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  1. Hello all. I have a real nice not all rusted and beat up 42" single stage snowblower. Comes with everything to hook up and including the original owners manual. I don't have the model number handy this sec but it came off a C111. No disappointments here. Ready to work. Can send pics by phone or email. The forum is not letting me upload any. Possible trade for? Please message me if interested
  2. C111 rubber engine mounts

    Hello all. I have a C111 with 11hp Briggs and the rubber engine mounts are worn out. The engine shakes pretty bad. Anyone know of any replacement bushing or a repair to the existing ones. Thanks
  3. C-111 governor spring

    Hello all. Just picked up a nice c-111 with the Briggs 11 from the original owner. He put on a new carb last year but couldn't remember how to hook up the governor spring and I'm scratching my head also. Any help or pics would really be appreciated
  4. 79362 Snowblower for 520h

    I see the lift bar coming from the center of the blower. How does that hook up to my hydro. It looks like a open end pipe. Flag?
  5. Hello all. I'm sure there is a post already about this but I can't find it so thought I would start a new post. I have a 1993 520h and I'm looking at a 2003 79362 snowblower to buy but not sure if it will work on mine. The tractor it's on now is a 2003 and looks like a 520 but don't know model. Only going by pics. The weird thing I noticed on the blower is that it has pulleys and belts on each side of the blower. Not sure how that works and hooks up. Any help will be much appreciated
  6. Wanted. 79360 snowblower. South Bend In

    Hi all. Looking for a 79360 snowblower or a 2 stage. Please no rust buckets. Must have everything to hookup to 520H
  7. 2 Stage snowblower parts wanted

    Hello all. Looking for parts to hook up a 2 stage snowblower to 520h. I pretty much need all the front attach bracketry, lift rod, chute crank handle holder, lift assist spring. Pretty much everything to hook up to hydro and lift the blower. Im new to WH and bought a 2 stage and didn't know it was missing all this. Any help is really appreciated
  8. 520H Snowblower

    Hillbilly your right on for what I need
  9. 520H Snowblower

    Lol. I did send pics of what I have. Lol. Not much What I'm realizing is that I have a puzzle and not all the pieces to put it together holy crap. Lol
  10. 520H Snowblower

    These are the photos I just took and by looking at hillbilly's photos I can probably just hang it up. I can't believe I got taken like that. Sorry if the pics are turned I'm new at this
  11. 520H Snowblower

    Well folks I spoke to soon. Since I'm a newbie too WH I got ripped. The 2 stage I picked up is missing most the parts to the hydro. Pretty much everything. I thought I would try hooking it up today and figured it out. So probably just going to sell or trade it for a single tall chute.
  12. 520H Snowblower

    Thanks everyone for all the tips and suggestions they have been great. I did find a 2-stage from a gentleman in Toledo and gave me a hell of a deal. I am going to see how it goes this winter with this one and keep a single stage in mind.
  13. 520H Snowblower

    Ya I'm thinking it would be astronomical
  14. 520H Snowblower

    Thanks for the heads up on shipping. Might come in handy. Hoping since being so far north I might get lucky
  15. Hello all. Looking for a 2 stage snowblower for my 520h in the south bend area but will to travel a little for the right one. Thanks.