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  1. Selling out WH collection

    I have 3 wheelhorse tractors, 2 finished, 1 in progress, another for parts. Engines, transmissions, and assorted parts. Also have long frame push blade and mower deck. Want to sell all to one buyer. Going out of wheelhorse hobby. Tractors are a 656, 702 and 854.
  2. Choke cable

    I need a choke and throttle cable for a 702, can someone point me in the right direction. Would prefer with the smaller knobs if possible. .
  3. 702 parts fenders mower deck

    Total shipped to 22406 for steering parts below: Do you have the dash for 702 front wheel spindles with top link and grease fitting bolt $20 each Steering links, the long flat one and the shorter one $20
  4. Need transmission seals

    Need seals #1232 and boot #3577 for my 702. Can't find them so if anyone can point me to a seller I would appreciate.
  5. 702/854 Hoods

    The hood measures out to 15 1/8" so it goes on the 702. Thanks again to all for your help.
  6. 702/854 Hoods

    Can you provide the measurement and the measurement points so I can determine which I have. It seem to fit the 702 and I don't have a fuel tank on the 854 so couldn't try it.
  7. Need 854 hood

    I have 1 hood, a 702 and an 854 are the hoods the same, difference?
  8. 702/854 Hoods

    What is difference in 702 and 854 hoods? I have both and only 1 hood and it looks like it will fit both?
  9. Help Identifying Parts

    What implement is tachmatic used for to mount to what tractor?
  10. Help Identifying Parts

    Have these parts in my stash and need to know what tractor or iplement they work with.
  11. Need 854 hood

    Does anyone have an 854 hood they will sell?
  12. Richard Stoots

    Just rebuilt motor on 1075 and decided to cleanup and paint while it was down. Not restored but still looks good enough to cut grass.
  13. New problem with 1075

    Took all to shop, both rods measured out to 1.500, 1 crank was 1.499 and the one with the knock was 1.485 which was the cause of knock. Put all back together with 1.499 crank and it runs good. Thank all for your help. Added pictures in Gallery
  14. New problem with 1075

    OK, I'll take all parts to shop for accurate measurements next week. I'll post results.
  15. New problem with 1075

    I had not torqued the rod cap. It now checks as a std rod but I will probably replace anyway. After I get the rod and crank I posted about I will recheck all and post results. Thanks guys.
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