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    1996 Toro 520H 42" blower cab with heat.
    1997 Toro 520H 48" mower 97 Hrs. My spare.
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  1. That mule drive will also work for the 48" deck.
  2. I put 1/4" bolts in the existing holes of the mid mount, head of bolt on the inside.
  3. The tractor is missing engine mounting plate and bolts.
  4. A nail works for awhile.
  5. Just leave the corners square.
  6. I would like the grease fitting on the left side, please.
  7. Jonsered 630 super. Bolts tight, and no cracks.
  8. 4-14-2017 5:30 AM 30 degrees. Ground firmed up enough to drive on.
  9. The old belt was not rubbing on the top of the lower guide, the belt has to go were it is now. Spin the idler pulley to make sure it spins freely, replace your broken spring. Start the engine with the guard off to see what happens.
  10. How you feeling, hearing?
  11. How many hours are on it?
  12. Gold decals= 1996.
  13. The previous owner had them installed, to help with turning with 60" deck. After I leveled deck, and serviced unit steering is A OK .
  14. Garage to driveway. Be awhile before green grass.