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    1995 Toro 520H 60" mower.
    1996 Toro 520H 42" blower cab with heat.
    1997 Toro 520H 48" mower 97 Hrs. My spare.
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  1. Is this thing bent? 48" deck issue..

    Yes it is bent. Most likely bent when someone pulled deck from under the tractor.
  2. 520H Transmission Leaking Oil??

    The transmission oil fill (dipstick) tube is loose, it is threaded into case. Remove rear fender pan and put thread tape on oil fill tube.
  3. Leaves fall in. When? I don't believe snow will bother, unless it is parked outside and it snows, then you start it.
  4. Dad's Rear Grader/Scraper Blade

    Nice job on the scraper and BIL driveway. Thanks to Dad.
  5. Seat Time Again

    Yes, on the wheel weights. I am trying to get the attachments, before the scrap man.
  6. Seat Time Again

    Bought 1988 Wheel horse 520H, owner didn't want to fix, bad muffler. Tires hold air. Engine oil looks good, no leak. Transmission oil, added a quart, doesn't leak. Installed used muffler, from my stock. Lights all work, charges 14 volts. Halogen bulbs bring charging to 11 volts. Mows. Video takes a while to load. 1988_wheel_horse_520H_9-17-2017_023.MPG
  7. Onan 16 (516-H) Fuel in the crankcase

    In your first picture, what is the tan round disk with three nuts? Can you post a picture looking into carb with choke off?
  8. Floor Board Pads

    I used conveyor belting. Makes cleaning snow, salt, dirt, pebbles, and dirt a lot easier. I cut the outside edge 3/8 oversize so the water won't touch the running board.
  9. It will still build up leaves and chaff, just has a larger area and take more time to cover. A brush on the front and side of the rotating screen would help with the build up.
  10. 520 gauge replacement

    I did not cheat when changing mine.
  11. That should do the trick.
  12. Seat Time Again

    Mowed with 1995 520H 60". 42 Degrees 7:00 AM 1 1/4 acres..2 gallons gas, no oil, no parts. Break time now. 67 degrees now 1:50 PM.
  13. Saturday Nite Special! 1997 520H

    Mine were all like these, outside of roller is tapered.The inside is see through. Check out thread
  14. Saturday Nite Special! 1997 520H

    Are the scalp rollers the same as the middle one in the picture? The middle one is not original equipment. I don"t think a scalp wheel could be destroyed in 300 hours.
  15. Saturday Nite Special! 1997 520H

    What is the model and serial number for the deck?