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  1. Utility trailer upgrades

    If that spring were red, I would have guessed it came from a tiller or snow blower
  2. N.O.S 314-H

    I'll start driving there from Denver right now if you're selling it for a dollar. What's the real asking price, or do you just want a trade?
  3. Idler tension spring for a 7-1252 tiller

    Thanks oldlineman - That looks promising since my model # is listed on the page. Guess for $14 (w/shipping) I can find out Once it arrives, I'll post if it worked or not.
  4. Looking to buy a replacement spring for belt idler on my tiller. Tried using one from a mower deck, but it was too strong and bends the idler out just enough that the belt walks off the flat idler. I've done an internet search for the original part number (6135) and came up blank. Any suggestions? Is there a Napa or Stens equivalent? Thanks!
  5. NOS 56" D-Series Blade

    This blade is complete and never used. $400 was dealer cost ages ago, and that's all it will take to pick up this huge blade. I will be traveling to Denver from WNY starting Sunday and would be willing to meet somewhere along the I-70 corridor (see my other post in the hauling area) to deliver for an extra $75.
  6. 2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    Items I will be bringing to Show - May be willing to horse trade some items for mid mount grader blade or rock shaft kit to fit a 312 or C-125 Lawn Ranger with Deck - No Engine $150 Lawn Ranger with Deck - Engine turns over, but not been started $250 Blade for Lawn Ranger $125 New never used 56" D series blade - $400 New never used 42" SD B-Series deck - $800 (and on this item I'm absolutely firm on price, anything less and I'll convert it to fit my C-Series) New Never used 37" Bagger still in original box - minus discharge boot - $150 PM me if interested in any items or see me at the show on Friday.
  7. Denver to Chicago to Buffalo to Big Show and back

    Last chance to "book" hauling an item to PA for the Big Show. My drive begins early tomorrow morning and I won't likely see new message again until I arrive in Western N.Y. on Sunday the 18th. PM me if interested.
  8. Favorite WH Modifications

    Great idea for the plow/blower light, but I think some of the models in the 1960's came equipped with a 12V plug adaptor, or as it was known then - cigarette lighter. For me the best Mod has been buying a front hitch that just drops into the tach-o-matic. Way easier to move a trailer around while facing it and with the pivot point right by the steering wheels. It's just like picking it up by the tongue and walking with it, except way easier on the back!
  9. Bought me a Wheel Horse 4 wheeled wagon

    Glad to see the ghost rider had the PTO disengaged in your video. Nice find.
  10. Denver to Chicago to Buffalo to Big Show and back

    To the show I'm definitely taking the Northern Route since I'm staying in the Chicago area 2 nights. I have a pickup in Mansfield, OH on my way back to Denver so my return has me coming thru KC. If there's something you need hauled from the show we might be able to work something out. PM me with your contact info if interested.
  11. Sorry to those of you who may already seen this - first interested buyer backed on on sale, hence the reason for the repost. Pretty rare find, looks like only somewhere between 3 & 5 of these units have shown up on the site. It's especially unusual to have located it here in Denver where not a lot of horses are to be found (WH Red ones at least ). Everything turns smooth and auger has little wear and none of the usual dings or bends from use on a stone driveway. I will be at the show in PA from the 22nd to 24th and would be glad to deliver it there or anywhere along my planned route there and back. - see my hauling post for details - Finally, I would be open to making a trade for this if someone has a 40" grader blade in good condition they'd be willing to swap straight up. Thanks for looking!
  12. Buffalo NY to Allentown PA

    I may be able to help. I'll be in the Buffalo area by the 19th and heading to the Show from Grand Island the morning of the 22nd. PM me here to exchange contact info if you still need help hauling. -Patrick
  13. Mentone Indiana to Big Show 32" deck

    It's a bit out of my way, but so long as you more than make up for the extra gas I'll burn and it can be picked up on June 18th (Father's Day), I could haul it to the Show. See my post I just created for my trip details.
  14. I will be driving a mostly empty F150 along with a 5x10' enclosed cargo trailer back East from Denver to Chicago leaving on June 16th, then on to Buffalo June 18th and then to the Show and June 22nd & 23rd. After the show I might not have as much room but it's back to Buffalo for another week, then starting back to Denver most likely July 1st or 2nd. I'm not looking to make money on this, just a little something to offset the gas costs. PM me if you are in need of something being hauled and are willing to meet up somewhere close to my planned route. Thanks! Patrick Good
  15. Model 6-4113 42" Dozer Blade

    42" Blade with straight pivot handle. Based on the serial number I believe it was manufactured sometime around 1974 (if anyone knows for sure I'll happily be corrected). It comes with the rear mount, but I don't have a lift linkage for it. As with the snow blower I have listed here in the Red Square Classifieds, I will be driving back East from Denver to Chicago, then on to Buffalo the weekend before Father's Day and am willing to bring to the show June 23rd or arrange delivery along the drive back East. Call, text, or message me here on Red Square if interested.