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  1. Favorite hand tools/brands

    Nice topic, i make a living with tools so quality is important but the cost really kinda hurts of snap on ect. I mainly buy from mac tools and we have a guy that comes around with a tool book with SK and a bunch of other brands normal compare prices on stuff and take a gamble if its a big difference and i get 25% off book price which helps alot some times, lately my fav tool is wrachet wrenches lot of time saved
  2. Competitive Garden Tractor Plowing

    Also would love to here of this, i have seen the big tractor ones i will sit back and take a seat to see what people have to say , good topic!!
  3. Hey now, i definitely wont forget to check the oil its about all i here now, i was there today we also fixed the lift handle but hopefully i can get a hy2 on there before next plow to eliminate that lift handle issue again.
  4. Favorite Christmas Presents—2017

    Well guys i dont want to brang on my gifts but my wifes the best wife around... i got a double bay craftsman tool box, 3000 psi power washer and my dad @WHX12 had a hand in this next one sense i blew my raider up at his plow day my wife realized we needed a new work horse around while the motor was getting worked over but she bought me a 416 h from @WHX12with a stage one blower and cab also came with a vaccum bagger, couldnt be more happier she definitely out did me on the presents this year...best part i got to just be with my wife and kids watching there faces glow with excitement and watching my wife graduate collage.ill post pic of others after they are put together.
  5. hope its a good one !!!
  6. The Newest Arrival—

    Ohhh man that is a pretty nice looking horse i am not one for many black hoods but i think they are wearing on me now hah! Nice find cant wait to see that
  7. The Newest Arrival—

    We are talking rustling some horses, yes more then one possibly!
  8. The Newest Arrival—

    I have a trip to go on but kinda waiting for right moment. I like going on trips but you have me beat on the miles my longest so far is 780 and 13hr day
  9. The Newest Arrival—

    Ill play along as long as i get a hint hah!!
  10. hope its a good one!
  11. Wheel Horse 1964 704

    Send me a picture if not already sold thanks
  12. "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    This is awesome love the reveal picture could definitely tell he was one happy dad! Awesome tires should look killer cant wait to see it!
  13. A blown K301

    Yeah thats what that was. It was pretty loud bang on the machine