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  1. Onan P220G Ring, Retaining

    Thanks to Boomer, I am all set
  2. Onan P220G Ring, Retaining

    Anyone know the size of the snap ring on the crankshaft Part number 518–0014 1 Ring, Retaining. It's number 2 on the parts diagram . So far I know it's smaller than 1 1/2 and bigger than 1 1/4. I need one ASAP and hoping if I can find out the correct size I can go pick one up. Thanks all
  3. Valves

    sent you an email Thanks
  4. Valves

    I need a pair of Onan 110-3479 intake valves and can't seem to find anyone who has them in stock. Is there a Toro number for a valve replacement. the engine numbers P220G I/10955D. Both of mine are bent. I found part of a screw when I took one intake valve out , so I am guessing that's what got to both of them. Tractor came in as a no start, When I checked compression both cylinder were at Zero. Ya think maybe that had something to do with a no start situation.
  5. Can't get the pin out

    I would like to thank Wheel Horse for the Trophy. With out them none of this would have been needed and to everyone on the Forum who made the pin removal possible
  6. Can't get the pin out

    the rear hubs came off with a puller, no problem. and i finally have the Transmission case apart after several hours of fighting. One axle bearing welded itself to the axle and the other one just didn't want to come out. I could get the half's a part about 4 inches then it wouldn't move any further. So I used a spreader from a portapower put pressure on the case and used hunk of Oak and a SFH and finally got them apart. See the photos of the inside. Hadn't seen anything like this since my street racing days when we'd blow the rear end doing hole shots. Any ideas what caused this?
  7. Can't get the pin out

    Do I get a Trophy too
  8. Can't get the pin out

    The Swazall trick worked. Cut the pin in two places, removed the hitch and was able to drive the pin pieces out with no trouble. Thanks all
  9. Can't get the pin out

    Pressing sounds good to me, to old for a the old BFH
  10. How do I get this pin out, I've tried heat, rust penetrate, and an air hammer, and just rust penetrate and the air hammer. I can't get it to move, no matter what I do,,and yes I removed the clips from both ends. I knew you were thinking about that
  11. Kohler CV26 Spec 79512

    I know this isn't on a Wheel Horse but I need help. Can a CV26 EFI be converted to a carburetor engine? I Know it will require changing the intake manifold, and adding double coils at the flywheel, and of coarse a Carb. Will I need to change flywheels, and add a vacuum fuel pump. Anything else I may need to change and am I opening a can of worms doing this?
  12. Over-haul and smoking

    Well I feel stupid now,,,,carb was dumping fuel into the oil,,,,problem solved. Thanks everyone
  13. Over-haul and smoking

    i didn't know about keeping the rpm's up so thanks, Scraper ring, I am not sure, no marking on the rings so I installed with the notch down on the outside, I think it has run about 15 min and the smoke doesn't seem to be getting any less. If the scraper is on upside down do I need to replace it r can I just flip it and reuse it
  14. Over-haul and smoking

    Yes and yes, but I feel like I missed something. Hoping it just needs broken in
  15. Over-haul and smoking

    Yes deglazed the cylinder