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  1. I have a 1994 520H that was running good and lost spark. Comes with a snow cab but no other attachments. I would like to find someone that want to get it back running and use it. Willing to give to a good home not looking to get anything for it. Alex
  2. 312-8 Spindle belt

    I have a 1994 312-8 with I believe it is a 37" side discharge deck ( 3 blades). The belt the drives the 2 outside blades broke and i can not find a size or part number for a replacement any help would be great. Also, I would be interested to know what the interest level and use would be for a 1997 520H that lost spark. I have one that I would like to get ride of to someone who would fix it or restore it for use. Thanks Alex
  3. 520H no Spark

    Hello, I have a 1994 520H with not spark. It had a bad battery that would not charge and i could start it with the boost from my charger. This last Sunday we had the first snowfall and I tried to start it with the boost and could not get it to turn over, went and got a new battery and it turns over but will not start, smell fuel, pulled the plug and checked, no spark. I measured and found 12v at the coil+ with the key off, drops to 3v with the key on. So I ran a jumper from battery + to coil + and still not spark. HELP! Alex