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  1. Showed up with the kids a few hours ago. Got the tent up.
  2. These are the ones I used. From our vender here wheelhorseman. https://wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/hitches-liftkits.html#!/Toro-Wheel-Horse-Bronze-Brushing-Part-108519/p/84954759/category=23548047
  3. Any idea what it weighs? Are the top slabs separate or did you cut groves? What type of wheels are those? Is it easy to push around? How stable is it? Thanks!
  4. I just replaced mine a few months back same model. An impact made it easy to get the nut off, but I almost broke the puller trying to remove the wheel. Be sure to lock tight the screws that hold the stator on. As I had one stuck in the magnet inside the flywheel when I first removed it. FYI the engine manual calls for 60-70 foot pounds. On earlier models with a 3/4"-16 thread it's 100 foot pounds. (Mines a 1977 and was the 60-70) Best of luck.
  5. I was wondering about your user name. Is our login name and password still the same or do we need to setup a new account? I use to find it by typing in Google wheelhorseman1000. It still brings up the old link, but does not work. Are you going to make it link to your new user name or how would one Google the new site? Did you make new fridge magnets? If so you going bring them to the show?
  6. When you camp on site who do you pay? How late are they open? I will not show up until 12 or 1 Thursday mid-night. I have looked on WHCC website and Red Square they only give a little information. Do you park away from the tent camping?
  7. My sons and I are going. Marion Oh Camping too. (Still need to figure the details out on that. I know it's 20 a night.)
  8. I'll be there with two of my boys Thursday night till Saturday morning.
  9. Are you going to the show? Is this only a bundle deal?
  10. Being the forth probable means little, but I thought I would throw my hat in the ring.
  11. Ouch. That stinks. I do not grease mine. Which part was this toward the rock shaft or towards the lift arm? I thought I also broke mine when plowing a few months back. I was lucky it was only the jam nuts. I had them on the wrong side of the crank and it allowed the crank's threads to skip. Made a big sound and scared me. I would like to see how you make your cable. Looks nice. Good luck.
  12. Here's a place I've been looking at for a few years. I still need a press first. There are a few down the page. Only around 60 bucks for the set. http://littlemachineshop.com/products/product_category.php?category=1963256902
  13. When I had a problem of the mule drive not being tight enough the bell would get very hot. Also do you have the belt on the correct spot? Should be on the inside closet to the engine.
  14. Gotta say I didn't even think of using pipe that way. Kind of want to try it. Heard mixed reviews about soldering versus crimping when pulling a lot of current through the cable heating up and coming loose.
  15. Happy Birthday Karl!