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  1. Towing with 314-8

    That's probably the route I will have to go. I just need to back around a pine tree and go through a narrow gate without looking. Picking up a tractor hitch for $75 sounded better than replacing the fence and manlift when I trash it
  2. Towing with 314-8

    Thanks for the help. I'll look at other options than the tractor. The area is completely flat, but I would be driving through grass. The hill would only be in the way for trying to turn my truck around. This is the manlift I was hoping to use. I looked at renting one, but there is a big cost difference between the self-propelled and tow-behind models.
  3. Towing with 314-8

    I was wondering how much weight a 314-8 can tow? I am looking to get a 4,500 lb, 35 ft manlift into my backyard. There's no room to get my truck turned around due to a large hill and my leach field, so I'm thinking about using the tractor. I saw some hitches by wildcruiser on Ebay. Has anyone used these to tow this much weight? I am leaning toward the hitches that mount to the front Tach-A-Matic because of cost and ease of installation.

    A steam cleaner does wonders lifting off caked-on crud from mower decks and grease/oil from everywhere else
  5. I tried to mount one that I bought off craigslist yesterday. It wouldn't go into the tach-o-matic on the front. I finally got it mounted by prying it up with a shovel. When I lifted it up, it was not lifting evenly. it I swore up and down that the mounting bracket was twisted. Turns out the skids were set at two different heights...
  6. Most airports and marinas have it too
  7. Getting Snowblower Prepped

    Thanks Ed. Sorry it took so long to get back online. It's been a little crazy trying to fit in all the projects I had planned for summer in before the weather turns. I finally got a chance to check out the snowblower yesterday. It seems like there isn't much play in any of the bearings. Everything turns but is definitely in need of some oil/grease. The chute rotator cable has seen better days, so I have a replacement on the way. I'm not sure what to look for on the connector link. It looks OK to me, but I have never closely inspected a chain. Can you tell anything from this picture: Connector Link Photo Is it worth keeping an entire spare chain? The cost of the OEM replacement chain was a little shocking. I learned that one the hard way. Last year the extra shear pins for my walk behind snowblower ended up hiding from me in a box of nails
  8. I picked up a 42"snowblower this summer. The sticker is pretty faded but it looks like a model 06-42ST04. According to the guy i bought it from, it was working 3 years ago but has been sitting ever since his 312-8's engine died. Winter is coming up quickly and I'm starting to think about preparing it for snow. I have a couple questions: Are there any parts i should inspect or change? Are there any wear parts or other common parts i should buy to keep on hand? Any tips or modifications that make these run better?
  9. 3/12 clean and polish

    I'm thinking about waxing my 314 for the first time this weekend. Did you wax right over the decals, or will they stain/discolor?
  10. No Idea What I'm Doing!

    I paid $1200 for a 314-8 with a 42" RD mower, plow, chains, and plastic rear wheel weights in Exeter, NH. The tractor had about 320 hours. I felt like that was a fair deal at the time. Definitely not a steal. I would think yours is worth more if it is in good shape, but there are a lot of cheap wheel horses on craigslist in the Burlington VT area.
  11. Has anyone tried Agri-Fabs smartlink system? It seems like the reviews are pretty good and I like the idea of saving space in the garage. Id like to get a plug aerator and dethatcher but Id hate to have to store them outside. http://www.agri-fab.com/Products/Groomers/smartlink-master-platform.aspx
  12. I need help.

    The "seat base" item # is different for the two models you listed. The parts list can be found if you search 1-7235 TPL and 1-7255 TPL. Unfortunately the parts list is not illustrated so its difficult to tell if the seat base is the seat pan youre looking for
  13. front wheel weights

    Did you need to remove the plastic dust cover/hub cap from your wheels to make these fit on your 314?
  14. 42" RD Mulcher Blades

    Thanks. I tried replacing washer #9 with a 3/4" ID machine bushing (16 or 18 gauge?). Even if I remove washer #9 completely, I don't have enough thread length on the spindles. With washer #9 removed, about half the threads of the nut are engaged. FYI. Washer #7 is paper thin. I'll pull the deck off and try to get some pictures this weekend.
  15. 42" RD Mulcher Blades

    Thanks for the help. It looks like the parts diagram for my mower deck shows a jam nut. Hopefully the hardware store has something thinner.