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  1. Homemade tachometer build

    It's not really my field of expertise either. I know enough to get myself in trouble! I'm glad I found this thread though. It's given me a few ideas. Since it is Winter, I'll be patient and wait for the squirrels to wake up!
  2. Homemade tachometer build

    No one has any ideas?
  3. Homemade tachometer build

    I'm trying to adapt this circuit to a motorcycle without Breaker points. If I'm reading this diagram correctly, I can just attach the input to the negative side of the coil? What about using an inductive pickup (i.e. wrapping a few turns of wire around the spark plug wire)? BTW, my bike is 1 cyl and fires the plug every crank revolution so I'll be using a 100ua meter and modifying the face. 100 ua will equal 5000 rpms, 50 ua will be 2500 rpms, etc. Sorry for the off topic question. Maybe someone can help.