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  1. Charger 12 random shut off

    Thanks for info. Happy Thanksgiving to All.
  2. Charger 12 random shut off

    Definitely the ignition portion was bad . That was the coil that I had broken terminal and wire issue. It worked after that but would shut down intermittently. I may just look for stator over next couple months and see about fixing in future. I need to fix driveway and ditch area on property this coming week so went with what i new would work for now. But, I did learn a lot about this type of system! Thanks to all !
  3. Charger 12 random shut off

    Narrowed down to stator. Figured out how to test using old neon light A/C-D/C tester. Decided to go "Old School" and put points coil on. Parts locally only cost me about $50.00. She's running now with no random shut down. Stator may be charging but I didn't check that for sure yet. Will verify when more time after Thanksgiving.
  4. Charger 12 random shut off

    Changed/replaced all wiring and disconnected that wire with same results.
  5. Charger 12 random shut off

    Have breakerless ignition set-up on Charger 12 , Kohler k301s, it will start and run for several minutes then looses spark and shuts off. No set time it seems random and engine not hot. If shut off key it will immediately restart and run for awhile and then again loose spark and shut off. I have tested all the components as per manual and they all check OK. Any idea what the primary voltage to coil should be on this system?. I disconnected wire to switch to eliminate possible ground issue with same result. My gut says probably the trigger but can't be sure because it tested fine with batteries and light bulb.
  6. plow bladefor 1969 Charger 12

    Looking for long frame plow blade for 1969 Charger 12. 42 or 48" fine, somewhere close to West Coast Florida?
  7. 1969 Charger 12 project

    My 1969 Charger 12 project.
  8. Charger 12 wiring

    What wattage do you think it should be? I think only available in 10 watt max at that rating
  9. Charger 12 wiring

    That manual shows the same diagram on page 7.9 figure 7-11.
  10. Charger 12 wiring

    I am familiar with that manual, the Kohler engine owners manual on page 9 references the wiring for K301. Figure 7 on page 9 is what I was referring to.
  11. Charger 12 wiring

    Replacing wiring on 1969 Charger 12 with breakerless ignition. Kohler engine Manual wiring diagram shows 22ohm resistor in wire from key switch to ignition coil.This is not in existing wiring or anywhere on tractor that I can locate. Anyone familiar with this resistor, it's location or if absolutely necessary. If I need one any ideas where to purchase? Thanks, Ken.
  12. K301 points conversion

    It's ALIVE! Found all parts, coil, trigger, etc. were good, Thanks to threads you sent. Small wire on connection to stator broken. Was tedious to solder/repair but it worked. Thanks for all the love. You are awesome! Keep Wheelin'.
  13. K301 points conversion

    Thanks for info. I looked at that site for solid state but never saw the kit you referenced. I can troubleshoot and afford parts for points/coil. kept my 1276 running for years. Thanks again, Ken.
  14. K301 points conversion

    Have a Charger 12 with K301 and breakerless ignition. Will not fire. Have seen posts regarding conversion to points/coil ignition and "drilling" block to accommodate rod to activate points. Any help with this would be appreciated. does crank have lobe to engage pin and is this going to be timed correctly. Is it really that simple?
  15. 1967 Wheel Horse Model 1276

    Changed Status to Closed