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  1. Recognize this BS engine?

    Thanks. I'll look there. It does have fire at the plug, I'm hoping it will crank with new gas. I'm assuming it's not original on this tractor?
  2. New horse in the barn needs a name.

    Thanks for the input. So, you're saying that the PO was basically right, except the 1963 654 was really a 1964? I'm going to put the names in a hat and pick a couple.
  3. Actually, two. New at this , but these make 10. PO said first one is a 1963 654 and the second one is a 1966 1056. How should I list them in my will? Thanks.
  4. Recognize this BS engine?

    An engine with a similar blower housing came on a tractor I just bought. Mine has a recoil starter and nine head bolts. Can't find any numbers, and want to start it before I take it apart. Looks similar to a Model 14, but 14 doesn't show this housing embossment. Thanks for your help.
  5. Anybody know? Any good swap will work. Thanks.
  6. What Engine is this?

    Will someone please take a crack at identifying this engine? PO says it is a Wisconsin. It looks more like a Tecumseh to me. I know the tractor is a mutt, but it has a lot of WH DNA, and I'm pondering how to proceed on that. Thanks for all of your input.
  7. What do I have here?

    Please ID my latest addition. It was sold as a 1960 Suburban with a Wisconsin engine. Any and all information and links will be greatly appreciated. Haven't found anything with those fenders. Thanks.
  8. What size fitting?

    I believe the tank is 1/8" pipe thread. Carb and fuel pump are 1/8" pipe to 3/16" compression and the steel tube is 3/16". Trans drain plug is 1/4" pipe. Just pipe thread (npt) and not fine pipe thread?
  9. What size fitting?

    Please help me, I'm failing... I have a 701, but I have a feeling this question is generic. What do you ask for when you're looking for a gas tank nipple, or a Carter N fuel inlet fitting, or a fuel pump tube and fitting. I could add - a drain plug for a 5025 transmission? These pipe thread designations are mind boggling. I can probably forget metric for the old stuff, but maybe there is a correlation. Has anyone got a list? I want to help this old gentleman to get back on his feet. Thanks a lot.