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  1. I never did major repairs but I definitely know how to change oil, grease all the wear points, and sharpen & balance a set of blades to a razor sharp edge . I'd be happy to post more photos, but have a 16meg posting limit. If I sign up for a supporting membership is that extended?
  2. His shop is on Grand Island, NY and is still open on a part time basis. I shared a photo of his dealer sticker on the Dealers thread.
  3. My Dad was a Dealer from the late 60's to mid 80's. Lot's of family pictures with a Horse in them.
  4. My Dad was a dealer from the late 1960's until Mid 80's until Toro bought the company. This sticker is on a C-125 that he originally sold and I recently travelled back to WNY to buy from that first owner when I heard it was for sale. He still own's his shop (at 85 years old), but only runs it part time with my older brother handling any parts or repair requests. There's still a far amount of NOS parts collecting dust along with some decent used WH items that I'm sure someone could use, but I don't live in the area and I haven't been able to encourage my brother to catalog or post for sale. And yes, the phone is still the same number!
  5. Do you have the cable that connects the rockshaft to the lift arm too? If so, will it be included with the shaft?
  6. Is this still available? I'm in Denver but may be in Chicago area in the next few weeks. I'd also be willing to get shipped depending on what price you are asking and how complete it is (rear bracket and idler pulleys).