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  1. I have a 1994 520h. It has the forward swept axle, but no "c". Is this correct ? So, in other words, you could have a 520h, or a 520hc, and both would have the forward swept axle ?
  2. What does the c stand for in 520 hc ?
  3. Flywheel nut/ bolt Onan 20hp 1994

    Thanks boomer...thought it was lefty loosely. Just wanted to make sure. I just bought my 520 H and am partially disassembling her for a good cleaning and some long overdue maintenance. Hey, what's that little dohickey called that the fuel line goes to that is screwed to the engine cover? Then through the filter to carb.
  4. Flywheel nut/ bolt Onan 20hp 1994

    Which way do you loosen the flywheel nut/ bolt 20 hp Onan 1994 ?
  5. 520-HC surging at idle

    Why is a steady vacuum important ?
  6. Hooking up a tiller

    Thank you for your help !
  7. Hooking up a tiller

    Am I allowed to mention other makes on here, or will I have to go sit in the corner? I have so much to learn, I can't see me slipping up too often
  8. Hooking up a tiller

    Thanks a million...I am learning so much on here. I have two Cubs, but they are newer models. I am excited about getting my 520h and am looking forward to figuring out where all the pieces go and hooking it up and putting it to work. I just want to make sure it is in good working order first,. Clean those fins, oil change, chassis lube, things like that. By the way I have the twin cylinder...that exploded view will really help.
  9. Hooking up a tiller

    When I went back to ladys barn where I got my 520h I found some brackets that looked like ones I had seen on the tiller pics I have looked at...sort of like the one at the mid mount attach-o-matic point. Does anybody have any pics showing the tiller where the belt comes to it? I'm pretty sure I have a 94 year 36 " tiller b cause my 520h is a 94 and I believe her husband bought them at them same time.
  10. Hooking up a tiller

    Thanks wheelhorseman1000...did you see the comment where the guy said a 143 inch worked for him? Thanks wheelhorseman1000...did you see the comment where the guy said a 143 inch worked for him?
  11. Hooking up a tiller

    Does anybody know what belt size I will need to use on rear tiller, 520 h?
  12. Deck belt guard 48" deck, 94' 520 H, left side

    I need the left side deck belt guard 94' 520h.
  13. Irishman, do you have any parts for 94' 520 H?

  14. Thanks a lot horse fans! This very thing is why I joined. I bought a 94' 520 H with a mid mount deck( in good shape ), tiller, and a leaf vacuum trailer for $150. Just a few parts missing. Took her home, fresh gas, and she fired right up. Made me feel great seeing the pics and description. Thanks a lot.