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  1. The Newest Arrival—

    Ohhh man that is a pretty nice looking horse i am not one for many black hoods but i think they are wearing on me now hah! Nice find cant wait to see that
  2. The Newest Arrival—

    We are talking rustling some horses, yes more then one possibly!
  3. The Newest Arrival—

    I have a trip to go on but kinda waiting for right moment. I like going on trips but you have me beat on the miles my longest so far is 780 and 13hr day
  4. The Newest Arrival—

    Ill play along as long as i get a hint hah!!
  5. hope its a good one!
  6. Wheel Horse 1964 704

    Send me a picture if not already sold thanks
  7. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    This is awesome love the reveal picture could definitely tell he was one happy dad! Awesome tires should look killer cant wait to see it!
  8. A blown K301

    Yeah thats what that was. It was pretty loud bang on the machine
  9. RJ25 Info

    I might beable to help you out with a dozer blade just let me know i have a 401 i have never used it sense i got it! Nice find
  10. WI show featuring Wheel Horse

    I am going for sure!! I would really like to bring them all! I need to figure out trailer situations but ill be there with all my regardless! I should have 5 to show.
  11. New to me 32inch sickle bar

    Thank you!! that should help me out alot! I am pretty excited to get this on and take some pictures and possibly a video! Already bought the belt just need to find the time to get it on there