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  1. Happy Birthday Dave. Keep having fun!
  2. I bought a right side discharge grass deflector to go on my 42 deck. The deck has the bar/tube around the bottom for support. The deflector kind of fits, but looks like it's meant for a deck with out the bar/tube support that runs around the bottom of the deck. Does anyone know the difference, have some pictures or suggestion on how to mod this one to work properly? I am thinking of bending the side close to the bar/tube as it does not want to always stay all the way down. I will post pictures if needed. I have none on hand right now. The deck is a 1977.
  3. cschannuth can you get another shot of the lower part of the cable showing the connection? Very nice job. Kind of makes me wish for snow kind of.
  4. Can you please explain why putting it on backwards causes the cable to break? (Hope you don't mind a sub question in your thread)
  5. Would love to see close ups once you get this done and tested. I just took mine off and had to remove the nut. Looked it up in the manual it says you have to lift the right side or unbolt the handle. I want it to be a fast swap no tools no lift.
  6. Please let us know what you find out. I wanted to get one also. Dad always ran his tied up or took them off. I hated it. (I thought I seen a for sale add here last week for one) I found it.
  7. The misses and I drove from Marion, OH to Gaylord, MI just to pick up a dozer blade. It was 360 miles and 6 hours one way. Plus I hit a small cone in Michigan that busted my plastic guard under my car. There was the small problem that Google maps did not know that a few roads were never built and it wanted me to drive off a cliff and down a muddy lane that I could not even walk and I drive a Civic. Had to not stay long as it's a snow belt and it was falling. It was still fun and I got the blade that I didn't even use this winter. Told the lady this is the first of many trips.
  8. A lot of equipment uses the clevis hitch. You still can have your other hitch hooked up. The clevis uses a chain to raise it so it can be lifted out of the way to hook a cart up to the other hitch.
  9. Just to make this thread complete (as best as I can do anyways) the rubber part is called a bushing. The vendor here on red square is the cheapest I seen. The fuel valve can be had with and with out the shut off. Just cost a bit more with it. Part numbers T0104048 and SS125336. As said above install bushing first then valve. Here's the RS vendor link.
  10. Any chance you will sell the weights separately?
  11. The PTO fit tight when it had a bolt through. Then I changed it to another bolt and nut that was easier to get off, but had a smaller radius. I think I'll try shaving the head and cutting the shaft shorter like @wallfish said. The one I got was 1\4 and holds the PTO tight. Thanks for all the ideas!
  12. Huh, I see the issue now. Mine has a head on it yours does not. Even the drawling I posted shows a head. Very interesting. Thanks for the picture.
  13. Ed that's how it is now it works, but I wanted to have something faster and like what was there before. I think it looks cooler. Aldon and oldlineman I will check. I have been in there before. The one I bought was from Menards. It was the smallest I could find. I need something shorter and with a smaller head. When I put the one I have in the head hits the bell and drags on it so I can not use it. Thanks guys.
  14. I'm looking to install a locking pin on my PTO. P/N 105850 item number 16. I bought a 1/4 one that fits in the hole, but the head drags on the end of the PTO. This is the smallest I could find. Does anyone have the numbers for this pin or a part number and place to get it? If possible a place I can go in to not online. I can not wait.