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  1. Wheel Horse RJ

    well crap....learn something every day. Didn't know they were behind fly wheel. That might be a challenge to get fly wheel off. I would like the gentleman from Idaho number please...or email. Thank you
  2. Wheel Horse RJ

    What website? I need a carburetor. Can't get this little Clinton ro run. It was running but now just fires every once in a while
  3. Wheel Horse RJ

    Super excited to get the mail today. Waiting for my gas tank. Then just need tires which Pat Stair has rears for me.
  4. Wheel Horse RJ

    Now just need a gas tank and carburetor for the Clinton.
  5. Wheel Horse RJ

    The RJ's heart arrived today. Yes it runs but needs carburetor cleaned and maybe a few parts. Needle valve lools bent. But I'm happy
  6. Wheel Horse RJ

    It's getting one Hope to pick it up this evening
  7. Wheel Horse 48" Mower Deck

    Changed Status to Closed
  8. Wheel Horse RJ

    Still not much update. Baby steps.... She is getting there slowly but surely
  9. Lawn Ranger Replacement Front Wheels

    Think I have one wheel for the front of a Lawn Ranger. I'll give you for FREE if you pay shipping. Can get pictures this evening. I won't ever need it. call/text 317-491-3106 if you want it. Shipping for a Medium Flat Rate Box is around $13.00 or so I think. Would have to confirm that.
  10. Wheel Horse 48" Mower Deck

    Changed Price to 150
  11. Wheel Horse SMS-425 Sickle Bar. Mule drive is bent on one side. Will need new bearings. Wobble box is not seized but extremely hard to turn. I plan to work on it and try to get it to spin. Selling as is for $500.00 If I fix the mule drive will go up. $500.00 obo Call / Text is best way to contact me 317-491-3106
  12. Wheel Horse 48" mower deck. This is a nice deck. No holes. Spins free. Not heard it on a mower but looks great. Price is $200.00 Call / Text is best way to contact me 317-491-3106
  13. Todays Haul - 416-H w/ Surprise

    Not sure. Guy said previous owner told him it was bad. Tractor starts and runs pretty good.
  14. Just pickedup this poor ole girl. Transmission is bad but motor is good. One new front tire. Complete set of hub caps that need cleaned. Nice deck that spins good. The really good is a sickle bar. Does have a bent mule drive bracket which will get fixed. Drive pulley was a little stuck but got it to spin. Not a bad haul for Friday but my poor truck isn'
  15. Two Wheel Horse 701 tractors

    Changed Status to Closed
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