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  1. OOHHH...Tecumseh

    I agree 100% with "Save Old Iron."
  2. Tiller / snowblower.

    Thanks for the replies. This will help me decide what I want to do.
  3. I have a C 81 with a transplanted 12 horse . I'm running a tiller on the back. Can I run a single stage blower at the same time or does the tiller have to come off to mount the blower?
  4. 312-8 with a single stage blower.

    Went and looked at it yesterday.It's in rougher shape than it looks in the pic. And it's a smoker-so I passed on the tractor. Thanks for all the responses. slantram.
  5. Really CLEANING a carb.

    It works for me. What more can I say.
  6. Really CLEANING a carb.

    I've heard some folks use full strength lemon juice and have good results.
  7. Really CLEANING a carb.

    I've read of many ways to clean a carb. Here's what I do and it works very well 99.9% of the time. Disassemble completely-place in an empty coffee can-pour in enough Strypeeze Paint and VARNISH remover to cover the carb and let it soak for a couple of hours or overnight. Remove and rinse with HOT water then spray with carb cleaner in all the small orifices and blow off with compressed air. Even if this is one of those carbs that is green and stinks to high heaven it will come out looking BRAND NEW. slantram
  8. Toro Advertisement Video's

    I know everyone likes pics,so here ya` go.
  9. Toro Advertisement Video's

    Here's an owners manual and a parts manual.Im still using my 1600 HMR that I bought NEW in 1990. It's got almost 1500 Hrs on it. 3313-655.pdf3313-775.pdf
  10. Toro Advertisement Video's

    Yes they did ! I've been using mine since I bought it new in 1991 from the Toro dealer where I was employed at the time. It's the 1600 series with almost 1500 hours on it. And still basically looks NEW. The mower with the 38 inch deck weighs almost 700 pounds.
  11. 312-8 with a single stage blower.

    Should have mentioned it comes with a deck and rear wheel wieghts.
  12. Looking at this setup. My question is are parts to repair the blower readily available? Such as bearings,shafts,steering cable and sprockets. And if the auger is bent at all can it be straightened? He's asking $850.00. Thanks, Slantram.
  13. Green Slime - Anyone Using it in their Tires?

    Has anyone ever used PneumaSeal? I have used it in my 4 wheeler tires and never had a problem with it. Harder to find but I think it's a better sealer. Just my opinion.
  14. Zero turn horse

    Pics of my Toro HMR 1600. With the 38 inch deck as in the pics this mower weighs 700 pounds. It's one sturdy mower. http://s75.photobucket.com/albums/i299/slantram/Wheel%20Horse%20C%20125/Toro%20HMR/
  15. Zero turn horse

    I have twq HMR 1600 Toros, and a couple of Wheel Horse tractors too. Not to be picky but the HMRs steering does not involve the brakes at all. When you turn to the right it just loosens the belt on the right side trans and lets the left trans drive the mower and vice versa when turning to the left. I've been mowing with mine for the last 21 years.