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    1955 RJ-35
    1958 RJ-58
    1960 Suburban-400
    1961 Suburban-551
    1961 Suburban-701
    1965 1045
    1965 1075
    1966 1046
    1966 1056
    1966 1276
    1968 Electro-12
    1974 C-120
    1986 310-8
    1988 516H with 20 HP. Onan
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    My wife. walleye fishing, finding mushrooms,Hunting Indian artifacts,
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  1. Looking Around

    Checking out CL. In Muncie Ind. an saw a 1046 and a 701 they both run and would make decent projects. Have a look. Tim
  2. 701 Double Belt Cover on eBay

    Maybe the guy who’s trying to sell a. 58. For 5000.00 then like 1800.00 ,1100.00, 999.00, 600. and so on
  3. 701 Double Belt Cover on eBay

    That’s the second 701 cover in 2 weeks on there, the other one was half the price of the one on there now. Glad mine has one.
  4. Kohler. 90-91

    That’s the kind of stuff I’m looking for wallfish. Thanks. Ti
  5. Kohler. 90-91

    I have several of the small kohler 90,an 91 some complete and some not. Some of them do not have a blower cover on them, is there a way to tell them apart without taking the head off and measuring? Some have an id. tag an some don’t. Thanks. Tim
  6. New show cruiser

    Very sharp
  7. Stevebo has been spotted !!!!!!!!!!

    Totally color blind and someone is missing a deere
  8. Rj55 Rims

    Tried to upload a bunch of pictures to day and computer thought I was nuts so I will get the rest soon. Tim
  9. Rj55 Rims

    I got a set of the two piece rims today. They have all parts an pieces, and appear to be early 1955 originals in good condition, I scraped a little paint off and silver is on the bottom. I gave the guy 100.00 do ya think to much or not? What else did they come on? These have tall head straight slot bolt outside with nuts inside. My 55 has every indication of very early if not the oldest to date, motor # is very early about 10 units older than what has been documented. I have 2 houses so going to use the living room the one,as the garage is full of tractors all red. Anyway. Thanks for reading or input. Tim
  10. is it a late 55 or a early 56 ? Love to add a 56

  11. Got her goin

    That is just good look,n
  12. Wheel Horse Transportation

    He's right on, I have shipped several through Fastenal. I got very good prices,an never any problems yet.
  13. Glad to have ya and enjoy the many benefits of being a member. Tim:D

  14. Vin what happen to ya we were discussing a rebuild. I bought another motor for parts or whatever. Let me know. Tim

  15. CLINTON Engine model 1200

    pm sent