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  1. H-516 starting problem

    Ok !!! before buying a new battery IL try with a other one . thanks
  2. Hi my battery is full of charge but went Il try to get the engine run at turning the key the engine turn slow 2 or 3 time and wont start same as a empty battery also sound gos clik clik clik . Il suppose that is a starter problem how to check to real cause . thanks
  3. 2 stage snowblower

    Ok but that bolt it is not a grade bolt SAE is 5/16"-18tpi x 3" long so here to we need shear bolt never know what could be drop in my driveway . thanks
  4. 2 stage snowblower

    Hi in the operator manual they talk about chire bolt its onely bolt ???... it chould be chire bolt I dont find the toro parts number .one on my snow-thrower is broken thanks
  5. sand Spreader

    everything is nice but i would like make with steel or stainless steel i have all the equipment to built one but no idea for gear box . thanks
  6. sand Spreader

    Hi I am looking for a calsium or 1/4 rock or sand spreader any idea ??? thank's jean
  7. Hi my trans axle ar same as this one the how sold me that tractor he change for a Eaton 1100 instead of ... I dont know loll but for sure it's same as the pics thank jean
  8. Nice idea did you need to make your chain longer to fit this bearing chain sprocket if so if you rember what chain length did you install thank's jean Houra Houra thank's to all of you guys you make my day i did same as the pics of Kurt-NEPA and the other I also change the impeller block bearing ,chain , but one thing i didn't know to change the impeller bearing I did'n have to remove all the front Jesus crisis the problem was with the cross bar anyway everything is done that is the point i will come later with a pics . It cost me the idler and solder bolt 1/2''x 2'' chain impeller block bearing 50.00$ canadian money thank again
  9. Nice idea did you need to make your chain longer to fit this bearing chain sprocket if so if you rember what chain length did you install thank's jean
  10. Hi on my h516 i modifier the trans by a Eaton 1100 so after blowing snow a few time i see my transaxel oil seal leaking a bit son at the same time i would like to replace the in side bearing , i have a bearing place not for from my place so first do i need to take of all the transmission and transaxel off the tractor second if some of you know the replace part number from toro to SKF or Timken or outher for the part i need to do the gob bearing and seal . thank's
  11. Hi all after a few job now my auger drive chain is gone after each blowing I have to tight the chain this wood block make me crasy loll now i was thinking to replace by bearing sprocket any of you guys try-it if so let see a pics of the sprocket dimension and how did you install it on the holding bracket . the end instead of that I wish you a health and snow
  12. 520H Transaxle refurb

    Hi nice poste you got , I have a toro 516h and yesterday after blowing the snow in my yard so back in my garage I see oil leak behind the wheel hub of the trans axle so I lift the rear of the tractor and i see a lot of play between the casting and shaft so my question is do I af to separate the trans axel to replace the oil seal ans needle bearing if so can you give the tow parts number like timken or a outher brand or size . thank and i wish you health and a happy new year
  13. Snowthrower lift spring question

    Ok Wow ! this manual is greater then the one I got ...Oh I se I think the attachment are the same as a two stage blower thank
  14. Snowthrower lift spring question

    Wow ! this manual is greater then the one I got ...no problem I think the attachement are the same thank
  15. Snowthrower lift spring question

    thank Garry I already have that manual the problem all the pics are dark it is hard to see where that spring gos I se on the lift rod ok but at the front very difficult .and to front hand is break any pics of that piece thank