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  1. The famous, "hold my beer and watch this!!!"
  2. Here you all go nice grader wheel horse haha
  3. Ill just leave this here anyone want to make a meme
  4. RJ25 Info

    I might beable to help you out with a dozer blade just let me know i have a 401 i have never used it sense i got it! Nice find
  5. WI show featuring Wheel Horse

    I am going for sure!! I would really like to bring them all! I need to figure out trailer situations but ill be there with all my regardless! I should have 5 to show.
  6. New to me 32inch sickle bar

    Thank you!! that should help me out alot! I am pretty excited to get this on and take some pictures and possibly a video! Already bought the belt just need to find the time to get it on there
  7. Glacier ridge tractor show

    It was a doodle bug verison from what they said i watched it go threw the parade. Guy is part of the tractor club that put it on. He traveled all the way to Nebraska to get it it didnt run when he found it.
  8. If your into family events alittle of everything for everyone from a large sand box for the kids to your misses candle burners to good food to music and a tractor parade. hope it grows bigger they had all kinda of different tractors. Got to spend some time hang out with @Achto always a good time, i am sure he has some pictures to show.
  9. New to me 32inch sickle bar

    Your correct i dont know what i was thinking cbr-32 is right.
  10. New to me rj35

    You sure did!! Haha
  11. New to me rj35

    This is a rj35 1957 is my bucket list tractor it is all restored. Has the k-90. One nice machine could pass it up!!
  12. Just picked up this sickle bar today. Not 100% sure on model but i believe its a cbr-32 but can be wrong. Have acouple different options i could put it on, Everything on it is free no loose bearings ready to put it on just need alittle direction on how to put it on. i believe for now i am going to put it on the suburban sense i am going to use it on a field in acouple weeks but think it will eventually end up on a rj. Any advice helps new to sickle bars...story behind this was the guy was going to cut it up and fit it on his 416 and i wasnt going to let that happen knowing how rare the item is.