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  1. Empty Pickup and Trailer Needs filling

    I'm heading back East with an empty truck and trailer and am willing to haul some items for members here for a small amount of gas money. I priced it above as a very rough ball park that assumes I won't be going too far out of the way to pickup and deliver. Final price would be something we would have to work out based on what, when, and where (ideally it would be close to Denver, Rochester, or Buffalo so we don't have to try and time things along the way) I will be driving from Denver, CO to Rochester, MN on Friday August 31st. I'll be staying in Rochester a few days, then going on to Buffalo, NY on Tuesday September 4th. Below are the planed routes I'm taking, but I'm somewhat flexible so long as the detour doesn't add a bunch of extra miles. I'll be traveling back to Denver with a mostly full truck and trailer so I probably won't be able to haul a tractor, but I could likely load some smaller heavy items like mower decks or tillers if some has something they want hauled East to West. Please message me here or call or text me at 303.578.0728 Thanks! -Pat
  2. Gas

    Many small airports carry 100LL or 110LL (LL=Low Lead) that is ethanol free, they just don't advertise that they sell to the public (my pilot friends tell me that most will sell to public, you just have to ask). I just bought 12 gallons for $57 in Longmont, CO. Not quite $3 a gallon, but nowhere close to the $15 someone was asking..... Added bonus, since most of the older engines don't have hardened valve seats and guides, the small amounts of lead really helps minimize ware and tare.
  3. New Shop

    Good safety tips and suggestions on wall finishes. When I insulated mine I put Hard Board on the bottom 4 ft and peg board to the ceiling. Not fire proof, but saved on my back as it's lighter to manage than drywall, and gave me lots of places to hang tools and other stuff. Now if I could just get around to cleaning it up every once and a while......
  4. Hope this doesn't violate any of the rules as I have a few reasons for posting this.  This is a post that I just came across on Facebook in one of the WH groups I've joined.


    Foremost, I hope that if anyone here sees this machine that they reach out to the proper authorities in Utah and these folks can get their tractor returned to them as it clearly has fond memories for them. ( However slim the chances, I would love this to have a happy ending that someone took it to surprise the owners by returning it to them after restoring it.... I know REALLY wishful thinking).


    Secondly I'm very curious about what model is it and did the handle bar steering wheel come with it?  I've never seen one like it and it looks too symmetrical and "finished" to be home made.


    Last, I really hope this doesn't just end up in a scrap yard as that would be the most criminal thing of all......

    Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 7.06.15 PM.png

  5. Tiller

    There was one being sold on CL last spring / Summer in the Cleveland area. They wanted $900 and had I lived anywhere close I might have grabbed it for myself. If you watch CL using an site like Search Tempest you will see there are a few available in pretty good shape since they're an attachement that most owners don't use but once or twice a year at most. The one caution I would make though, if you plan to mount it on your 8 HP C-81 it might be under powered, especially if you try to break soil that's not been tilled for a long time.
  6. Synthetic oil in 8-speed trans ???

    I put down "play mats" meant for kids to cover 3/4 of my garage floor years ago. While they don't exactly look pretty now, I can be out there for hours in the winter without my feet getting cold and don't mind kneeling or working on the ground when I have to. Well worth the $20 investment to cover 16 sq ft of floor.
  7. Why am I so careless?

    That's a big reason why I've always prefered a Rear Discharge to a Side. Tires are much easier to fix compared to someone face or eye.
  8. What am I doing wrong?

    If you do need to remove the arm, the trick is to pull the top out away from the engine so it doesn't hit the rim of the PTO. It's a bit of a pain, but after mounting a tiller a couple of times it becomes a piece of cake. Just make sure the hair pin on the bottom is replaced towards the engine side so it can't interfere with the belt.
  9. What am I doing wrong?

    The belt doesn't come out of the mule drive unless you remove the cover from it by taking off the large nut. At the PTO, you should only have to swing the bar towards the back of the tractor to remove the belt. The only time that bar needs to be dropped down is when you attach a tiller.
  10. Bearing suggestions needed

    To my eye, the bearing on the left is much higher quality as there are twice the needle rollers. Assuming it's the original WH and has limited wear and as Jim stated it "feels right", I'd stick with it.
  11. Wheel horse 520H Mower Deck Continuesly Falling Off

    I'd also add there seems to be something not right with the chain and loose trunnion in the center of this picture. The chain should be attached to the lift arm, and trunnion connected to the rock shaft above it.
  12. Auction Day

    There was a case here in Colorado a while back involving a judge in Boulder where a property changed hands and a neighbor had been using it as a walking path for 20+ years. The courts awarded the neighbor the land after they sued. Research "Adverse Possession" and I'm sure you'll find tons of precedence on your situation. Bottom line is if you've used and maintained it for 48 years, and you pursue it in court, the land will likely be ruled as yours.
  13. Utility trailer upgrades

    If that spring were red, I would have guessed it came from a tiller or snow blower
  14. N.O.S 314-H

    I'll start driving there from Denver right now if you're selling it for a dollar. What's the real asking price, or do you just want a trade?
  15. Idler tension spring for a 7-1252 tiller

    Thanks oldlineman - That looks promising since my model # is listed on the page. Guess for $14 (w/shipping) I can find out Once it arrives, I'll post if it worked or not.