate lights and then possibly burn/overheat positive or power wire especially if not fused or fused properly. The safety "stuff" is usually on auxilliary circuit but with previous changes on this machine anything is possible.
  15. Charger 12 random shut off

    Thanks for info. Happy Thanksgiving to All.