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    1955 RJ-35
    1957 RJ-35
    1958 RJ-58
    1960 Suburban-400
    1961 551 x2
    1961 701 x2
    1965 1045
    1965 1075
    1966 1046
    1966 1056
    1966 1276
    1968 Electro-12
    1974 C-120
    1986 310-8
    1988 516H with 20 HP. Onan
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    My wife. walleye fishing, finding mushrooms,Hunting Indian artifacts,
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  1. Rj58-suburban snow plow and decks

    Joe what are the mower decks off of ? Tim, From Knoxville

    Walleye, Channel cat, Flathead gotta love it !!!
  3. 701 Parts

    There is a starter gen. And a engine double pulley on both right now on ebay double groove engine pulley 45.00
  4. RJ-35 Tires

    What rear tires were used on all 3 years of the RJ-35s, are they the ones with the little V in the center of the bar tread. I have only seen 1 set of those, Are they all wore out? Just wondering what tires are original to these tractors?
  5. MOM

  6. NOS Schnacke recoil

    Yes I would like to buy one. Where do I send m.o. Thanks Tim. Oh there’s an email on Tim’s tractors
  7. D-180 tractor w/ 50" tiller

    I like that a lot!
  8. Value

    Glad to have ya, but a price without a picture is difficult good luck.
  9. It's back!

    Read the small print pick it up free
  10. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    Thanks for the support Jack. I do,nt think people realize how many grandparents, aunts an uncles are taking in kids that their parents should be raising but are,nt. Thanks. Tim
  11. “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    I love it, My wife and I are guardians of our 13 year old nephew and he to loves to help. It,s neat to watch them learn an grow.
  12. It's back!

    Never new it was gone. As I tried to explain to the guy some of the problems with the tractor, he raised it to 5000.00 for a few hours. Oh well
  13. My New Tractor

    I,m upgrading to windows 10 right now, I just bought the rj and have not yet picked it up yet. these are pictures from my email, I didn’t, want to post without a picture Sorry won,t happen again. Thanks Formariz for putting the pic.s up, and yes the paint is orginal and it does have a belt guard with it but not sure which one yet. It also has a rebuild on the motor but has sat for 20 years in a barn. The 61 - 551 is in the same shape all orginal.
  14. My New Tractor

    This is my latest find.. Thoughts? Also bought a 551 same condition. IMG_5012.HEIC IMG_5013.HEIC IMG_5014.HEIC IMG_5015.HEIC My apologies for the file type, apparently the .HEIC file type is something the new Iphone X uses. only thing I was able to open these with is VLC Player, which opens basically anything: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html