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  1. GT1100 Briggs to Kohler swap

    thank you for the heads up. I realized most of my hard starting issues were due to a misadjusted choke. Once i took care of that, it was just a matter of use to get the smoking to cease.
  2. Will a Kohler M10 work well in a 314-H?

    I have been plowing some serious snow this winter. I haven't had much issue with traction with filled 23x10.50's and wheel weights. Each wheel/weight weighs over 100 lbs. I can move a foot+ of snow without chains with no issue, though i do wish for the chains when i do lose traction. Engine and tractor perform just fine. That said, i don't think i care for the hydro system. I LOVE the hydro lift for plowing, but certainly prefer a clutch. Likely just personal preference since i have been mowing with a 8spd for about 18yrs. I thought i might get used to it, but getting onto my GT1100 just feels much more natural. To mix the best of both worlds (Kohler and 8spd), i picked up a 1991 312-8 last night from a neighbor. I will be selling the Hydro tractor and my GT1100, both with 42" side discharge decks, keeping my 42" plow and 37" bagger deck. The 48" bagger system was sold separately. Thanks all for your input.
  3. GT1100 Briggs to Kohler swap

    Posting back for future reference, i did not actually end up doing this swap. The briggs just kept running better and better the more i used it. It runs fabulously now, so i see no reason to remove it from a perfectly good working tractor. I did end up using the M10 in a 314H frame. It works wonderfully, but i don't think i care for the hydro system. I prefer the clutch.
  4. Will a Kohler M10 work well in a 314-H?

    Mega props to Fred here for sending me the hydro pulley!! Got the tractor mobile this past weekend with huge success. Transaxle seals were replaced and refilled with oil. Runs and rides awesome. Got the plow under it and moved some earth. Great feeling!! The 10 horse will likely do the job, but wont know for sure until i get a deck under it in the spring. Thanks all!
  5. Will a Kohler M10 work well in a 314-H?

    Ahh ok. I was cross referencing the PTO pulley, which is the same. The engine drive pulley does in fact carry a different part number. Could only find online was $75 on ebay. Part number 7443. yikes!! Anyone have one?
  6. Will a Kohler M10 work well in a 314-H?

    Interesting!! I would not have caught that. Though, looking at partstree.com, it appears to be the same pulley 310-8 to 314-H. Can someone verify? I have a friend who offered me a 12hp Tecumseh, but not sure of how much effort it would take to fit, surely more than the 10hp i have.
  7. Hey all!! Last night i picked up a 48" bagger deck and bagging system, and it happened to come with a 314-H. The engine was removed when it "blew" and was then scrapped (along with a WH plow, ugh!!) when the previous owner felt it too much work to rebuild. I was just planning to slap the deck under my GT1100 and call it a day, but i had an idea i wanted to run past you guys being new to WH Hydro's. I have a 10HP Kohler from an '88 310-8 sitting in the corner of my garage. The engine should just bolt right in and go, but i have no idea if the engine, having 4hp less than what is supposed to be there, will work well or not. I may just try to kicks, but dont want to waste my time if the hydro system eats up a ton of power. Can anyone lend their 2 cents? Thanks!
  8. GT1100 Briggs to Kohler swap

    ah, thank you for that. I dragged the engine out of the corner and took a peek. It appears as though it does have a regulator, though i do not think that really changes the wiring all that much, looking at the diagrams. Should be able to hook it up nearly the same as the current engine is and shes a runner.
  9. GT1100 Briggs to Kohler swap

    did some more research, per this parts list: https://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/mowers-lawn-garden-tractor/21-10k805-310-8-toro-310-8-garden-tractor-1988/electrical-system_3/ it is in fact a relay. Comparing wiring diagrams found on this site, it appears this relay is only used for the oil swith/test light business. I wont be fitting that system. It looks like this shouldnt be too bad a swap. The wiring should be more or less cut and splice from the newer harness. Thanks all! Will report back when i get to the project.
  10. GT1100 Briggs to Kohler swap

    interesting. how do i go about determining which charging system it features?
  11. GT1100 Briggs to Kohler swap

    I have a pair of Ag's coming my way. This picture excites me for that! I will take a look at the wiring harness i yanked off. I remember pulling a silver box off the right side engine "compartment" near the PTO lever, near where they stick the fuse holder(s). Not sure what else that would be besides a R/R.
  12. GT1100 Briggs to Kohler swap

    Hey all, I have a 1984 GT1100 with the 11hp briggs on it that i dont care for. Its hard to start, even with a clean carb, and smokes like the dickens when cold. It also seems down on power compared to the 10hp Kohler i am used to. That said, I have a great running 10HP Kohler Magnum from a 1988 310-8 that i would like to swap on. As far as i can tell, it should physically bolt right up as it was on the 310-8. I kept everything that looks important from the 310. I am, however, concerned with the wiring. When i was disassembling the the 310-8, i grabbed the entire chassis harness just in case i needed it if/when i decided to swap the engine to the GT. I would prefer not to have to swap the harness, but will if i need to, assuming both tractors use all the same safety switches (normally open vs normally closed). I can tell that the Kohler used a regulator/rectifier of sorts, and has a couple fuse holders that my GT does not. Anyone have experience with this particular swap and can give me a couple pointers? Thanks
  13. '84 GT-1100 Briggs Overcharging

    yes, i did notice that. So long as most notice this type of running voltage, i wont worry too much about it.
  14. '84 GT-1100 Briggs Overcharging

    Thanks all! I will try to get my hands on an analog meter.
  15. Hey all, New to the this forum and looking for some help. Been a Wheel Horse fan all my life. As soon as i could reach the pedals, I learned to mow on a 310-8. That 310-8, nicknamed the "Tetnis Steed" for obvious reasons, was retired this past weekend. It was handed down to me when my father upgraded to a 314-8. I picked up a '84 GT-1100 to replace it. While not terribly enthused with the 11hp Briggs that came on it compared to the 10hp Kohler i am used to, it does run well and gets the job done. Beyond having to get used to the throttle/choke combo lever, the engine seems to be overcharging the battery by quite a bit. I am measuring in the mid to upper-16v range at operating RPM. At idle, it measures low to mid-15v range. From my research, there doesnt appear to be a separate voltage regulator on this tractor. Anyone have an idea of what the issue may be, if there even is one? From my automotive experience, anything outside of the normal 14-14.5 volt measured voltage when running has a bad voltage regulator, but i am not familiar with this engine in particular. I dont want to cook the brand new battery i just installed. Thank you!