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  1. 3 Cylinder Kubota vs 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesels?

    So you've heard of Chinese rings being out of round? Or did I read that wrong... I don't think that it would be too hard. just one more than an Onan.
  2. 3 Cylinder Kubota vs 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesels?

    Are Chinese Rings really that bad???
  3. 3 Cylinder Kubota vs 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesels?

    Alright... So after a bunch of work today I was able to pull the injectors off one by one and get a test on them. They all seem to be working correctly. But when I got to the last one after having to remove the bottom port that screws into the injector pump, I wasn't getting any pressure but the injector looked to be working as it had a shiny spot where fuel would be coming out. So all three were cleaned. I tested the glow plugs, they were fine. I had to bleed the system a couple of times and by that time the battery was shot. So while charging the battery I did a compression test with my cheapo HF compression tester. Which only goes to 300 psi. 1st cylinder seemed slow to build up to about 370psi according to the distance past the 300 mark that the needle traveled. 2nd (middle) cylinder was a very quick high compression of over 400psi according to the same distance theory. 3rd Cylinder also was low at about 275psi. So now wonder why it was so hard to start. But I don't understand why there wasn't much blow by in the breather tube on the valve cover. Also why it idles perfectly once started... Unless my Cheap HF compression tester was giving me crap readings. The manual states that all three cylinder should at least be within 36psi from one another. So it looks like either the person rebuilding the engine didn't know what they were doing or I was lied to about it being rebuilt. I tend to lean towards the later with the leaks coming from what looks to be the rear oil seal... and oil pan. So looks like it will be put away for the winter (or until I get done with other jobs and bored) and tore into next spring. Hoping that it;s just the rings and hone job along with oil seals and new gaskets.
  4. 3 Cylinder Kubota vs 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesels?

    Okay... So here is what the fuel looked like when I drained it... WOW... Here is the result of the new fuel. Not much difference... BUT, I pulled the breather tube off and there was very little air coming out of the breather port on the valve cover at idle nor at WOT.... Tomorrow will be testing the injectors, compression and changing oil and filter.
  5. 3 Cylinder Kubota vs 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesels?

    The breather goes from the valve cover to the intake manifold. It's not loose. Should I take it off and follow the procedure and will I still get the same results, good or bad? And if I can do that, should I plug the intake manifold nipple that it's attached to during the test? Also, if I put engine oil in that wasn't rated for diesel, would that get too thin and seep past the rings and cause the smoking?
  6. 3 Cylinder Kubota vs 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesels?

    I will try that with the breather. I was going to remove the injector and I took that clamp off and didn't put it back on before recording the video. So before it was leaking with it on. Yes it did!
  7. Yeah that looks real nice! I didn't do a restore on this one yet. I just threw some new sheet metal on it and made it functional again. Hope to do that one day. Yes that would be pretty sweet with the Kubota rears and trailer hubs. I'm in the process of collecting materials and parts to build a custom tractor with a beefed up, stretched frame, 4x4 and a 3 cylinder diesel based off of a wheel horse 520 setup. I want to make it full loader ready as well. I'm aiming for a BX - B series Kubota without all of the extra overhead costs while having fun and learning along the way and maybe opening up some cheaper ideas for others wanting to make their wheel horse full blown 4x4. It will take some time finding parts but I picked up a 93 Toro Groundsmaster that will provide much of them. if I could have found Groundsmaster 4x4, that would have been ideal.
  8. Got my motor in today. Going to be setting up the motorized chute soon. No more wire hassle.
  9. Yeah it's still chugging along. I had to replace the RPM gauge. That's the only thing in dash that needed it other than a new Ignition switch. It runs great too. Plowed right through roots this spring and tilled and then again through a few more roots this fall. Used all through the winter last season with the Snow Thrower. Worked awesome! Interesting. Mine jerks a bit when I left off the pedal. I'd like to see the setup inside the steering tower where the cam control is when you get a chance. Maybe I should tighten up the auto-centering lever on mine. Matt's instructions said to have no resistance when assembled while still no wobbling from side to side.
  10. 3 Cylinder Kubota vs 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesels?

    Okay, so I used some engine cleaner and my pressure washer to clean this thing up. Was nice to be able to see everything and I made a couple of discoveries about at least one leak and other stuff.. There is a dent in the valve cover by an engine hoist bracket. It has a tiny crack in it and is leaking a smidgen of oil. Here is one of the things that I found... Now the engine seems to be smoking more than before!? I did put more oil in crank as it was low... So as you can see I'm not sure if I need to switch out the fuel as the moving around was mixing it around in the tank causing something or if it's the injectors which I'm not sure why it would smoke more after washing it. So at this point I'm not 100% sure what it is. Does this thing need rings? Supposedly it was rebuilt by a well known diesel guy they said. Who knows if that it true. Seems to be having to many issues at this point. You wouldn't think that a professional engine builder would puncture a hole in the valve cover. smh...
  11. LOLOL- Right! Thanks. it was filthy when I got it. If you go look at my profile> activity> topics> list you'll be able to find the thread when I tore it down some. The engine cooling fins were packed. I'm really surprise that it didn't have a blown rear intake valve seat with how dirty it was. But the OO must have taken care of it well being it has 2400 hours on it. Not a crack in the frame either. It came with a 42" deck though. But I;ve replaced numerous seals including the bearing plate oil seal on the engine. I think that my last one is on the side of the axle around the brake drum shaft. Should be the last one. Funny though, now that I replaced the one around the control arm shaft, the one around the brake drum shaft seems to be seeping more. from the pressure I'm assuming. Anyway, yeah I ended up cleaning of the front foot pedal shaft as well. The paint was in the way. it went on smooth as butter though after that. I also had to use 2 washers instead of one in between the auto return lever and auto return angle iron as well as 2 washers in between the outside of the cam control and the inside lock washer for the blal bearing to line up dead on the auto return lever. But Matt supplied extra washers so that worked out just fine. I made sure to clean the cam rod really well to ensure proper operation as suggested. 360 grit then 1000 grit. lol Very cool looking and original. Nice. How smooth is it? If you are moving forward and you let off the pedal doe sit jerk to a stop?
  12. I really like the stuff! Thanks for the tip off! Here is a photo of the Snow thrower when I initially got it.
  13. Cleat, I agree. I really didn't even have to do much with the adjustments of the rod ends for either the pedal nor the cam links. I had to adjust the cam on the motion arm itself as I removed it to replace the seal around the control arm shaft and didn't fully set it back up. The initial travel setting the control rod end to the pedal at roughly 1/2" was good enough for me. Doc, my 520h is 1990 and it was left outside for a while before I saved it. She was a liiiiitle rough. lol- It's not surprising that I couldn't get it off. Plus I didn't want to make any more of a day of it than I already did. I dn't know how I could have gotten a seized steering wheel off the shaft while it's still on the tractor anyhow. smh. This was at the PO's yard...
  14. 1.125" Axle? Potential break?

    Okay, so standard places. Excellent!
  15. 3 Cylinder Kubota vs 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesels?

    I understand safety and the mechanics of how it works and the lever needs to be forced forward to move the pulley and then tighten the belt that engages the blades for them to be a danger. If you watch the video you will see that I loosened the blades with the mower at idle and the lever in the safety "off" position and then hopped back on and then engaged them. If was safe don't worry. I'm not an idiot that going to ever be willing to put one of my arms in or anything in jeopardy but thank you for you concern. lol In fact I actually have a bad habit of imagining the worst thing that could happen at times. smh. Might be a benefit though. Yes, the engine does miss mostly and only under WOT. I couldn't tell if it was missing when the blades were running because those bearings were roaring. The fuel looks nice and blue toned inside. not sure if that's an indication or not. I could rig up a small tank and check. Could there be an issue being caused from the leaking around that rear injector? It was Carl Sweeny that rebuilt the engine 100 hours ago. So ' being told that the engine only has 1000hrs on it. The rest of the machine clearly shows a neglected 8284hr... Yeah I agree with the steering issue.