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  1. 11 hp briggs

    953 nut, I checked the points and they don't look bad, I cleaned them up a little just In case and the gap is correct, also the condenser looks new, theres no cracking around the boot where the wire comes from so I don't think any moisture got in it. But it still hesitates to throttle up at first and it still smoking, good ole briggs.
  2. 11 hp briggs

    ya know I didn't even think of that, thank you
  3. 11 hp briggs

    ok guys I have a c-111 that has an 11 hp briggs (I am not a fan of briggs at all and never have been, just never had luck with them) but anyways when I idle up the tractor its blows some smoke and hesitates to idle up but it will after a second. I completely went through the carb and rebuilt it, everything Is adjusted right, also I put a new fuel line and filter. Any ideas?