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  1. Agri Fab 10 cubic foot trailer modification.

    I hadn't thought of moving the wheels back. That might be the fix for my Chinese cart that dumps automatically with a heavy load on uneven ground. Good idea.
  2. Tick borne infections are no joke

    After I got an infection from a tick bite a couple of years ago, we found a spray for clothing containing permethrin that supposedly kills ticks that come in contact with it. As I remember, you spray the clothing and let it dry before wearing. The treatment is supposed to last through a few washings. Checking on line, it looks like there are a couple of brands of the stuff.
  3. Thanks WVHillbilly520H, for the additional photos. Seeing it on the tractor is helpful.
  4. Thanks very much. That helps a lot.
  5. Can anyone help with this?
  6. I have no experience with the 36", but I do have a 37". I don't use it because of poor cut quality. As I recall, it left uncut grass when turning.
  7. My tall chute snowthrower came to me with the chute crank but without the assembly that supports it. These are still available for over $100, but it looks like a substitute would be fairly easy to make. Can anyone provide me with measurements from the end of the rod that attaches under the tractor to the center of the bend, and from the bend upward to the hole the crank goes through? Thanks.
  8. Great - thanks for the help guys.
  9. Hi all, I have a 314H with 6" front wheels that I would like to change for 8". Does anyone know if wheels from a 314-8 would be a direct replacement?
  10. Thanks guys.. I appreciate your responses. I'll look it over again, but it sounds like that's the nature of the beast.
  11. . I have a 314H with mowing deck and 42" tall chute snowblower that I bought last summer. When the snowblower lifts or lowers, it does not remain level. This is no problem on my cement driveway, but if I'm trying to clear a path across the lawn, lifting the blower slightly so as not to dig into the grass, one side goes lower. Is this normal or am I missing some adjustment that would keep things level?
  12. And thanks for the manual.
  13. Thanks everyone for the comments. I'll try adjusting the lift chain and re-adjusting the deck for level.
  14. I have 6" front rims. The deck is too close to the ground. I can't engage the highest wheel position, and the wheels barely clear the ground when lifted. According to the attachment listing, the 37" deck was not sold with the 314H. Is there something different about the attachment of this deck, or some adjustment I'm missing?
  15. Thanks for the reply, but larger wheels won't help. I can't engage the highest setting with the wheels I have now.