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  1. 520-HC surging at idle

  2. 520-HC surging at idle

    you can either unscrew the choke cable lock screw or unscrew the entire link from the carb. But it does wiggle free without those.
  3. Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    How about a pipe on the end of a breaker bar. That would get it. It will typically yield a good "POP" when it gives.
  4. unknown front bracket

    Could it possibly be for some sort of grill guard for say brush? Poles with a robust grill wold slip into the tubes and then potentially lock with pins underneath? Question: Do most tractors have the holes to mount this bracket?
  5. Anyone ever experience these breaking at the upper pin? If so, is it common?
  6. Another tiller question

    I used my tiller on my 520 this spring and it did well. Yes it did it push it a little but nothing crazy. I just adjusted the speed of the tractor to yield a good pace. Iw ill note that right after plowing, the tiller pushed the tractor a lot more than after a pass or two of the tiller. There was less for the tiller to grab onto and push off of once the soil was more of a fine texture.
  7. Hello fellas, Thinking a bit into the future for the garden and was wondering if anyone has any good ideas for removing rock and gravel from garden soil? I can always make a large sifter and go section by section. but if I could make something to speed the process up by pulling it through the soil first, that would be excellent. Thanks.
  8. Front wheel weights

    You could always use a spare mule drive and weld some square stock to it and drill a hole through it, vertically or horizontally, to slip a 3/4" to 1" threaded bolt and use some cheap barbell weights...
  9. I broke the chain on this snow thrower at the end of this past snow season and am going to be replacing the chain, drive bearings and potentially the idler sprockets if needed... Questions: 1. Are there better versions of the bearings (#110-569) 2. Do all of these sprockets have bearings in them or simply bushing style? (#93-1614) 3. Are there better versions of this Idler sprocket with actual tough bearings in them? Thanks
  10. Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    Keep us posted if you don't mind. Maybe a video too.
  11. Using thick paper gasket for intake?

    Nice! Thanks fellas. Glad my thinking of this was out of the ordinary. The hammer method? Speaking about hammering a razor through the line to cut the paper and keep doing that to make the shape? Or am I WAY off? lol
  12. Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    What Meter? The Volt meter pegs at 16 volts when the engine starts to bog down? So did you test the middle terminal with the battery connected or disconnected? Generators do experience something called BEMF. Back Electromagnetic Fields... When the stator coils on a generator are exposed to a magnetic field of a spinning rotor with either fixed magnets on it or an energized set of coils to produce a magnetic field, voltage is produced, but no amperage. Amperage is the movement of voltage. So until something is attached to the stator coils and starts drawing amperage from those coils, no amperage (movement of voltage aka: current for those that are trying to understand this stuff) is made. When amperage starts being drawn from the stator via an attached electronic unit, the movement of electricity (Amperage) through the stator causes it's own EMF (electromagnetic field) and pushes [Back] against the rotors electromagnetic field. In the same way that two magnets push away from one another when the same poles are forced together. Being that there are alternating polarities on the rotor. Generators are designed to have enough horsepower to overcome the full load capabilities of the stator so that the frequency of the electricity and voltage being created will not change any more than a coupe volts from no load to full load. I have a June build 1970 Onan CCKB 6.0; 50amp 120v Genny. The P series Onan engine on it is 19.5hp @ 1800rpms... It's a monster to say the least. I'm not sure if I can bring myself to deduce that the tiny stator on the P220G could come close to producing enough BEMF to make the engine bog down that much at all. The stator windings are made of pretty small copper wire an so are the lead wires that run to the Rec/Reg. IF there were something connected to the stator large enough to draw the full 20amps that it's capable of creating, Anything more would fry the leads and burn out the windings on the stator itself. So unless the tractor has very little compression in both cylinders to only yield a fraction of the potential HP, I don't see something like to much BEMF being created by the stator being the issue. It could be that the fuel pump or flow is limited and this is why the engine runs only for a minute before bogging down. The initial fuel reservoir is more full upon starting but doesn't have the fuel flow capability supplying it to keep the reservoir full of fuel once the engine starts and goes through the initial level of fuel. So when the fuel flow can't keep up with the fuel consumption, the engine bogs down. The Charging of the battery will only put so much (and very little in comparison) stress on the engine along with a minute amount of extra fuel consumption. QUESTION: Have you checked the Capacitor? Try switching that out with another and use the standard coil meant for the engine...? Not sure if that will help. Have you tried switching out Reg/Rec?
  13. Using thick paper gasket for intake?

    Out of curiosity, what paper gasket do you guys use?
  14. Onan runs good for a bit, then starts to stutter

    That's odd. And it's the same amount of time that it dies each time? Did you test the vacuum? Yeah post a video please. If started with no spark then maybe it's Spark Module. I have a 416 that I got and it needed a spark module. It would run for a few minutes and then die.
  15. Using thick paper gasket for intake?

    Awesome to hear! Thanks fellas!