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  1. Got her goin

    Looks Great . time well spent
  2. Looks pretty good
  3. Will there be any wheel horse there !
  4. 1956 Eshelman

    That looks pretty cool.would be ok just the way it is
  5. project pud puller build

    LOL like the blue flames out the exhaust . and really like those decals on back of seat . looking good
  6. project pud puller build

    Your getting there !
  7. yard sale find

    nice Find !
  8. Thanks Acman . i have put a 16hp opposed twin in a 416-8 . that was not to bad just made adapterplate ,for the motor .
  9. Guys i been have looking in here but cant find anything . has anyone installed a opposed twin in a Raider ! just woundering. what i was going to run into on this . thanks in advance
  10. project pud puller build

    enjoying this >LOL i hope you get to pull this before season is over . cant wait to see how it does .
  11. project pud puller build

    I bet. i had to take mine to tire store and they used a big bead blaster they called it . i fought them for thirty min and gave up .
  12. project pud puller build

    like watching this project move forward .
  13. project pud puller build

    ready to see that all installed . looking good
  14. project pud puller build

    You starting from scratch . or you cutting one and making it fit
  15. project pud puller build

    im likeing it . i been looking for 18hp Kohler vtwin . im interested in how this comes out . Yes here Also in the twin class they run 5000 RPM . stock class