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  1. Happy birthday buddie hope you having a blast on that road trip, cant wait to see your 854!.
  2. Really like the patina! Very nice tom
  3. Plainfield Antique Tractor Show

    Well guys another plainfield tractor show weekend in the books first and foremost it was my first over night at a tractor show the games where a blast, second i have to thank my mom for helping me with picture becuase i sucked at taking pictures this weekend was a great show alot of vender great pulled pork sandwich, ribs steamed corn and cheese curds, it was awesome getting to talk with @PeacemakerJack and his boy @Coulter Caleb always great talking with you guys, tractor pulls saturday night was fun along with the truck pulls, sunday had garden tractor pulls @WHX19 thought he would be the show stopper but we will let him tell you about that and maybe a picture. Have to thank @Achto and @WHX19 for the help to get me to pull with the old raider for fun. Overall great weekend great friend great times!!

    ..Congrads on the mile stone steve, maybe ill get in on that hard water fishing sense the kids are growing up now, cant wait for portage show and jims plow day maybe we can
  5. Getting things together for the first show of the year the 32 inch sickle found its way on the 56 rj35 today works good too
  6. Lol grandpa? Your a grandpa to my kids not to me youd be the good old dad that has to pick them up hah yes no floor borads look better with out and will work better for plowing. dells ill drop the hammer and take a set good old dad will be there to pick them up and jim ill give you the cash just so were square when i pick up that shoot
  7. Whats thr price on the stirrups footrest dells only need a pair
  8. The Dynamic Duo

    Look at that steering wheel!!!! Hope you save me that hah

    On it already, ill get him info by the end of today
  10. Dan you out did you self on this man oh man that is one sharp sharp tractor. Your really making me want to do a resto so here i go.
  11. thank you very much for posting this, that is awesome!!! Would be awesome to find that exact 416-8, Great driver from wisconsin and great machine and sport cant get any better then that!! Thanks again!
  12. Can you pm me that poster that would be neat to see! I am also for B
  13. Pioneer Power Video

    I am on board! Let do it
  14. Awesome video @PeacemakerJack and @Coulter Caleb i am all on board with the wet heavy snow sense i got around 2 ft of it here, the 416 struggled i didnt realized it was 2 feet until i step out in it
  15. Pioneer Power Video

    Very nice i might have to put that on the list this year looks like fun for days