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  1. Wheel Horse RJ

    No....probably weld them up.
  2. 1955 RJ 35 Paws, Pins, Springs

    Hello all I'm looking for the Paws, Pins, and Springs for an RJ 35. Some have seen the recent posts I've made about saving an RJ 35. The tractor is missing the rear hubs along with paws, pins, and springs. Probably going to buy a set of hubs from Bill Jenkins but still need the other items. The tractor did have the Paw colloars (that's what I call them) that are on the axle for the Paw assembly to mount in. Please let me know if anyone has these. Thanks in advance. D. J. 317-491-3106
  3. iso 854 Parts

    I have the parts but located in Indiana
  4. Wheel Horse RJ

    24 hour turn around. Great to have wonderful and very talented friends.
  5. Wheel Horse RJ

    for right now and sure the purists will hate me, but gonna put a Harbor Freight motor on it. Will search for the Clinton but that will cost me some cash.
  6. Wheel Horse RJ

    more success last night. Finally able to get the steering block off and shaft removed. Unfortunately the shaft is bent so I'll makea new one. Sorry for all those purist but it nothing more than round steel bar stock. Will be easier to make a nrw one than try to straighten this one. Also was able to get the Vari-Drive to work.
  7. iso 854 Parts

    where are you located?
  8. Have been told that Bill Jenkins makes the RJ hubs I need for my 35. Does anyone have his contact information? Thanks in advance. D. J.
  9. Wheel Horse RJ

    Success on so many levels this evening. Transmission is free and everything looks good and spins smooth. Steering shaft may need to be cut out. It is froze in the lower sleeve. Hood gets dropped off tomorrow to get fixed. Hope to have it by next weekend.
  10. Wheel Horse RJ

  11. 2 rjs for sale

    still available?
  12. Wheel Horse RJ

    Hope to get this little beauty Friday. May look like junk but hopefully it can be saved.
  13. Playing with the 603

    Just wanted to see what they looked like on a round hood. These are 24x12-12. Don't worry, I pot the correct tires back on
  14. Playing on 520-H

    Not sure. Had someone professionally mix and paint it for me
  15. Playing on 520-H

    No. Had it professionally painted. Just the sheet metal though. Didn't take it completely down