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    1995 Toro 520H 60" mower.
    1996 Toro 520H 42" blower cab with heat.
    1997 Toro 520H 48" mower 97 Hrs. My spare.
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  1. Seat Time Again

    1/13/2018. 1 PM to 2 PM 22 Degrees windy and light snow now. Yesterday was rain 50 Degrees. A lot of snow melted. I raked the garage and rear shed, the rest melted. 1/2 gallon gas to plow 1 inch sleet, ice, rain mix. Then blow the banks.
  2. Tractor Choices less than 40hp with

    Turn on two wheels.
  3. Another 520 that won't start

    As long as your running. When I blow I do the high banks, then blow smaller lower snow for about a 1/2 hour, and it hasn't froze again.
  4. Another 520 that won't start

    The bendix freezes (ice) to the armature shaft. Snow comes in though the screen (drifts as high as the screen, or snowblowing in heavy snow fall). It has happened two times to me. Taking the starter off is 3 minute job.
  5. Overworked 416 FEL Today -Steering Wheel Snapped

  6. Seat Time Again

    1/5/2018. 7:30AM to 9:30AM, 13 degrees, very windy. Scraped then snowblow the rest of yard. 1 gallon gas for 2 520H and Honda blower. 74 degrees in cab.
  7. Seat Time Again

    1/5/2018. 17 degrees, windy, moon is out. 4:30 to 6:30 snowblow pavement and some of yard. 1 3/4 gallons gas. 72 degrees in cab. 12 + more snow last evening. 18 1/2 total. Snow was hard and heavy.
  8. Another 520 that won't start

    The starter can be frozen, from snow that melted and dripped on the bendix. Take the starter off and bring it in the house to thaw out.
  9. Seat Time Again

    1/4/2018. 22 degrees, very windy. Started snowing 11AM, 8" at 2:30 to 3:30, snowblow pavement and some of the road. 3/4 gallon gas.
  10. 1997 520-H

    1997 Toro Wheel horse 520H. 102 Hrs. Winter mode. Summer mode.
  11. 1995 520-H

    1995 Toro Wheel horse 520H. 1126 HRS. Winter mode. Summer mode.
  12. Warm boots ??

    Heated socks and insoles are available.
  13. Don't rush me, Last weeks load made it.
  14. Snow Blower

    You have a 2 stage blower?