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  1. in need of....

    cool thanks a lot
  2. in need of....

    guys I have a charger 10. it wont start or turn over. I figured out it was the starter solenoid. everything is painted red so I cant find a part number anywhere. does anyone know the part number or where I can get the part asap?
  3. I've got a charger 10. The cable was snapped on the snowblower when I purchased it. Just need a picture on how it should be fed so it works properly
  4. WH Wheel Weights

    Do you have the bolts ?
  5. 2017 BIG SHOW pretrip.!!!!!!

    Are there vendors at this event?
  6. 2017 BIG SHOW pretrip.!!!!!!

    Cool. I will be there. The week after Father's Day right ?
  7. 2017 BIG SHOW pretrip.!!!!!!

    Is this the big show in Pa?
  8. New purchase- charger 10

    Thank ya
  9. New purchase- charger 10

    Anyone know where I can get an owners manual for the charger 10?
  10. New purchase- charger 10

    Paint and decals all seem original.
  11. New purchase- charger 10

    Ok it's a 10410 7 Also the guy said it would turn over but not fire.... it it was missing the spark plug and the fuel line was shut off. Put a plug in it, opened the line. Fired right up. Very smooth sounding
  12. New purchase- charger 10

    So it's not frowned upon if I mount after market lights on it some how ?
  13. New purchase- charger 10

    Thank you for fixing it
  14. New purchase- charger 10

    Newb here. This is is my first wheelhorse. Don't know much about it. It has a kholer 10hp in it. And it turns over but doesn't run, yet! I know cubs cubs but not much about this horse. I would like some headlights. Does anyone have any info about this tractor? And I have no idea why they keep uploading like this. I've tried everything