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  1. Thanks Lowell for the pro tip! RL, I did figure this out at one point as it slipped a few times in a row. Pulled it off and reattached and it's been working well!
  2. My 1991 520H was the start relay and the seat switch... I din't realize it being that the label for instrument panel lights was torn off.
  3. Have you pulled the ignition switch plug off and took a look at it. Could just be a loose connection there. If you try and start the tractor, ground your multi-meter somewhere by the starter and then touch the positive terminal to the light blue wire on the starter. Then have someone try and turn over the engine. That's how you test the ignition wire for the starter. Which for a 1991+, will also tell you if you are getting power out of the Starter relay but only if you are getting power to the switch relay first which means all of the safety switches are disabled (and completing the ignition circuit). Is yours older than 1991 or newer? For 1991-1997 520h scroll down to page 441 (7-97) -has 3 relays For 1990 520h scroll down to page 449 (7-105) -has 1 relay Demystification Guide:
  4. I"m still on the hunt for an Automotive style, waterproof 9 pin molex capable of handling the proper amps... Once I do find it I will be replacing the Bullet Style Crimped Connectors on both of my 520h and any future ones!
  5. Did this get fixed?
  6. I'm not 100% positive that I you have the right model number... Could it be OnanE140 V-N (V= Vertical crank and N= Gasoline fuel.. Not sure what the O would be for unless it was accidentally doubled from the 0 in 140?) Check out page #5 here... Onan E125H E140H Elite series Engine Service manual (01-1996).pdf And here is an Onan Manual with a parts list for an Onan Elite E140 that shows a stator. it might give you a lead or be the right one... Check it out... Stator number is: 191-1456-04 (Copy and Paste into a URL Address box at the top of an open internet window) file:///C:/Users/HTPC955/Downloads/i_2463_1_Onan%20E125HE140HOL13ZX390.pdf For Sale HERE on an auction site. Used one for $42.85 shipped from Illinois... Hope this helps!
  7. Do you have a shot of the tag on the engine? A photo of the engine would also help. Any numbers regarding the tractor model and serial number?
  8. I've used to multi-spools on other equipment so I'm sure I would be fine but I really love the idea of joystick. when I make a loader I'll be doing my best to use a joystick.
  9. Okay, I was just assuming that if they want the highest cut, they would adjust the front up as high as possible and the rear height wheels and keep the deck lift all of the way up. From my experience it seems the more the trunion is tighened back there, the less the lift bracket on the deck moves when lifted by the tractors lift arm. Ultimately lifting the front of the deck (and the entire deck) as high as possible.
  10. Always so helpful Garry! Thanks. You have mastered the manuals section! lol I still have yet to jump into that section. Is there anything special to it? or just go and search.
  11. From my inquiries, it seems that the cost of 4 way joystick is more than a 2 spool valve but it a lot easier to use and smother to operate.
  12. Okay, so I have one of these and looks to have some sort of mulching kit attached to the underside. it's not wide open. What's the point of this... It seems to have 3 wedges for each blade and then space for the grass to travel up and around the deck and out the back. But it really seems to get more clogged than anything else... What say you?
  13. I'm curious why people don't choose to go with a 4 way joystick valve?
  14. Should just be able to tighten up the height trunion on the back of the deck, set the deck wheels to the highest position and then leave the deck all of the way up and you'll get a decent height cut.
  15. I Agree! Reminds me of those city plows... Very cool find, fabrication and paint job!