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  1. 310??

    To me it looks alot like my raider 14 except for the seat.
  2. mule drive v-pulley

    Yes I have it it is the 92-7103 P/N I bought it from ebay for $16 it is not cast like the original but will work fine after its painted red I suppose
  3. I believe the tach-a-matic hitch would attach here correct me if I'm wrong. I'm pretty sure there has never been any bolts put in through the bracket.
  4. Yes this deck was mounted and works great with the exception of needing new blades, spindles and some metal work with rust areas. When I got it the tractor the deck was set up with the mule drive and I thought it was original, the pulley covers are homemade and do the job they do not look the best. The guy I got the unit from claimed his father acquired it in the early 80's and he passed in the late 80's said it had been in the barn ever since I found it in 2012. I had little effort getting it to run and have used it regularly since, thinking now is as good as ever to start to replace worn items and try to get it back mechanically sound and look a little better. The spindles look as if they were replaced at some point and time as they do not match the manual, the 77' manual looks to be as if it is spot on. I need to start locating some of these items for replace thanks for all the help guys I will attach a pic of the bottom side, the middle blade was welded on to the spindle shaft and nut. The housings are in really bad shape, but spin as good ever.
  5. Thank you Garry. This information will help me narrow in on my search.
  6. So the blade mounting hole is 3/4".
  7. It is possible the year is different from the tractor I do not have a whole lot of history of it. The blade size I am uncertain at the moment I will check when I get off work it has just a single through hole I'm thinking maybe 3/4" or 5/8"
  8. I'm having a tough time locating the right manual maybe I am over looking it I have downloaded multiple manuals and I can not find the right one yet. It is on my 72 raider 14 but there is no markings what so ever on the deck here is a photo maybe some could help me out thanks
  9. Cab Light Electric Lessons needed ,, wiring and all

    That looks great fantastic job. You might just be able to melt the snow with them lights.
  10. Winch for trailer

    HF Badlands winches 3500lb seem to hold up to the abuse Ive seen and put them through in the lake bottoms on four wheelers biggest issues being the cable. The cable will hold up for a long while but definitely worth changing to a synthetic rope there strength is impressive and alot easier on the hands as far as convenience goes they are well worth it my opinion.
  11. Had a chance to finish the lift studs/hangers today
  12. My "New" 520-H

    Sweet tractor I got my raider in Pontiac Illinois as well to bad its not as clean. I lived in chenoa for a couple of years and did a deal with a fella for it. I'm in Mississippi now man I bet it was cold to bad wheel horse is practically unheard of here
  13. Great idea I will definitely consider it got to make it more rugged. I made little progress this evening I got a rough pattern in place and trying to get it in shape it won't be identical but hopefully close enough for satisfaction. I would prefer to have a old deck and cut and piece but I figured I would try my hand
  14. I've decided that I am going to do a restore for my 42" deck has some bad metal so i have cut it out and plan on fabricating new gonna be slow process but its a start. Tough to find time between work and family I plan on leaving my tractor like it is with the exception of some mechanical and electrical replacements wiring ignition system and worn bearings fuel lines ect. I will continue to up date as I make progress please feel free to leave feedback and ideas
  15. mule drive v-pulley

    where it dropped it broke 1/4 of one side of the pulley. I found one that I ordered that might work will know in a few days thanks for the help