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  1. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    What kind of prep work did you do before painting? I am curious because it seems like you went and painted everything in place, rather than removing every piece and painting separately. Isn't it hard to clean dirt and grease out of all the nooks and crannies? I would think the paint would not last as long. Tell us about it?
  2. Got her goin

    Gorgeous, man. I am glad you didn't give up on it.
  3. What have you done on your WH today?

    Lawn mowin’ and leaf blowin’ with the GT14...
  4. What have you done on your WH today?

    Single phase with a mag starter. The motor plate says single phase but I am pretty sure to keep things simple, the manufacturer uses three phase motors wired up with capacitors for single phase.....
  5. What have you done on your WH today?

    Nice. I used the hand pump from Tractor Supply. I took the 416-8 OFF the market. I had it on there to try to speed up paying back my buddy for a loan, but it didn't sell before I got paid again, so my buddy is paid, and the tractor is being kept. What I borrowed the money for was this incredible deal, a Champion VR5-8 air compressor formerly used in a Shell three-bay service station. Fully functioning, great condition, $2700 new, I paid $450!!!!!! I bought it because everyone here is always going on about sand blasting and painting tractors, so I figured I needed to get in the game....
  6. 1989 416-8 Needs a good home

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. Mower deck baffle rotted out - how to fix?

    Oh, yeah, as a heat sink, right?
  8. 36" RD Deck Restore

    So cool!
  9. Thinking of selling one of my tractors....

    Can't! Not until I make it through mowing the yard successfully with either Wheel Horse at least once!
  10. 1989 416-8 Needs a good home

    For sale, a 1989 Wheel Horse 416-8 garden tractor in "shabby" condition, includes a good mowing deck, and a 48" dozer blade that needs a little work. There is generous surface rust, but no rot, all over the machine. The carb was rebuilt and cleaned, a new fuel tank grommet and fuel line was installed. The engine, an Onan 16, runs fantastically! All the gears work, hi and low, the PTO works, the deck and mule drive is good with only one small spot of through rot, but the deck baffles rusted out. Repair is possible and the blades are in good condition with many sharpening left. I will post pictures soon, so, please, ask questions, tell me what info I should provide. I want this to go to someone who wants to clean it up and paint it or do something cool with it. I am asking just $450, which is a loss for me, but also, I can deliver/meet you within 120 miles of Morrisville, VT for an extra $50. Call, text, email or PM me.
  11. Thinking of selling one of my tractors....

    Okay, I have decided, I AM going to sell the 426-8, but only if someone here wants it to restore it. The reason has changed though. Before, had a pressing expense, but that has been settled. Now, I have stumbled on a fantastic deal for a Champion air compressor, the $2000 model for just $450!!!!! With that, I can get a sand blaster and go to work on the GT-14. So, I'll be posting in the classifieds, for those who are interested.
  12. Maybe selling my 520XI

    What about a Kioti? A little more compact than a Kubota.
  13. Mower deck baffle rotted out - how to fix?

    I have one space on the new deck that has rusted through, so I may tear it apart and have the whole thing sandblasted. Thanks for the tip on the paint, I'll definitely look into it. I think I will fabricate new baffles from scratch and bolt them in place with tabs. I don't feel like I want to weld on this deck, unless of course I do decide to have it sandblasted completely. I don't have a MiG, just a TiG and Stick, and Gas.
  14. Shower Cap Ideas???

    Turn a threaded adapter and weld it in
  15. So, I found A problem on the 42" mower deck on my 416-8. It commenced to making a horrible racket while backing up, so I stopped and took a look. Yup, there's your problem.... I was going to cut the baffle out of the old rotten deck I had replaced with the above... But a few whacks with a hammer to check how the baffle was revealed some rot in the center section.... So, what are my options for fixing the original deck? Does anyone have a spare baffle I can weld or bolt in? Should I run without the baffles and live with the performance? What are my options here? BTW, for those of you keeping score, this is the third time I have tried to mow with the 416-8 and the third time I have had issues....