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  1. Transmission Died

    Well I found a new "old" stock axle ....did not haggle just paid the price. So there is one down and as for the other I am going to give the machinist at work a shot at milling a new slot. Ordered new keys and now just have to do some research on the procedure of removing the old axles. I am hoping that by the end of next week the old girl will be back on line.
  2. Transmission Died

    This is what the left and right key looked like.
  3. Transmission Died

    I think this must have been an issue before. I loaned this old girl to my Great Uncle back in 2004 for save keeping till my divorce was finished (I thought for sure that the ex-wife would have tried of making the old girl an issue (she did not tho)).....my Great Uncle "gave" her to my Father a couple of years later....so somewhere within that time someone changed the right hub (black) compared to the left (red). So my opinion the axles where an issue and that the axles are worn to the point that the keys will not sit properly. Again this is my opinion.....what does anyone else think?
  4. Transmission Died

    My other half's family came to visit over the weekend.....they finally left.....told her that I would be looking at the tractor now. Have the tractor on stands will update later.
  5. Transmission Died

    Just for my curiosity are there any treads (well detailed) on how to rebuild a transmission of my model year?
  6. Transmission Died

    Thank you to all who replied to my tread.......not able today or tomorrow but as soon as I can I will let you know. Thanks again.
  7. I was chugging along in 3rd gear mowing the grass last night and the old girl coasted to a stop. It will go in reverse but not in any of the other gears with me on it. She will go "slowly" in the gears when I am off. Checked the dip stick and white foam. Now I do know that there was fluid in the trans 2 weeks ago because I checked it. So I am assuming that something burnt. Any suggestions for the '72 Raider 10? My other half wants to get rid of the old girl and that is just not happening.........made that very clear.
  8. Can anyone please tell me what these plastics parts are and are they available? I was trying to take the nut off and the carriage bolt started to spin in the hole. There was no way of being able to grab the head so had to cut (grind) off and replace the bolt. In doing so.....the other part like this one here got toasted from the heat......like really toasted. So any help would be appreciate. The deck is a 36" modified for a '72 raider 10.
  9. Hoodstand Assembly Interchangeable?

    Thanks to all who replied. I guess I have to look for another Raider.....also could anyone tell me what the Star means by the title of my tread????
  10. Hoodstand Assembly Interchangeable?

    I thought that might be the case....but are there any other possible models? Like I said earlier I am not knowledgeable with the various models. Thanks for your reply.
  11. Are there any other models that interchange with the Raider series for the hoodstand assembly on a '72 Raider 10? Any help would be appreciative due to not being knowledgeable on the different models.
  12. Even the original tires (which had the wheel horse symbol molded into the tires) still rubbed when making a left had turn. That was also with the original tie rod/control arm.
  13. If you have any questions please let me know.
  14. Sorry guys .....been working 12 hrs everyday this week. If you still need the measurements just let me know. Will be crashing tonight and will be able to get tomorrow.
  15. Thank you....this topic was very helpful to me. My '72 Raider 10 has the mule drive in the first pic since the WH from the store. Been looking for the later mule drive .....every time I make a hard left turn the tire rubs the pulley.