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  1. Rear blade as a hiller?

    Just a FYI if you turn your disks in it will also hill. That's how a lot of people do it. If you have a disk set. Rear blades do angle. Do a search on here for potatoes.
  2. 2017 Gardens

    Farmer where did you get those potato bags at? Do you store them in those bags all year? How long can you store them? In what type of room do you store them in? It would be nice if you had another thread that talked about after you harvest stuff. IE what you do with it so it can last till you need it. I've already done a lot of research on this, but you seam to have mastered it.
  3. Ignition switch connectors.

    Could you post up where you go those at? I got some from Napa, but the price was about the same.
  4. GT-14 Rear Weights

    Do you know what size tires those fit?
  5. N.O.S parts lot !!!!!

    What style fuel is that rebuild kit for? I have a K241S. Thanks.
  6. Plug Wire

    Yeah, but how good are the make your own compared to the premade?
  7. Plug Wire

    Guys, I was wondering if someone could direct me to where I can get a good somewhat cheap spark plug wire (high tension lead) part number 238057. It's for a K241S. The Toro one says 50 bucks and one from the auto store is only 16, but is 60 inches long. Thanks!
  8. Place an add in the wanted section, C-List or you could build one. The plans are about 65 bucks. http://www.pf-engineering.com/ Loader go for around 1-2K.
  9. Tiller Rockshaft interchange

    Check out this site. Even if you want to make your own or try to use the one from the 520 (unsure if it will work I thought the 520 was bigger). https://wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/ You can also look at this document to see if it will work.
  10. I double what @R. L. Addison said. I had the same issue on my K241s. No idea how something like that happens. Use your meter with the engine off (pull the spark plug wire) and test the back of your key switch or at your coil not the side with the condenser. Your line to the coil should have 12V when the key switch is in the run or start position.
  11. engine parts

    I was just looking into this again today. Stens is what everyone says to get if you want aftermarket parts. The site @WHX11 says is a good one. I've read a lot of people say to use OEM if you are building a worker, but still others have said aftermarket is fine for that. Look at the eBay reviews. Almost all are positive. Do a search on this site. I say go with aftermarket Stens.
  12. Ordered on Friday got on Monday. Very nice construction. Has some weight. I wish I would have DB'd my old setup so I could have given a better comparison. I feel it drops sounds down 20 to 30 percent. Plus it directs it away. Fast install even in this tight area. Love it will order more.
  13. Wheel Horse Harrow

    Willing to ship?
  14. 42" Push blade 414-8

    Post a want add in the wanted section for a grader blade with your tractor year and model number.
  15. Black spot on Bushes

    Do you mind posting a picture of them? Maybe also a close up of the spots.