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  1. Floor Board Pads

    The items from Eldon at Classic Kitchens cants be beat, IMO! Easy to apply, fit great, wear real well, non-slip and look very original!!!
  2. Happy 10th Anniversery Red Square

    I remember being on all of those different yahoo groups before Red Square. It was a pain to keep up with all the different convo's regarding repair, parts, etc. I don't remember exactly when I learned about the Square but I remember what relief, knowledge and friendships it has created for me. I don't get on much anymore, life and health has got in the way of the Horse's. I still have about a dozen but don't spend as much time puttering with them. Also notice the date I joined, so I only get to celebrate it every 4 years. Still a great place with a great group of guys!!!
  3. Caption This

    The RedSquare members pic, unfiltered from this years WHCC show??? The guy with his back to the camera is the president of The John Deere company !!!
  4. HELP!!!!

    Moral of the story...." I get by with a little help from my friends".
  5. Thank You All !!

    WOW!!! What a show!!! I am truly amazed at what I saw this year. The creativity of some members is unbelievable!!! When I think back since my first show in 2008 and see the friendships that have developed and that I am a part of, the restored tractors that have been around for all these years and continue to perform as original as the day they left the showroom floor or in some cases better than original, the comraderie and compassion of grown men playing with these tractors, the exchanging of ideas and parts to keep these tractors performing as new and sometimes better then new, the modifications to improve and enhance there performance and longevity. The Wheel Horse brand is truly a thing of beauty!!! Thank you Cecil Pond and may you rest in peace!!! Thank you to the Wheel Horse Collectors Club and Red Square for all that you do to make this hobby what it is today!!!
  6. Mentone Spring Garden Tractor Swap

    I am planning on it also. Might have a few things to sell, if I ever clean up the garage, shed, basement, etc.

    Terry, Please add me to this awesome thing you are doing!!! I will display it proudly in my shop! THANK YOU!!! for all you do to promote this hobby! Doc!
  8. Caption This 1-23-16

    Where's the line to vote for Trump?
  9. pros and cons of original wh foot pedal kit

    I sold 60-70 of the repro Wheel Horse foot pedals part # 8-3900 without a single issue or complaint. I have installed it on a 314 auto and a 417h myself and once you get them adjusted properly they are awesome. I am currently producing a few more to sell this summer.
  10. This time of year is always special

    I remember switching from the Yahoo groups to Red Square! It was like instant gratification, if you know what I mean! LOL!!!
  11. Wheel Horse Articles

  12. I wrap rubberized electrical tape around the cap. It has two sided sticky rubber and protects the painted wheel. It works for me!!!
  13. Mentone Indiana Spring Swap Meet

    Guys, I had the same issue. It is on the north side of town by the very tall antenna. Just look for the only large aerial type cell tower on the north side of town.
  14. Mentone Indiana Spring Swap Meet

    Just about packed and ready to roll!!! Heading up tomorrow afternoon. Spending the night in the truck on the grounds. See you Horser's soon. Can't forget my rain coat!!! Just about packed and ready to roll!!! Heading up tomorrow afternoon. Spending the night in the truck on the grounds. See you Horser's soon. Can't forget my rain coat!!!
  15. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    I am kind of digging the new Greensquare