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  1. Hey Walt, Tom McMahon or M-14 here, how's it going. A couple of things. Maybe you can explain to me how to use the chat room so I can contact you as my project dictates. One thing I have decieded is to raise the drive shaft up like my old snowblower so maybe you have some thoughts on that. Thanks.
  2. Hey Walt, thanks for the reply. Its easy for some people to say sell it and find one that works for your machine but I like this one with the skids , tall shute and in new shape. Now I have the old style snowblower that I could salvage parts off of, shaft bearings all in good shape and I have a welder and fabricator knowledge. I just thought if someone has done this before it might save me time and trouble by asking for ideas and instruction, because at my age I still don't know it all. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Walt


      Ok since I have just about completed mine and you are willing to do it it I can definitely help you trough what it will take to make it work.

      From your msg. I see you will be using parts from your old thrower that will save on some machining. I recommend you start by setting the 2 of them side by side so you can view them from the rear. I kept my shaft low along the bottom and cut away weld from the bearing mount in middle and move that mount out to right side of the boxed in area it was and re-welded it in place triple checking line up to keep drive shaft as close as possible. Now mind you only reason I did this was to keep from cutting a hole up were the chain on your older style thrower enters. If you cut the hole up there the bearing mount would need to go up on outside edge and be lined up with the holes on the top of the right side of that boxed in area on back. You would also need to modify the mounting bracket for the bearing housing to work. By keeping mine low I was able to retain the full use of the chain tensioner but needed to open were the chain enters rear of thrower to to drive auger. So far have only opened the bottom will need to open top to actually retention the chain next year. If you look at the 79263 thrower the chain just goes in and around sprocket on auger this will cause auger to work backwards pushing snow out rather than pulling it in. I was able to work through this by adding two idler sprockets (that may already be the way your old thrower is set up) one sprocket low and one high in front of auger to run chain under the auger sprocket to reverse its rotation. Now I'm going to revisit the drive shaft on mine being low does cause belt to rub on the front axle if steps aren't taken to prevent this. When you got the new thrower did you get the tensioner for the vertical shaft mower with it? If you did I used parts from it and a piece of angle iron to fabricate an idler pulley to clear the front axle. You will need to use the tensioner from your old thrower on the new set up I can get you dimensions and pictures were I put mine to make it work. Lastly for this part of me helping you work through I will inquire as to rather you got the crank for the shoot and the support for it? Read this over let me know if you got the tensioner and the crank and its support and any questions you have. If you still plan on taking on this project I'll walk you through each step. There are NO chain guards on mine that is project I'll work through designing next year for both inside auger housing and rear around drive shaft.  

      Also I check in to Red Square a few times a day so my responses shouldn't slow you down to much if you have decided this is what you want.


  3. Has anyone converted a toro wheel horse model 79263 snow blower to fit a 1970 wheel horse C-161. My old blower is still running but I picked up this newer, like new model with the wheel weights and chains for $150.00.I would think if the drive shaft was extended to meet the same measurements as the old blower shaft with maybe 1 more support bearing and a diffrerent belt, because the large pulley will be lower on this blower it might work. would greatly appreciate any and all expertise and suggestions. Thanks ahead of time.