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    1955 RJ-35
    1958 RJ-58
    1960 Suburban-400
    1961 Suburban-551
    1961 Suburban-701
    1965 1045
    1965 1075
    1966 1046
    1966 1056
    1966 1276
    1968 Electro-12
    1974 C-120
    1986 310-8
    1988 516H with 20 HP. Onan
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    Knoxville. ia.
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    My wife. walleye fishing, finding mushrooms,Hunting Indian artifacts,
    Mopars, and little RED TRACTORS

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  1. Got her goin

    That is just good look,n
  2. Wheel Horse Transportation

    He's right on, I have shipped several through Fastenal. I got very good prices,an never any problems yet.
  3. Glad to have ya and enjoy the many benefits of being a member. Tim:D

  4. Vin what happen to ya we were discussing a rebuild. I bought another motor for parts or whatever. Let me know. Tim

  5. CLINTON Engine model 1200

    pm sent
  6. CLINTON Engine model 1200

    is it sold yet I,m interested. Tim
  7. Levers

    i have nothing to start with but yours came out really nice. Tim
  8. Choke, Throttle levers 1960

    I need a set of the choke an throttle levers and the cover plate for the same, 1960 suburban.
  9. Clinton Rebuild

    Thanks for the info, the motor is still on tractor and recoil pull grip is gone so it moves about an inch then stops. Don,t know yet if it,s recoil or maybe broken rod. I,ll find out before to long. Let ya know. Tim
  10. Does anyone know if there is still somebody reproducing the choke an throttle levers, and the cover plate, for a 1960/ 400 suburban. Thanks. Tim
  11. Clinton Rebuild

    Do we have anyone that can get the parts and rebuild my 1200 Clinton, for my 55 rj 35. Really want to have the original motor on it for a restore. Thanks Tim
  12. New To Me RJ

    I should be getting 55 rj just as fast as Fastenal can get it here from CT. I was wondering if anyone new where I could get Clinton parts for a rebuild an possiably someone who could do it. Only thing missing is the kill button good luck with that huh. Thanks Tim
  13. Tim from Knoxville IA. says hi and Thanks

  14. Late Three Piece Transmssion

    It almost looks like 5-53. Tim
  15. K-90 Gold

    They are being shipped then some pictures. Tim