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  1. 1993 WH Red Paint

    You can get Rustoleum Regal Red in 1 gallon 2 Part Epoxy as well. 1 Gallon of Color and 1 Gallon of hardener to mix and spray at will. I really like the Regal Red. When you uncover certain parts that have not had any exposure to sun it looks dead on to me.
  2. Deck finish

    If you are trying match faded or paint with patina on it, that's going to be hard...
  3. 3pt to sleeve hitch adapter

    That is still up in the air. I was thinking that if the 520 eaton 1100/rear end combo can handle a FEL and the weight that it can carry, along with everything else that it does, that it should be able to do the job. Especially if I can piggy back some front drive off of the brake drum and send that to a choice front end.. If and when I can find one for the right price. There will have to be some thought out fabrication but that's the fun of it. I do have my eye on a couple of others. I'll have to see whats available at the time and for how much. The whole point is to not spend anywhere near $6,000 on this thing when all is said and done. Whatever I do, I'll be going with easily accessible parts so that hopefully it wouldn't a one of kind modification that can be done. As long as someone wants to put in the time and work building it. I"m not in any terrible rush on completing it. But I would like to get it completed by next spring. IF all goes well. But, I think that we all know that it rarely does. I initially starting looking into getting a D-series to do this but I already have a second 520 that isn't being used and is a perfect candidate for the project with it's current condition. I have Diesel, 4x4, power steering, hydraulic rear lift cylinder, FEL (quick remove) and the ability to use the 60" deck and rear mold plow still all in mind. Will be a challenge but fun. All with keeping the basic Sheet metal look of the 520h as well. it will just be a bit stretched out and potentially a couple inches wider with 26" x 12" - 12" tires in the rear with plenty of clearance and the same for the front end. I'm pretty excited to get it started.
  4. 3pt to sleeve hitch adapter

    Well that's what I have planned. So I may add this to the mix. I'm planning on more of a BX series Kubota structure and strength style frame as I have a different engine that I'm going to be putting into it. So a beefier frame will be better all around. Thinking of using 3/8" to 7/16" flat stock and plate for the rear. So a similar style to the current 38" in the connection to the transaxle but it will need a much different engineering combo to adapt the new engine. So I'm thinking that while I'm at it, I may as well introduce some upgrades. When All is said and done the build will be much less than even an older sub compact tractor like the Kubota L series.
  5. 3pt to sleeve hitch adapter

    Well maybe a frame revamp might do the trick...
  6. 3pt to sleeve hitch adapter

    Nice! That's my philosophy... Overbuild it and you don't have to worry. I have a question... Do you think that there is any way to adapt any of the rear hydraulic setup to a 520? Even with some fabrication?
  7. 3pt to sleeve hitch adapter

    Ah gotcha. yeah I think that revision with 5/8" bolts will do well. yes it does look like a good sized blade and seem to have done the job well. It's amazing how the older stuff always seems to last. Are you going to make a build thread for the box grader?
  8. Deck finish

    I'll tell you what might work really well from personal experience... This stuff is pretty durable and with a hi-gloss underneath the deck it should make for easy cleaning. I used plan ole Rustoleum 2X Orange on a Snowmobile hood this past fall and then covered it with some "Spray-Max 2K Hi-Gloss" 2 part epoxy... Turned out beautiful. It was really put to the test this winter. Albeit, by an unforeseen incident. I was heading up a berm and a sway bar link busted and I lost a bit of traction heading up over it and tipped the sled into a brush line with pricker bushes... I thought for sure that I would be repainting the hood again this summer. NOT A SCRATCH ON IT!!!! I was Blown away to say the least! The hood being composite, I used self etching primer and then let base coat dry for 8 days (Rustoleum says 5-7) and then scuffed up the base coat with some grey scuffing pad from Autozone. Then I hit the hood with 4 coats of this hi-gloss 2 part epoxy and let it dry for a week and then a month later this incident happened. It comes in Matte, Semi-Matte (Semi-Gloss) and Hi-Gloss formulas. Check out the finish of this stuff without me even wet sanding or buffing it. So I would consider something like this or spray on truck bed liner.... Hitting sticks and rocks though will damage any paint job. Not sure if powder coating will hold up any better or not.
  9. 3pt to sleeve hitch adapter

    Nice Work Sarge! Did you use regular bar stock for the pins? Are you looking for some Grade-8 pins? I got a local place that has some grade 8 lock pins for cheap. I could get some measurements, send you some photos and if you like, ship them out for you... Let me know.
  10. I'm thinking that with the indention in the side of lugs, that might help to drop dirt and mud off a little better during rotation and maybe even cause a tiny, tiny bit more grab from the side. Just a theory though on that last part.
  11. I tried Deestones on my 520 and they are now on my 312-8. They do pretty well overall but are in no way near the "10.5" wide that they advertise. At least mine weren't. They were more like 8.5" MAAAAYBE 9" if I let out the air. I have been wanting to try this tire I;ve seen online. it's called OTR R1 23 x 10.5 x 12"... They are $155 a pair + Shipping (only $22 for me as they are in Ohio and I'm in S. Michigan) and look similar to the Carlisle Tru-Powers in design and width.
  12. Onan 18hp B43G typical Issues?

    WOW. Nuts. Glad you got that nailed. Easy fix too. New (used) oil pan and gasket, bang! Fixed!
  13. Runs then dies

    I had a generac generator that was doing this a few years ago. Turned out to be a dirty carb which I had to pull apart and clean like 3-4 times in a row to get everything that kept loosening up. Finally got it running fine after that.
  14. 3 Cylinder Kubota vs 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesels?

    Oh for sure. That's going to be the first step.
  15. 3 Cylinder Kubota vs 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesels?

    So you've heard of Chinese rings being out of round? Or did I read that wrong... I don't think that it would be too hard. just one more than an Onan.