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  1. What is it worth?

    Appreciate all the help guys!! Its looking like the deal isnt going to happen sadly.
  2. What is it worth?

    Yep belt drive removed... Chain and centrifugal clutch.....😭
  3. Picked up another one!

    Very nice! Lucky dude! I want an RJ!
  4. What is it worth?

    I really appreciate all the input guys! A wpnderful welcome to the site!! I seen it was chain drive thats my one concern. Yea he is asking way to much. I want an RJ so bad but i cant bring myself to pay $800 for a project mower. Once again guys i really appreciate it!! Im still going to try and get it down around $200
  5. What is it worth?

    Im new to the site guys please help! I found this little guy and was wondering what everyone thinks its worth? Just making sure im getting the right deal and not loosing my arm. These are the best photos i could get.