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    1955 RJ-35 very early
    1957 RJ-35
    1958 RJ-58 early
    1960 Suburban-400
    1961 551 x2
    1961 701 x2
    1965 1045
    1965 1075
    1966 1046
    1966 1056
    1966 1276
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    1988 516H with 20 HP. Onan
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  1. Kohler Rebuilding

    I have a 7hp. And a 12hp. Coming with luck summer. I have ,2 old ones to finish. Thanks and and I'll be getting ahold of you Tim
  2. Breaker,Breaker for the one Joe Papke

    Yes Thanks. Tim
  3. I need a engine pulley for my ,,55 RJ . Mine is toast. Thanks Tim
  4. Wheel Horse RJ

    Where. did you get the pulley. I need one for my early ,55 thanks Tim. Yours is coming along nicely.
  5. Tim color

    The front rims on my, 57 RJ are black and it has the early k,-90 should they be white. Thanks. Tim
  6. 55 RJ. Rebuild

    Any red paint on mine was slopped on with a brush durnig some repainting. Tim.
  7. 55 RJ. Rebuild

    Every time I do nobody says a word
  8. 1046 switch

    It came with an odd ball switch an. No key. It was shipped so he knew nothing about it. Thanks Guys. Tim
  9. 55 RJ. Rebuild

    I need to know what type of paint was used. What was painted what was not. I took my gas tank off it shows no signs of paint at all. I want this to look like it did in 55 if does not look so good so be it. No 2 part paint no primer it's going to be the way it was. Any help or info would be great. Tim. I'm sure alot of you guys have tore down an old one. Did you notice anything you thought was odd but original is the steering shaft painted? Tim. There is just too many shiny over restored tractor. We are getting away from what they were work machines not show machines. To each his own. Tim
  10. 1046 switch

    What ing.swictch should a ,1046 have on it. And what is the name of the place that has the originals? Thanks. Tim
  11. One tuff pulley

  12. One tuff pulley

    How would it be more helpful. I would have to take picture get it on there. In 30 seconds you could be looking at one?
  13. One tuff pulley

    Pull up any picture of a 55-56-57 and just below the seat is the pulley on a 55 it's a 7 inch the other 2 are 6 inch. Small shaft big pulley need to get clear around and in close. Thanks Tim. Early RJ jack pulley
  14. One tuff pulley

    I have tried everything heat alot of spray some of the mixes I've read about. And after all of that the 7 inch pulley on my 55 RJ will not move. Is there some kind of pullers I'm missing? I was changing clutchs rearends and transmissions when I was 13 so I am not new to this kind of work. Help. Thanks. Tim
  15. Where are tey

    Yes I have sent messages to the right pm.and his brother. They have both sent me mail. Would like to get a hold of grnlark to get a message to his brother. Sorry to grip but if you say your going to do something do it or let me know so I can move on. Tim