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  1. brrrrrrrrrrrr

    I want........
  2. brrrrrrrrrrrr

    So cold up here.... Glad I haven't had to plow.....
  3. What do your Horses have to clear in the Winter?

    I have a double driveway, about 75' long. I have my GT-14 with a 56" plow, and my 416-8 with a single stage 41" blower. Going to use the blower today, just 3 inches of snow.
  4. Onan 16 -> 20 hp conversion, anyone?

    IS the Bxx numbers an engine model, like P216? When you say the p220 cam is the HOTTEST, does that mean most powerful, vs. actually producing more heat? What about the crankshafts in the P216, vs. the P220? The onan parts manual from this site says the camshaft for all three is 105–0637, is this parts manual defunct?
  5. Onan 16 -> 20 hp conversion, anyone?

    I was reading the parts and owners manual for the Onan 16 I have, and it seems the Onan 16 -> 20 HP engines are all essentially the same except for cam height, connecting rod and crank shaft. Has anyone ever tried to convert a 16 HP Onan to a 20, or done anything to try to increase the HP by swapping parts? One thing I was curious about, the cam height for the 20 is larger than the 18 and 16, but the part number for all three cam shafts is the same. Are they just ground differently? I have always read books about stroking engines, ajusting cams, and such, and I don't have the knowledge to do it, but I'd love to hear if any experts here have ever done that kind of stuff on their tractors.
  6. D-200 with everything, $1800 - Good buy?

    THats a good way to look at it. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I am sorely tempted at this tractor, a D-200 with EVERYTHING for $1800. What do you think? Worth it? Good price? Fair Price? Bad Price?
  8. Carb issues Onan 16

    Thanks all. I'll not worry about it until the spring.
  9. Carb issues Onan 16

    Thanks. So by flat spot, you are including that the engine firing completely stops? Its not like I open the throttle and the engine keeps firing, just doesn't speed up. It's as though the gas stops completely.
  10. Carb issues Onan 16

    On my 416-8 with an Onan, I had the carb cleaned and the engine tuned earlier this year. Even after tuning, the engine would surge a lot immediately after starting, but less after warm up. Lately, even after warm up, if I throttle DOWN, the engine settles to an idle, but when I start to throttle up, the engine almost stalls before it then revs up. This reminds me of when I used to try to tune my car in high school. Sometimes, I would get it so that when I started to step on the accelerator, if I opened it too quickly, the car would stall. What kind of carb ajustment does this call for? Is it running too lean? Too rich? It seems like when the throttle place opens, allowing more air, is when this happens. I suppose this indicates a temporary drop in vacuum, or low pressure through the carbs venturi, drawing less gas, but I don't know how to remedy it. Thoughts?
  11. Got a snow blower for my 416-8

    Pretty excited
  12. Got a snow blower for my 416-8

    found the instructions in manual
  13. My buddy has a simplicity 12 hp with a briggs engine, the engine has a bad Carb (un rebuildable) and a bad starter. Shop charges $270 for parts just for that. We are seeing an 8 hp simplicity tractor for $200 on CL. Any thoughts on being able to slap the snow thrower from the 12 onto the 8?
  14. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    What kind of prep work did you do before painting? I am curious because it seems like you went and painted everything in place, rather than removing every piece and painting separately. Isn't it hard to clean dirt and grease out of all the nooks and crannies? I would think the paint would not last as long. Tell us about it?