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  1. in need of....

    not sure the year. previous owner didnt know much about it. and i have no idea on how to find out
  2. in need of....

    wouldnt that keep it from running all together?
  3. in need of....

    i used a test light to make sure the key switch was working properly but never checked the solenoid with it. ill check when i get home
  4. in need of....

    ok replaced the solenoid and didnt fix it. it runs when we jump across the terminals but wont turn it over on its own.
  5. in need of....

    cool thanks a lot
  6. in need of....

    guys I have a charger 10. it wont start or turn over. I figured out it was the starter solenoid. everything is painted red so I cant find a part number anywhere. does anyone know the part number or where I can get the part asap?
  7. I've got a charger 10. The cable was snapped on the snowblower when I purchased it. Just need a picture on how it should be fed so it works properly
  8. WH Wheel Weights

    Do you have the bolts ?
  9. 2017 BIG SHOW pretrip.!!!!!!

    Are there vendors at this event?
  10. 2017 BIG SHOW pretrip.!!!!!!

    Cool. I will be there. The week after Father's Day right ?
  11. 2017 BIG SHOW pretrip.!!!!!!

    Is this the big show in Pa?
  12. New purchase- charger 10

    Thank ya
  13. New purchase- charger 10

    Anyone know where I can get an owners manual for the charger 10?
  14. New purchase- charger 10

    Paint and decals all seem original.
  15. New purchase- charger 10

    Ok it's a 10410 7 Also the guy said it would turn over but not fire.... it it was missing the spark plug and the fuel line was shut off. Put a plug in it, opened the line. Fired right up. Very smooth sounding